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ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. “What challenges does the growing diversity amount for both youth and elderly populations pose


1. “What challenges does the growing diversity amount for both youth and elderly populations pose for disaster planning and response.” The assignment must include no less than 500 words, APA format.

2. “In terms of health, how can this be incorporated into emergency management as an overlay of vulnerability?” The assignment must include no less than 500 words, APA format, quotes no more than 15%, no and previously submitted work.

Aspects of a global organization

Aspects of a global organization.

 For this final assignment, you will compile, discuss, and analyze information on an intended or a possible future global career placement of your choosing. You will conduct a brief environmental scan (i.e., gathering a minimum of 7 sources) on a particular international organization of your choosing, and your response to the questions below should reflect the cultural context within which this global organization operates. As a part of your report, you will research and analyze the (inter)cultural aspects of a specific position or work experience that you are interested in.

NOTE: you should not attempt to define all aspects of a global organization. Rather, you should clearly define and communicate (e.g., within question 1) the limitations, parameters, and specific context of the position for which you are gathering information. You are encouraged to be creative in your data gathering strategies; for instance, you may gather data from a variety of online sources (e.g., journals, newsletters, websites, videos, etc.). This assignment should be written as one essay, including introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Questions (note: suggested response length is one to one-and-a-half pages per question): 1. What global organizational context and/or position are you researching? Why? 2. What sources of information are available? Which are the most valuable to you, and why? 3. What do your sources outline (i.e., what did you learn from your research)? What do they miss (i.e., what questions are you left with)? How might you try to discover answers to these outstanding questions in the future? 4. Where does your information come from? How does the context (e.g., viewpoint of the authors, their objectives, etc.) matter? 5. What are the main differences between this global context and your current work/life context? 6. What global relationships or global leadership qualities can be seen within this organization? Which are less obvious or hidden? 7. What intercultural differences or conflicts might you anticipate? How could you try to address or manage these potential conflicts and foster positive intercultural communication?

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Anxiety & SSRI’s: Chemical applications of dentistry in both dental and oral health

ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. “What challenges does the growing diversity amount for both youth and elderly populations pose Anxiety & SSRI’s: Chemical applications of dentistry in both dental and oral health.

Developing good verbal and written communications skills is an important part of your college education. To help you learn how to express technical ideas, you are required to complete a writing assignment. This paper is expected to be a minimum of 5 pages long (double-spaced and typed) and requires a minimum of 5 references. The topic of the paper should be a chemically relevant topic of specific interest to you. Successful papers of the past have included chemical applications in the following disciplines:

• Medicine—Origins and chemical treatment of disorder and disease

• Chemical applications of dentistry in both dental and oral health

• Chemical-drug treatment for specific disease

• Environmental problems of chemistry-related solutions and/or solutions

• Chemical perspectives on a physiological process of interest • Chemistry applications in foods and beverages, as well as nutrition • Curriculum development ideas for K-12 science education • Chemical foundations of alternative fuels and energy resources • A brief biography of the impact of a chemically significant historical figure • Chemical nature of engineering materials, such as glass, ceramics, concrete, metals, and alloys This is only a partial list, and its intent is to kindle your thoughts toward a topic for which you feel a strong connection and passion as an adult student. Paper-Submission Check List: Does Your Paper… • Have a pdf extension at the end of its file name? • Have five or more scholarly references? • Contain a detailed Bibliography? • Contain citations throughout the text for any ideas which are not your own? • Contain a minimum of 5 pages, not including Figures and Diagrams?

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Microbiology in a movie

Microbiology in a movie.

What this assignment is about is watching an approved moviethat is based on current or past issues relate to microbiology, the assignment to watch an approvedmovie, and write a synopsis on not what just happened in the move, but also since you have hadmicrobiology, critique the movie from a scientific point of view. Hollywood tends to “Ad lib” parts of anon-fictional story and spice it up with fiction on order to sell the movie (or make a happy ending). Theassignment will be as follows: You will write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced 11 pt. font, single sidedpaper) on the movie of your choice from the list below and include: a short synopsis of the movie,storyline and characters, followed by a scientific critique of the movie (this is the important part).

Critiques might include: plausibility, erroneous science, epidemiological mistakes, biological mistakes,and historical mistakes.This assignment will be due on the date of the final examApproved movies:MOVIESOutbreak (1995)Contagion (2011)Andromeda Strain (1971)Gattaca (1997)The story of Luis Pasteur (1936) available on you tubeDr. Ehrlichs Magic Bullet (1940)And the Band Played On (1993) available on you tubeThe Crazies (2010)I am Legend (2007)Winds of terror (2001)DocumentariesEbola: the Plague fightersSmallpox 2002 : The Silent WeaponPLEASE NO ZOMBIE MOVIES !!

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Civil Rights and Liberties

Civil Rights and Liberties.

Prompt You have been asked to draft a position paper for a congressional representative or senator from your state (CA) on a controversial political topic (Civil Rights & Liberties). After you have selected an issue for which there are well-defined arguments on both sides of the debate, write a position paper that fulfills the following requirements. Introduction: A. Provide a comprehensive background for your chosen issue (including when the situation came about, those impacted, and any laws passed to address the issue). B. Which historical events related to this issue have had a significant political and social impact on American political development? C. Identify which institution(s) of government would be most suitable for reaching results on this issue. Evaluate this institution for its related historical importance. II. Sides of the Debate: A. Evaluate each argument for its key strengths. B. Evaluate each argument for its weaknesses. III. Position: A. Which argument best supports your position? Provide specific rationale in support of your argument based on scholarly research. B. What are two key theories of American government relevant to your position? Explain the relevance of: 1. Theory I 2. Theory II C. Explain why your congressional representative or senator should take the position you are advocating. D. Based on your position, what are potential impacts on the policy-making process from: 1. Internal influences (such as other elected officials) 2. External influences (such as interest groups) IV. Considerations/Recommendations: A. Based on the assessment of the current political climate, do you foresee a significant shift in public opinion concerning this issue? Explain. B. Consider possible arguments opponents of your position could make and provide a well-supported rebuttal to these claims. C. Differentiate between whether an institution of government should advocate for the creation of new legislation or whether a change of current law is most suitable to achieving desired results based on your recommendation? Explain. D. Assess the likelihood of success for your proposal and suggest possible solutions in order to attain desired results.

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