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Answer the questions. Paper details Hello there, Please read the insructions carefully before you start working on the Assignment. I will Attach answer sheet which has questions that need to be answered. When you open the answer sheet, you see at the top a note saying: ONLY these sources may be used: Topic 10 Outlines plus pages 89-103, 108-110 in Applied Guide to Ethics textbook. So do not use any other sources. I will attach TOPIC 10 OUTLINES. I will also attach a picture of the book that you need to use to complete the assignment. Please make sure you use the source to answer the questions. Otherwise, the assignment will not be completed correctly. Let me know if any extra clarification needed.Answer the questions
Mid to Late Pleistocene Homo Neanderthal Genes in Modern Human Beings Discussion.

Introduction: Mid to Late Pleistocene Homo Discussion BoardFor years we have been able to analyze the fossils of extinct humans like those of Neanderthals. Their bones gave us clues to how they looked, how they lived, and how they might be related to us. In the last few years, we have been able to get a better view into these extinct species and their relationship to our species. Thanks to next generation genomic sequencing technologies, we have been able to obtain genetic data on Neanderthals, Denisovans and others that have allowed us to make direct comparisons between our species and theirs. In addition, we have been able to observe the presence of DNA from these extinct species within our own genomes which tell us that we had kids with these now extinct humans.Comparing Neanderthal DNA to ourselves, we find that we share 99.5 percent of our DNA with them. Which means that we and Neanderthals were separated from each other for more than 500,000 years. This also means that we were genetically similar enough to be able to have offspring with each other. We see evidence of this genetic introgression, or exchange of genes, between us and Neanderthals when we look at our DNA. Interestingly, if we obtain one thousand DNA samples from our college students, we estimate that we would be able to extract at least 20% of the Neanderthal genome from them. This means that 20% of our collective nucleotide sequences are shared with Neanderthals but this doesn’t mean that 20% of our genes are Neanderthal specific genes. Of the twenty-one thousand genes that Neanderthals had, only a few dozen of their genes survive in our species today. The same holds true for Denisovans. What is more interesting is that older versions of ourselves have a tendency to have higher levels of DNA from extinct humans compared to ourselves. In other words, over the course of thousands of years we have been slowly weeding out the DNA of the other humans from our genome in favor of our genes. One basic question that we might like to ask is why have we been losing Neanderthal and Denisovan genes over time? Also, why do we still have a significant amount of DNA segments that don’t seem to be going anywhere? The answer to this has to do with selection.The answer to the first part of the question has to do with the fact that we were not fully genetically compatible with the other human species to begin with. Basically, to have had Neanderthal or Denisovan genes in the past meant that an individual’s level of fitness was decreased. In other words, their ability to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation was reduced.The answer to the second question has to do with the fact that Neanderthal and Denisovan genes that remain within us have been selected for since they confer an advantage to our species. What you are doingYour task for this week is to look for information about one Neanderthal or Denisovan genetic variant that have survived within our species and to research their adaptive advantage.What you have to do for pointsIn your post, discuss ONE Neanderthal or Denisovan gene variant that is currently found within our species.Tell us about only one gene that we inherited from Neanderthals or Denisovans. Make sure you mention its name and what species it came from.Explain in your own words how your chosen Neanderthal or Denisovan gene has enhanced our species fitness. Make sure you give an informed opinion that is grounded in your research.You will have to respond to one other student posts.Make sure you cite your work.
Mid to Late Pleistocene Homo Neanderthal Genes in Modern Human Beings Discussion

Concordia University Irvine Nutrition in Medical Education Discussion

Concordia University Irvine Nutrition in Medical Education Discussion.

Part 1: Food DesertsWatch the video:Video not loading? Watch on YouTube.Part 2Research your community looking for food deserts; accessibility and affordability of food; quality of foods available (nutritious vs. high fat, high sugar, low nutritional value); and statistics or observations on body weight and health level of people in your community. Use the resources listed under “Data on food deserts and other demographic data” in the week’s readings to help you gather this data. You may also find data on obesity rates and health from your state or local health department.Find information on local food banks. Do you have one (or more) in your community? Are most of the foods packaged? Are there fresh fruits and vegetables available?For your initial post (due by Thursday of the week), write and post a “community health” report. You should comment on a minimum of the following in your report:
Does your community have areas of food deserts?How easy would it be to access food in your community if you do not have a car?Is healthy food affordable for a low-income family in your community?How nutritious are the foods in the foodbank?How would you describe the obesity level in your community? Cite statistics if they are available or just your observations.How does food access impact body weight in your community?How might your community work to correct challenges you discovered? Write at least two suggestions for interventions.
Concordia University Irvine Nutrition in Medical Education Discussion

Glendale Community College Critical Thinking Project

essay order Glendale Community College Critical Thinking Project.

I’m working on a philosophy discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Length: 5–7 pages, 7–9 paragraphs, 1250–1600 wordsThis writing project includes a comprehensive application of the elements of critical reasoning that we are studying in this course. The main objective is to use the critical thinking strategies described in the course to analyze and evaluate contrasting arguments. You can preview the requirements for the final paper in the Week 8 assignment below.This is not an opinion piece or persuasive essay. The goal is to present contrasting arguments using information from credible sources and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these positions using content from the course.As you put this together, are you following the critical analysis process that we emphasize in critical reasoning? This means fairly considering all research equally before reaching a conclusion.Your rough draft should include 1–2 paragraphs for each of the following elements:
Introduction: Identify the issue/topic. Provide the necessary background and important recent developments. Define key terms and concepts.
Arguments and Counterarguments: Summarize the best arguments on both sides of the issue. Include relevant research from credible sources used to support each conclusion.
Evaluation of Critical Thinking: Assess the strength of the arguments and the quality of thinking surrounding this issue.
Identify weaknesses in critical thinking such as fallacies, rhetorical devices, vague language, and cognitive biases. Provide specific examples of how these weaknesses appear in arguments, using terminology and definitions from the course
Evaluate the quality of scientific and anecdotal evidence using the standards of inductive and deductive reasoning described in the course. Consider the quality of causal relationship, analogies, generalizations, and/or moral reasoning.

Conclusion: Analyze the totality of research and offer a critical thinker’s response to the issue. Identify your own position and experience with the issue and explain how your thinking of the subject has evolved as a result of your analysis.
You must use a minimum of 5 research references in APA Style and include in-text citations in your paragraphs. Include a minimum of 3 academic peer-reviewed books or journal articles. Other sources may be used as supplemental sources, such as journalistic, government, web-based, or media sources. Sources should not include dictionaries, encyclopedias, or general information websites like Wikipedia. Consult your instructor regarding any source of which you unsure. Use the WCU Library as your best resource.Review the rubric for specific grading criteria.
Glendale Community College Critical Thinking Project

Apple Inc. Oligopolies And Monopolistic Competition Assignment

Apple Inc. Oligopolies And Monopolistic Competition Assignment.

Economists use the elasticity of demand in two ways. Sometimes we are
talking about the market demand curve, for example the market for
automobiles. At other times we are talking about the firm’s demand
curve, such as the demand curve for Ford Motors. And sometimes we might
even want to talk about the demand for ‘Your Friendly Ford Dealer,’ the
one in your neighborhood.Pick an industry, the one in
which you work or the one in which you aspire to work. Using Sal’s
scheme for identifying the type of market, is the industry perfectly
competitive; monopolistic competitive; an oligopoly; or a monopoly? Is
the demand curve for the good or service relatively elastic, unitary
elastic, or relatively inelastic?Now pick a firm
within the industry. Is the firm’s demand curve relatively elastic,
unitary elastic, or relatively inelastic? How does elasticity effect the
firm’s control over its price?
Apple Inc. Oligopolies And Monopolistic Competition Assignment

A1BTC Customer Visit a Company or Brand Website Question

A1BTC Customer Visit a Company or Brand Website Question.

Please listen to the following to respond to the questions below. Group 1 – approx. 0m thru 15m1) List and describe the steps that happen between A to Z: A – when you as a customer visit a company or brand’s website (which uses digital ads). Z – when an add is rendered by your web browser and displayed to you on your computer from that website.2) how many total steps did you list?3) “Programmatic Advertising” and “Real-Time Bidding” are for a world without ” __________” ; and to” ________________.” (fill in the blanks).Questions – Group 2 – approx. 15m thru 21m1) How many different types of companies may be involved in the process you outlined in the Group 1 questions?2) How many different types of data processing purposes might be at play in the processes you outlined in the Group 1 questions?3) How do these various types of companies and purposes enforce control over what happens to personal data once it’s been created and shared?4) Does non-personal data have any value (why or why not)?5) Are CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) happy with the status quo? (why or why not)?Questions Group 3 – approx. 21m thru 35m1) Why is cooperation, collaboration, consensus across all parties in the Ad Tech and Digital Ad Industry critical?2) Companies that run websites and apps are called________ (fill in the blank). Why are they positioned to struggle the most if practices don’t change, or don’t change quickly enough?3) Two types of businesses (that are companies that end users interact with) that are exposed to the most risk if GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mandated changes don’t happen quickly are: the ______________you are visiting, and the ________________ being advertised (fill in the blanks).4) What tool or industry group was mentioned to help find trusted partners and online ad service providers that are making the shift to the new non-personal data standards in online advertising and the ad tech industry?5) Many small changes can be made that would make a big difference like with the example of how “Frequency Capping” can be done differently (using a Campaign ID and Non-tracking Cookies). What is Frequency Capping?6) What is at the center of getting ad tech to work in a privacy friendly way?Questions Group 4 – approx. 35m thru conclusion1) “Publishers make ______ cents for every dollar that goes through the system….” and “lose ____% to it (fill in the blanks).”2) What makes the “complicated ecosystem” of various companies that supports this industry very fragile?3) What did Max Schrems create?4) What US organization is “way ahead of its peers globally” (because they’ve created better representation for publishers in understanding privacy laws and the implications of choosing to use personal data vs. choosing to change and use non-personal data?
A1BTC Customer Visit a Company or Brand Website Question

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