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Answer the following question then I will be needing feedback on another post.

Answer the following question then I will be needing feedback on another post.. I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

Forum: Interdependence

Please respond to the following prompt:
In this life it is often the case that achieving our goals depends not only on what we do, but also on what others do. Therefore in order to achieve our goals, it is often optimal to try to predict what others will do, and to incorporate these prediction into our own strategies and decisions about what actions we should take to maximize the likelihood of achieving our goals. The applications of these ideas are limited only by our imagination, which makes game theory a powerful tool that can be applied in many parts of our lives. For example, I have used game theory ideas and the power of incentives as guiding principles for job seeking, obtaining companionship (watch “A Beautiful Mind” for some ideas), getting discounts on purchases, and getting my father to comply with my ideas, just to name a few.
In this chapter’s discussion, please describe a situation in real life in which you had to account for someone’s reaction to your behavior when choosing how you would behave.
For example: Many years ago I coached basketball. On my team there was one player that was clearly better than everyone else. I knew he was the best, the team knew he was the best, and worst of all, he knew he was the best. As the coach, my objective was to get the maximum effort out of him and the rest of the team in order to maximize the chance we would win. I tried to think about what I could do to achieve this goal…
Basically I was thinking about how he would react based on how I and the team treated him. Although he was the most talented player, he was arrogant. Often times arrogant folks feel that they don’t need to try as hard as others, and I knew that if I acknowledged that he was the best, that I would not get his best effort. So instead of making him a starter on the team, I had him start on the bench for the first few games. This made him feel like I didn’t think he was one of the best 5 players, and as a result he worked extremely hard for the rest of the season. When the rest of the team saw our best player working as hard as possible, they worked as hard as possible, and I knew I was getting the most out of the team. We went on to win the league championship.
This strategy could have backfired on me. It was possible that I would lose credibility with the team for not starting our best player, but it ended up working out. Remember, especially when outcomes depend on other people, it is possible to make the right decision and have it not work out, or to make the wrong decision and have it work out in your favor. But this doesn’t change what the right and wrong decisions are –it is optimal to “play the percentages”. We should judge ourselves based on what we put in rather than what comes out… often times all we can control is our effort and attitude.
Answer the following question then I will be needing feedback on another post.

2 assignments on basic humanities

2 assignments on basic humanities. I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

Assignments 4.1: Greenblatt Article Quick Quiz
There are only three questions here and you will need to write out your answers. Since the quiz requires my attention for grading please do not expect to see an immediate feedback to your work on the quiz. I will not begin to grade these until after the quiz due date, during the week after this module ends.
Article Link:…
Question 1: Who is Poggio and why is he significant to us?
Question 2: What is significant about Roman stoic philosophy to our studies about Renaissance Humanism?
Question 3:What is “On the Nature of Things”, who wrote it, and why is it important to our studies of Renaissance Humanism?

Assignments 4.2: Renaissance Art Quiz
I want you to write a short essay on the image based on information you’ve seen and read in this Module. Its a well known image, and even if it is not well known to you you should be able to identify it now based on material in this Module. I’ve made this “quiz” worth 25 points.

In a short essay of no more than about 200 words, talk to me about this work. What is the name? Who is it by? The really important aspects I want you to tell me are, what are some important formalistic elements of the work and some important contextual aspects related specifically to the Italian Renaissance. One thing in particular I’d like to do in the short essay is that I’d like you describe linear perspective in the work and discuss why it is important to understand this innovation of linear perspective.
2 assignments on basic humanities

How was the scientific method followed in the article?

online homework help How was the scientific method followed in the article?. I’m working on a Environmental Science exercise and need support.

Post should be at least 250 words answering the Question, How was the scientific method followed in the article?…
Please No Plagiarism.
If you could complete within 8 hrs will pay good tip.

How was the scientific method followed in the article?

find a peer reviewed journal article on an obesity prevention intervention or program. You are not looking for an

find a peer reviewed journal article on an obesity prevention intervention or program. You are not looking for an observational study, but an experimental study where a researcher is testing to see if a particular intervention is effective. If you are unsure if your article is appropriate, please e-mail me. Two example articles are posted in Module 13 (Reading option 1 and Reading option 2). Then copy and paste the following questions into a word document titled “Journal Article Worksheet”. Answer the questions (short answer style) using your article and the example article posted in Module 13. Submit your Journal Article Worksheet to dropbox. Examples of appropriate peer reviewed journals (there are MANY more) American Journal of Health Promotion Journal of School Health Journal of Community Health American Journal of Public Health Journal of Adolescent Health American Journal of Health Education Health Education and Behavior Health Promotion Practice Journal of Childhood Obesity Journal Article Worksheet 1. Provide a citation for your journal article in APA format: 2. Provide a URL for your article of post the PDF file as an additional file in this dropbox: 3. Who was the target population for this program / intervention / study? 4. In general terms, describe the purpose of the intervention / program / study and provide an overview of the strategies or methods if applicable. Paraphrase – do not use direct quotes. You do not need to describe statistical analysis, just the content of the intervention. 5. Describe the major findings or results. Was the program successful? To what degree? And suggestions for further research? You will likely find this in the “discussion” section of the article. 6. Compare your article with ONE of the two example articles posted in Module 13 (Reading option 1 or Reading option 2). Are the target populations similar or different? How? Describe. Is the program similar or different? How? Where they trying to achieve similar outcomes? How to they each impact obesity prevention (compare the results – were they both effective?

CSC 340 San Francisco State University Process of Selection Sort Algorithm Questions

CSC 340 San Francisco State University Process of Selection Sort Algorithm Questions.

I’m working on a c++ project and need support to help me learn.

Please come up with an array of 11 random integers then sort the array in 5 different ways. Show the contents of the array
each time a sorting algorithm changes it while sorting the array into ascending order. The 6 sorting algorithms we are using
1. Selection Sort 3 points
2. Insertion Sort 3 points
3. Shell Sort 7 points
4. Bubble Sort 3 point
– Please to do either 5 or 6 —————————————–> for 14 points:
5. Merge Sort
6. Quick Sort
CSC 340 San Francisco State University Process of Selection Sort Algorithm Questions

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