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Antihypertensive Drug Therapy get essay help Environmental Science coursework help

Reviews the literature on the effectiveness of treating hypertension with drug therapy. Focuses on the class of medication called channel blockers.

It has been shown that regular treatment and care in combination with an antihypertensive drug therapy will reduce mortality in patients with hypertension (20). There are a variety of antihypertensive drugs on the market and which one is prescribed is based on a number of factors. These include the patient’s race, gender, genetic background, the presence or absence of organ damage or other diseases, cost, convenience, and tolerance for the drug. One of the most popular and controversial drug therapies available include calcium channel blockers.
Calcium channel blockers were first developed in 1962 for the treatment of angina (6). Later research discovered that they work by interfering with the influx of calcium ions into the..

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