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Skim through the text not a full read but find a quote from the passage and highlight it. Mostly from the middle of the text would be best. A. One question–not about the plot but rather about the deeper meaning of the text—that the assigned text raises for you. B. One passage from the reading, relevant to your question ( copy the passage from the text and paste it into the bottom of the paper ). C. A one-paragraph analysis of the passage that explains the implicit meaning of the words you’ve chosen. This paragraph should contain no, or almost no, summary of plot.
Irvine Valley College Lumberjack Football Team Press Release Writing.

You are to write a press release of 350-400 words. Use your own words, except for Stockton quotes. Before you write, decide what the lead should say, What about the second and third paragraphs?Hint: there is one bit of major news to report. Start with what is new. Do not begin by recycling old news.The best way to compose the release is to cover no more than two points per paragraph. Attempting to cover more than that, will not only exceed the paragraph word limit, you will confuse readers.Don’t use the “we” or first-person voice. Instead, write as though you were not part of the controversy.Assume your readers—reporters—know at least a little about Brandywine.Note that some of the information is not designated for release. It’s simply context. Do not disclose internal discussions. Those should not be made public.Use as much of the background as you deem necessary to produce a clear and persuasive message. That message, at its most basic level, is that the Lumberjacks are so appalled by Brandywine’s behavior that they have fired him. That is very big news.Don’t lose sight of the fact that your purpose is to be reasonably candid and reassure fans, the media, and the public in general of the team’s sincere desire to handle this controversy professionally and ethically.Be sure to use the press release format. The header and contact and team information are not part of the assigned word count.TeamInformation:TheLumberjacksare the youngestoftheNFLteams.Ithasfromthestartenjoyedsolidandenthusiasticfansupport.The team is considered among the most lucrative of all professional sports teams in the UnitedStates.
Irvine Valley College Lumberjack Football Team Press Release Writing

Southern New Hampshire CH10 Using Power in Social Work Practice Paper.

Discussion: Using Power in Social Work PracticePolitics represents efforts by people in governmental and nongovernmental settings to secure their policy wishes by developing and using power resources.—Bruce S. Jansson, Becoming an Effective Policy Advocate: From Policy Practice to Social Justice (6th ed.)Social workers are in the business of empowering people. They are also often faced with power structures that are entrenched and difficult to navigate. Skillful policy practitioners recognize the many kinds of power resources that exist, thus expanding their options in specific situations. As a social worker, you will learn various strategies that can create and expand personal networks that might be useful in negotiating your policy practice within an agency. You want your power resources to be recognized as effective ways to get things done, not as coercion and force.In this Discussion, you identify various kinds of power resources (including person-to-person, substantive, process, and procedural) that you can use to secure the adoption of a policy proposal.To prepare: Review Chapter 10 in your text, focusing on Jansson’s categorization of types of power resources in the policy-enacting task.Post by Day 3 a description of how social workers use power resources in their social work practice and advocacy. Select a type of power resource you would use in your practice and advocacy. Describe the ethical issues or concerns in using the type of power resource you selected.Be sure to support your post with specific references to this week’s resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.Respond by Day 5 to a colleague who identified and selected a power resource different from the one you selected. Offer a supportive perspective to his or her choice. Include in your perspective some thoughts on how a social worker can manage the use of his or her power resource.Colleague: Andrea Griffith RE: Discussion – Week 8COLLAPSEPost a description of how social workers use power resources in their social work practice and advocacy. Social workers use numerous power resources in social work practice that do not interfere with policy advocating. Some of those are, “testifying before a legislative committee, lobbying specific legislators in person, writing a letter to a legislator as part of a larger campaign, telephoning a legislator’s office about a specific measure, participating in a demonstration about a specific measure, alerting a legislator to a specific issue or problem in the human services, and raising funds for a specific advocacy project” (Jansson, 2018, p. 390). There are only two things social workers are unable to do per Hatch Political Activity Act of 1939, “running for partisan political office, and focusing on campaigning” (Rocha, & Thomas, 2010). Most agencies do restrict employees from engaging in political engagements (Thomas, 2010). Select a type of power resource you would use in your practice and advocacy. I would like to be a part of a team of advocates who are well respected and acknowledged like the National Association of Social Workers, who speak with legislators, and lobby for their clients. I understand there will be external barriers such as legal restrictions and how much lobbying an organization can do (Thomas, 2010). One example is Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, denying the LGBTQ disabled community from receiving benefits in September of 2020. The decision was reinstated in October of 2020 by the state regulatory board for nondiscrimination protections. The Texas chapter of National Association of Social Workers applauded the reversal. I was so thrilled Texas social workers took a stand and won. Describe the ethical issues or concerns in using the type of power resource you selected. Power resources used depends on the person a social worker may be speaking to or based on the policy he/she is trying to enact. The power resource I would use is, referent power, and value-based power. The two resources of power will allow me to will use the National Association of Social Workers to reinforce associations with specific groups or people, and secondly, I will appeal to those who share ethical commitments (Jansson, 2018). Writing letters to legislators and attempting to set-up my own proposals for legislative discussion, based on my client’s needs is a goal of mine. I would love to be a part of demonstrations and speaking-out at City Hall meetings where I could address the Mayor and state representatives on issues that plague communities. I would like to partner with community reps who provide resources to client’s in need and get their feedback. I can also see myself addressing legislators by lobbying for policy changes.Ethical considerations would entail being asked to do something that went against the ethical values and principles of the NASW and /or state, federal, and local policies.References Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an effective policy advocate: From policy practice to social justice(8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Series. Rocha, C., B., & Thomas, V. (2010). Political activities of social workers: Addressing perceived barriers to political participation. Social Work, 55(4), 317-325.
Southern New Hampshire CH10 Using Power in Social Work Practice Paper

ITS 63151 University of The Cumberlands Information Systems Paper

ITS 63151 University of The Cumberlands Information Systems Paper.

Section-1: Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: (attached text book)Chapter 3 – study questions 1-8, Exercise 2Chapter 4 – study questions 1-13, Exercise 5Section-2: Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment: (attached text book)Chapter 3 – Complete the two essay assignments noted below: Review the strategic integration section. Note what strategic integration is and how it ties to the implementation of technology within an organization.Review the information technology roles and responsibilities section. Note how IT is divided based on operations and why this is important to understand within an organization.The above submission should be two -pages in length (one page for each question) and adhere to APA formatting standards.**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**Note the first assignment should be in one section and the second section should have the information from the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment. The paper requirements for the two-pages applies to the second part of the assignment directly related to the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.Attached are the textbooks mentioned:
ITS 63151 University of The Cumberlands Information Systems Paper

Write a reflection on informatics in healthcare. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology (telehealth) in Essay

assignment helper Write a reflection on informatics in healthcare. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology (telehealth) in healthcare. How does the implementation of new technologies (telehealth) affect your nursing practice? After researching new technology (telehealth) utilized in the medical field, choose one specific technology(20 points). Review the information you can find about the device from reliable sources on the web and from peer-reviewed literature. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages you have found with this technology. Does it improve patient safety or impede it? Give specific examples of how this can improve or impede patient safety and use the literature to support this finding (20 points). Use APA format and appropriate citation of 3 references published within the last 5 years and not included in the course. Include headings for each section of your paper. Also include a title page and reference page. (10 points). Make sure this is new technology. You would not want to chose something such as electronic health records or bar code medication administration. This could even be medical technology patients use outside of the hospital setting. Please use the following attached for reference articles. All formatting and citations must be in APA 7th edition and grammar must be American English.

University of the Cumberlands 3 F Method Introduction Discussion

University of the Cumberlands 3 F Method Introduction Discussion.

In this week’s reading, the concept of 3-F Method is introduced. Discuss the purpose of this concept and how it is calculated. Also perform your own research/analysis using these factors and provide your assessment on whether the United States need to introduce top talents in the field of big data and cloud computing by using bibliometrics.At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.
University of the Cumberlands 3 F Method Introduction Discussion

Exploration of Neumans System Model applied to Nursing

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Nursing is a field in which critical thinking is required, however in order to do so, there are thought processes that allow for such things to occur. With the assistance of nursing theories and models, nurses are more able to guide their practices with a framework in mind, allowing for not only the adequate care of their clients, but sound clinical decision making. The model created by Betty Neuman, Neuman System Model, provides a simple, yet in-depth perspective for nursing using a holistic approach. The concept of stressors and their effects on ones system as a whole is the focus, as well as nursing preventative measures and interventions that allow for wellness of the system. Although, many use the terms theory and model interchangeably, these concepts have their own meanings. As the name Neuman’s System Model suggests, Neuman developed a model as opposed to a theory. A theory is defined by George (1985) as a set of interrelated concepts that allow for a different view on a particular phenomenon. For that reason, Neuman’s framework is considered a model simply because it represents the relationship between concepts rather than allowing for a new way of looking at a phenomenon. Throughout this discussion of Newman’s System Model, a description and discussion of the origins of the model will take place, followed by an examination of nursing metaparadigm and the key concepts of the theory. Finally, a comparison of the model with my personal values and beliefs in nursing will be incorporated. Understanding Origins of the Model The way one may view the world or person as a whole may change with time or various life experiences. Usually, there are lessons learned that allow for development or growth, as well as an increase in knowledge, through these experiences. In the case of nursing theories, this is no different. There are many reasons theories are formulated and in order to begin understanding a theory, it is important to understand the historical evolution of the theory. Neuman’s System Model, which was originally developed in 1970 as a method to teach one of her classes, was ultimately created to provide an overview of the physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, and developmental aspect of humans (Heyman, 2000). The basis of Neuman’s model stemmed from a variety of sources that influenced the model itself. Selye’s stress adaptation and interaction with environment influenced the ideas of Neuman a great deal and assisted with providing the basis for some of Neuman’s work (George, 1985). Chardin and Cornu’s ideas that emphasizing the importance of parts of a system being seen as a whole rather than as individualized sections working independently, influenced the development of this model (Neuman, 1989). Alongside Chardin and Cornu, General Adaptation Theory discusses stress and the body’s responses, and this also aided the development of this theory. The idea that there are three stages the body will go through in order to maintain homeostasis during a time where there is stress being placed on the body is another important aid to this models development (Heyman, 2000). In addition to these contributing theories, General Systems theory influenced Neuman’s System Models’ development by its assumptions “that energy is needed to maintain a high organizational state and that a dysfunction in one system will affect other systems, particularly if the dysfunctional system is a subsystem of a larger system” (Heyman, 2000, para. 4). Today, this model is a well-known and widely used model not only in the field of nursing, but in others as well and as discussed, there are many sources that motivated Neuman’s development of the System’s Model and influenced the creation of this framework. Regardless of the origins of this model, there are philosophical values and beliefs of the theorist that remain quite prominent in the consideration of a nursing theory. Each theorist has their own views that shape the development of their theory. The main philosophical beliefs/values that can be extracted from Neuman include, “holism, a wellness orientation, client perception and motivation, with a systems perspective of variable interaction with the environment.” (Fitzpatrick