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answer each question in 150-250 word, or as needed

answer each question in 150-250 word, or as needed.

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question one Explain how the issue of gender has shaped and influenced understandings of African American religious traditions. Specifically, include in your response reflections on two of the following issues:The difference between feminist and womanist theologies.How particular readings of scripture, or the language used the idea of God in many translations, influence the necessity of womanist theology or impact understanding of the issue of gender.What is the Cult of True Womanhood or Domesticity, as used in the nineteenth century, and in what ways does are these ideas present and responded to in discussion of gender.Whether there is any differences in how issues of gender are treated within Christian traditions versus Islamic traditions. How have some traditions addressed women in leadership? question two :Please explain how the idea of manifest destiny played a role in developing religious thought in America and how it influenced particular religious understandings within African American religious traditions. Specifically, define and comment on the tradition of Jeremiad and its relationship to the idea of manifest destiny. Question three : Discuss how Islamic religious traditions in American contained and expressed its understanding of the apocalyptic. Provide specific examples.question 4 Describe Christian Nationalism and how it is manifested in African American religious traditions with specific reference to Albert Cleage. question 5 Discuss how African American religious communities have addressed the issue of economics. Specifically, comment on the approach to economics found within African-based traditions, Spiritual and Christianity churches, and Islam. Give specific examples of how churches addressed economic needs in their communityquestion 6 Explain what liberation theology means within African American religious traditions and discuss some of the concrete issues liberation theology addresses with particular attention to the Statement by the National Committee of Black Churchmen of June 13, 1969.question7 Describe the three statements produced by the Catholic Church on the issue of race. For each statement produced by the Catholic Church, address the following:Identify the drivers to the production of the statement.Discuss the specific conditions each statement sought to address. Assess the effectiveness of the statement or what the statement failed to adequately address.question 8 Discuss how racism has been understood within the Catholic tradition and how the advantages AND disadvantages to this approach in facilitating racial reconciliation.
answer each question in 150-250 word, or as needed

National Football League Project.

For the final project document, the student will compile the 5 project installments into 1 cohesive document. This document must be in paragraph format with question numbers removed. It must have a coherent flow, and is not simply a cut and paste of the answers to the questions used to create it. In addition, the student will add scriptural integration throughout the paper, citing relevant scripture verses as appropriate. There must be a minimum of 10 relevant scriptural citations found throughout the document, with their relevance to the topic at hand explained.The final document must include a title page, a brief introduction delineating the purpose of the project, a separate section (with heading) for each content component, and a 2-page recommendations and conclusions section. This section must offer suggestions for strategic or operational changes based on the research that has been conducted. The total length (not including title page and references) must be between 5,000–7,250 words. At least 15 scholarly resources (in addition to the Bible) must be used
National Football League Project

Introduction A brand refers to the entire experience customers have with the company and this refers to how they perceive the company products, how they will respond to changes in product features, introduction of new products, what the company says and delivers, its believes on what it can deliver to customers and above all the company personality as perceived by customers (Underhil 2000). Branding also determines how customers’ rate a company with regard to other companies and how they receive and talk to its employees whenever they need assistance or when they are making purchases. Every company has to stand out amid many competitors who have similar or even more sophisticated products than its products and services (Upshaw 1995). Evidence on how stiff competition is can be seen on the daily commercials appearing on television transmissions, radio, daily newspapers and even internet websites and through product promotions. UK Juicers started operations as a small entity producing juice and selling as a retail outlet to customers within the neighborhood. Management came to realize that customers were buying less of its juice products and on the other hand, they kept inquiring where the company had bought its juice blenders. The dwindling sales made management to strategize on re-branding and that called for a SWOT analysis. UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy UK juicers is out to compete effectively against its competitors by offering the best services, in the customers’ eyes the company ensures reliability and quality. To begin with, the company has offered its customers a range of products to choose from in every category. The categories available include Fruit and vegetable juicers, Citrus juicers, Wheatgrass juicers, blenders, food dryers, rebounders among others. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This list has products of very high quality in terms of performance and which do not breakdown so easily. Customers always want those products they are guaranteed will perform beyond their expectations and this is what UK Juicers is offering. There is a 14-day money back guarantee in case the product does not serve its purpose effectively, this shows customers that products from this store are genuine and they will always make referrals to friends who could need similar produces. The company ensures its products are always in stock, there is free delivery within UK which is made within the following day of making the purchase (Aaker 1991). Branding gains According to Cross (2000), Companies are always fighting for customers and they make many offers to customers on a daily basis with hopes that customer will buy their products. UK Juicers is not exceptional since the company offers customers a full package, which includes a dedicated line for customer care issues and an after sales service given free for six months and thereafter the company charges some fee for all servicing done. The company relies mostly on online sales and there is has guaranteed a secure purchase system where customers will not lose their vital information to hackers and fraudsters. In case of repairs, the customer pays for purchase of the broken parts but fixing is done free of charge. From the services customers receive, the customers enjoy the sales gains but the company on the other hand is the ultimate beneficiary with a large clientele who give it a massive stock movement every month. We will write a custom Assessment on UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These are some of the measures any company interested in creating a long-term customer relationship must do so that customers will know that the company is not ripping them off. When a company starts selling products and customer numbers increase just like in the case of UK Juicers, that means the company has a brand and what is remaining is to know exactly the extent of that brand, how to grow it and leave a lasting impression (Bettman, 1979). The brand experience from customers can be seen from the way they interact with employees and the frequency of their visits. Building your brand Aaker (1995) notes that, to build a good brand, the company must carry out a SWOT analysis where management will analyze the company strengths and weaknesses. The major strength of UK Juicers is keeping its word to customers and this is the beginning point of building a good brand. The company has taken care of weaknesses of branding like having inadequate stocks, selling items at varying price ranges and selling defective products. To build a good brand, one has to analyze opportunities and threats within the operating environment. Threats to UK Juicers include physical retail stores like supermarkets of which have a limited clientele since they rely on customers who come to buy but are preferred by some customers because of the safety aspect associated with seeing the actual item one is purchasing. The company has checked the threat of losing customers to competitors by selling high quality products, educating customers how to use them and that is why this company introduced and sells so much through its online trading platform since with this platform, consumers can buy items from everywhere, and they expect the company to carry out delivery within UK. UK juicers has over the years has been trying carry out business differently from how its competitors do by seeking ways which effectively help to augment the power of its brand strategy to consumers. This has worked well by many customers giving feedback showing they have good feelings for the company products and services and wish it continued to extend the same services forever. Not sure if you can write a paper on UK Juicers’ Brand Strategy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To be able to have such an influence a company must know the strength of its brand vis-à-vis competitors’ and work smartly to outdo competitors in the hearts and minds of consumers. UK Juicers not only promises availability of products but also they are genuine, they serve the correct purpose and customers are educated on the services expected from items they wish to buy. This will enable customers to buy the correct item that perfectly serves the reasons they need it. This brand strategy is very enticing, compelling and so attractive that the customer may not think of going anywhere else when he needs an item that UK Juicers has in stock. In fact, some customers do ask for referrals in case they fail to find an item they need to buy but UK Juicers does not stock. Once you have a working brand strategy, enforce it throughout the company organizations and any other outlet stores where the company sales from. This is perfected by UK Juicers by not only waiting for customers to come to the stores for their purchases and services but also the company works out deliveries and servicing is done in some select retail outlets affiliated to UK Juicers. The brand is everything According to Azmi (2007), “a brand is the sum of the good, the bad, the ugly and the off-strategy” (p.16). He says that a brand is your most valuable product, employee and should be communicated through the best possible award winning advertisements since a bad advert can really kill an otherwise good brand (Walsh, 2002). UK Juicers has perfected on this by first ensuring that it displays the products the company sells on its website and all the relevant documentation is available. This will assist customers to differentiate the various items in terms of service delivery and choose the best according to their needs. The next step is to deliver as per the pledges the company makes to customers without fail or giving conflicting information from its various outlets. The brand is conveyed through written information and what can be heard and seen as a commercial advert, it is therefore interpreted through personal feelings and emotions, and this depends on tastes and preferences of each person. This means that you have no control at all over your brand, what you do is to help direct it positively so that it will create a good perception among customers. For instance, UK Juicers buys products directly from manufactures, analyzes each item to ensure that it is not defective and therefore the company guarantees quality. The company goes as far as subcontracting professionals to educate clients on some selected complicated items, which require careful use, or else they could be damaged due to improper application. Successful branding A good branding strategy begins by understanding your products well, the driving forces for success and any challenges anticipated to push sales. All employees must understand company policies and principles, make sure all brand details are correct and honest or else the company will find it hard to convince customers to buy its products. Branding begins with guaranteeing quality and effective communication with clients (Azmi 2007). UK Juicers began by providing all the relevant information about its products online and offers excellent customer care services, which gives customers relevant information about various products so they can choose the best alternative. This leads to customer satisfaction and increases brand integrity. All employees must know and understand the company values since it is from employees those values will be transferred to all those who interact with them. The employees must consistently stick to the values accurately as is the case with UK Juicers where all employees know what is good for the customers and the company passes on these advantages to customers through the services it offers (Hair et al. 2003). Research and brand strategy The main goal of any company is to do a comprehensive research and come up with products, which will help satisfy consumer needs. A company with disgruntled customers has a bleak future and could be in the process of losing out customers to competitors. Good research will enable a company to have a winning brand strategy. This begins with an analysis of company products as per BCG model where the company analyzes products and classifies them to be either stars, cash cows, problem child or dogs (Kotler 1997). UK Juicers has done research on its products and it has classified them accordingly. Most of its product lies within the category of stars and they drive the company revenue, the company carries out advertising on these products continuously with an aim of increasing sales and consumer awareness. This has really boosted the brand awareness and royalty, consumers enjoy the company products and services, and this is a winning strategy that has the support of the entire company. The company does not stock defective products or slow moving items that will affect the brand royalty since the company policy is to sell quality items that customers prefer. Your target customers and brand success Brand success begins with knowing your target customers and their preferences, their needs and desires and the product specifications that will satisfy those requirements. To be able to satisfy fully those requirements, management must carry out a comprehensive data collection exercise that will help sell products that fully meet the customer needs. A proper classification of customers in terms of age, income, level of education and culture will enable the company to supply the correct products to the correct market segment; this will ensure that products are only sent to the correct market segment (Schroeder 2005). The main advantage of segmentation is that it helps a company to maximize revenue from the different segments by offering specialized products for each customer segment. Brand promise The brand preposition arises from a comprehensive branding research and usually states and explains to customers the reasons for buying our products and services. For UK Juicers, the brand promise, which the company has articulated to customers, is the promise on reliability and efficiency resulting from use of company products and services. This enables customers to appreciate the brand promise, which must be well explained in a way customers will get to appreciate just as UK Juicers has done on its website, where there is a promise of reliability and efficiency as well as customer service and a dedicated line for customers to make calls in case they need assistance. If the customers do not perceive the brand promise well, both new and existing customers will turn out to competitor products and services. That is why it is imperative to over-deliver just as UK Juicers does in that the customer comfort is always first. A good SWOT analysis demands that you do not use same tactics like your competitor just because the same has worked perfectly well with your competitor, and the same appears, as it will work with your company. That is your threat but to counter it, look for a better opportunity that happens to be a weakness on your competitor to counter that threat (Harvard Business Press 1999). This strategy has worked well with UK Juicers by countering competitors indirectly and in a smart way through relying on delighted customers to help the company to grow. Bad brand strategy makes some company management to announce that they are the best service provides or best provides of some equipment, which is a broad and non-directional brand strategy. UK juicers is specific in its promises to customers and those promises are easy to memories by customers and this is what a good brand promise is. Brand strategy: customer’s first, money later According to Harvard Business Press (1999), it is always necessary to make sure that your customers are emotionally attached to your products and services, since this is the creation of the desire to buy UK Juicers products by the mere mention of the company name. Such constructive emotions are built slowly through good branding between the company and the customer and arises though mutual understanding and trust. A good brand promise has the following values; Well known by all business employees and constantly practiced Should be consistently passed across on all advertisement content Should be repeatedly worked out Easy to adapt by all employees Repeated continuously at the company and to the customers Should create a lasting attachment with customers Should be relevant to the current market needs Should be in line with brand values This notion of having customers first is ideal for a company just like UK Juicers, which values customers and will do what is necessary for customer safety and appreciation. Conclusion Branding is the beginning point of the company’s success and to have a good brand, it is necessary that a company should carry out comprehensive research to determine winning brand strategies in the market but specifically with respect to the industry the company is operating in. The customer is always right and the company should strive to make good this phrase by ensuring it has products, which serve the purpose to which the customer is buying them. This therefore means that the company needs to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses capitalize on the strengths and look for ways of managing and making the weaknesses become strengths. The company also must exploit opportunities within the operating environment as this is what will help customers identify with its brand and this can be done by offering exceptional services and durable products which create an impression to customers. A proper analysis of environmental threats will also help in brand positioning (Berger et al. 2006). Appendix: A graph showing juice consumption Source: (Beverage Digest Company 2011) Reference List Aaker, D.A., 1991. Managing Brand Equity. New York: The Free Press. Aaker, D.A., 1995. Building Strong Brands. New York: Free Press. Azmi, R.A., 2007. Business Ethics as Competitive Advantage for Companies in the Globalization Era. Journal of End User Computing, 14(3), pp.16-31. Berger, J.A., Draganska, M. and Simonso, I., 2006. The Influence of Product Variety on Brand Perception and Choice Confusion. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 24(1), pp.170-189. Beverage Digest Company, 2011. Beverage Consumption, (Online) Available at: (Access 29 May 2011). Bettman, J.R., 1979. An Information Processing Theory of Consumer Choice. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Cross, G.S., 2000. An All-Consuming Century: Why Commercialism Won in Modern America. New York: Columbia University Press. Hair, J.F., Babin, B., Money, A.H. and Samouel, P. (2003). Essentials of Business Research Methods. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley



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Please type in the Subject line your TOPIC. This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used it cannot be repeated for points.Your discussion is to find an interactive web site (such as self-check quizzes or tutorials, animations that you can click through, games such as the blood typing game, etc) concerning one of the course topics that we have covered. Once a web site is used, it is off limits. But, if you find another good site with a different activity for the same topic you are free to use it.DQ Initial Post:You are to do an annotated bibliography. This means that you will be writing a 100 word summary. You should describe the site, state what is good, what could be improved, and how it relates to a course topic we have covered. Include a text page number that relates the course content back to the web site.undefinedRequirements: 100 words

Week 1 Discussion: Basic Statistics Data Used in Everyday Life

online dissertation writing Week 1 Discussion: Basic Statistics Data Used in Everyday Life. I don’t understand this Statistics question and need help to study.

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

OpenStax Textbook: Chapter 1
Lesson 1 Reading
Minimum of 1 scholarly source

In your reference for this assignment, be sure to include both your text/class materials AND your outside reading(s).
Initial Post Instructions

Present two different types of data, or variables, used in the health field. Examples could be blood pressure, temperature, pH, pain rating scales, pulse oximetry, % hematocrit, minute respiration, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.
Classify each of your variables as qualitative or quantitative and explain why they fall into the category that you chose.
Also, classify each of the variables as to their level of measurement–nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio–and justify your classifications.
Which type of sampling could you use to gather your data? (stratified, cluster, systematic, and convenience sampling)

Week 1 Discussion: Basic Statistics Data Used in Everyday Life

BUS 4993 Strayer Boards Increased Involvement Influence the Company Positively Reply

BUS 4993 Strayer Boards Increased Involvement Influence the Company Positively Reply.

Please respond to the following:Top executives and members of a corporation’s board of directors have different roles and responsibilities. Traditionally, executives have been responsible for determining the firm’s strategic direction and implementing strategies to achieve it, whereas the board of directors has been responsible for monitoring and controlling managerial decisions and actions. Some argue that boards should become more involved with the formulation of a firm’s strategies.How would the board’s increased involvement in the selection of strategies affect a firm’s strategic competitiveness?What evidence would you offer to support their position?Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts.Peers discussion post in which I’ll have to provide a response too.Travis Clarke RE: Week 8 DiscussionClassmates,The role of the board of directors is to act in the owner’s best interests by formally monitoring and controlling the firm’s top level managers. In addition to their monitoring role, board members increasingly are expected to provide resources to the firms they serve. These resources include their personal knowledge and expertise and their relationships with a wide variety organizations the board’s involvement creates the need for effective collaboration between the board and top level managers.The board is broken down into 3 parts: Insiders-The firm’s CEO and other top level managers. Related Outsiders are individuals not involved with the firm’s day to day operations, but who have a relationship with the company. Outsiders are individuals who are independent of the firm in terms day to day operations and other relationships. Additionally, boards can make mistakes in strategic decisions because of poor decisions processes, and in CEO succession decisions because of the lack of important information about candidates as well as the firm’s specific needs. Overall, knowledgeable and balanced boards are likely to be the most effective over time.
BUS 4993 Strayer Boards Increased Involvement Influence the Company Positively Reply

Case Western Reserve University American Greetings Case Study

Case Western Reserve University American Greetings Case Study.

Please do your own work.
a. Don’t copy the internet, the examples you peer evaluate, or students from other classes.
b. Verify that your SafeAssign overall match is < 20% (use the Safe Assign drafts tool on
2. Use the grading weights to guide the relative length of each section
a. i.e. In the assignment, 70 points come directly from the individual sections. Of these, the
Overview represents 5 points (~7.1%) and the Analysis section represents 25 points
(~35.7%). The Analysis section should be about five times as long as the overview
3. Please attach your excel file
a. For any calculation cells, I should be able to follow the formula to understand exactly
how you got the value.
b. Please label clearly which worksheets are relevant
4. Please add relevant tables to your Word file
a. There is no need to include tables provided by the case that you referenced
b. Tables should be labeled such that the reader knows exactly what they are looking for in
the table.
5. The analysis section should provide sufficient detail about your process that a sophomore finance
student could replicate your work.
a. Make sure to discuss any assumptions you make
b. The analysis section should reference the tables you include in the Word file.
6. Before submission, please read your case out loud several times.
a. This will help catch editorial problems
7. If you have questions, please feel free to ask Jeremiah directly.
Case Western Reserve University American Greetings Case Study

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