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Answer each of the following questions in no more than 250 words per question. 1) Is the demand for

Answer each of the following questions in no more than 250 words per question. 1) Is the demand for health care price elastic or price inelastic? In your answer, explain how you came to the conclusion you offer by using the determinants of elasticity: presence of substitutes, share of budget and the time one has to react to a change in price. 2) Externalities, or third party effects, are cases where individuals receive a benefit without having to pay or are harmed without being compensated because of the choices other actors make. What are the solutions typically used to address positive and negative externalities. Provide one example of a weakness of the approach you described for positive and negative externalities 3) Why will risk averse individuals over-insure? What role does the decision to over-insure play in total US health care spending relative to other countries? 4) Make a case for why demand or supply side factors are more significant determinants the American health care system having greater costs and providing poorer outcomes overall than n other industrialized countries
Manzanita Brewery Company has been at the forefront in implementing its strategic objectives in order to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the beverage industry. As a way of attracting and retaining its customers, the San Diego Company has set-up key strategic objectives and a clear-cut path on how to implement the objectives. With its large customer base, Manzanita Brewery has opened its outlets in seven other branches, developed an organizational mission, values statement, and vision statement that incorporates the needs and tastes of the larger population. With the outlined background and mission statements, the strategic plan will build on the moves and values, which the firm has developed in the past by using the past shortcomings to design the future prospects. Manzanita Brewery’s production of quality products and promotion of responsible relationship with its key stakeholders, as well as reliance on innovation and creativity have been the main development strategy. The company operates on a no long-term debt strategy to enable the management focus on internal aspects of the firm, as the move limits instances of operations on deficits. Moreover, the company’s strategic plan touches on projections or forecasting what the firm intends to achieve, as well as how it plans to navigate the dynamic and global market. A well-conducted internal and external analysis will bring out the nature of the operational environment that the company is targeting. An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company will reveal the exact position or capabilities that the company can adopt. A clear strategic plan for Manzanita Brewery will use the SWOT analysis, as well as the internal and external analysis to propose several recommendations the company intends to achieve within a fixed period. Armed with great expertise, the company will be in the best position to employ product differentiation and cost-cutting strategies in order to remain relevant in the competitive California market. The management will use the company’s weaknesses to devise new plans on how to minimize them by greatly exploiting the available opportunities to their advantage. The implementation plan targets to have a defined timeline with detailed, clear, measurable, and time-bound objectives on how to ensure that the brands are available in all regions in the US in order to increase profit levels, expand internationally, and minimize expenses on deliveries. The production hub in San Diego will have to coordinate the supplies and stock levels at all store liquors across the 12 key states in the US. In order to remain relevant in the beverage industry, Manzanita Brewery will have to adjust its cultures and operations to accommodate the new targets. The management will have to incorporate employees and consultants in implementing the strategy; this will require restructuring of the leadership system to monitor help in identifying and allocating resources to cover the expansive targeted regions. In these aspects, the Manzanita Brewery intends to focus on new distribution channels, doubled production, and brand expansion into the new regions. With the plan to cover expansive areas, a risk management committee will assist in overseeing and constructing strategies on how to counter setbacks within the distribution channels, as well as within the firm. The report will discuss the summarized content in detail in order to bring out the main ideas that the Manzanita Brewery plans to introduce in managing its sales.
ADV 4323 University of Miami Social Media Strategy Fits4me Brand Paper.

The deliverables for the Social Media Strategy – Final Project are: 1) A written document with supporting charts, graphs, and
illustrations. It should be single-spaced, with a cover page, table of
contents, headers and sub-headers to identify separate sections, charts,
graphs, and illustrations, and a reference page ( if applicable). The brand we would be using is “Fits4me” clothing,fashion for college students and young adults to buy at good prices.In your social strategy I expect to find:
A brand definition that sums up what you WANT people to think of when they think of your brand.* For example: Target is a reasonably priced outlet for cutting edge design, fashionand housewares.

A customer/voter/client persona: WHO exactly you think is your target audience. This must be narrowly defined.* For
example Jet Blue (from Blogspot) JetBlue” s buyer persona is
the low budget traveler who wants a comfortable yet affordable
solution to flying. They are typically a younger audience that likes to
be reached through social media channels and expects quick responses
from the company. That audience comesthrough in their
marketing in the medium they use (Twitter, in this instance), the words
they use (flying like a “boss”), and even the name of
the Twitter handle (@JetBlueCheeps).

Further develop this persona into your local target market using the information from your target market assignment. Please attach any SimpliAnalytics or ESRI data as a supporting document).
A brief overview of the Opportunities and Threats to your brand that can be exploited or handled with social media. (This is half of a SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis)
At least 2(two) SMART Social Media Goals, 1(one) communication goal and 1(one) businessgoal. Use the form from the SMART goals assignment.Use social specific communication language to define your communication goals such as reach, engagement, sentiment, impact/conversion and advocacy.
Relate your business goal to these terms as well. Explain what specific social media action will allow you to meet your business goal.
Using the AMEC list of potential metrics, choose the metrics you will use to measure your success with these goals. These measures will allow you to specifically define the related terms.
Identify two social channels that will help you achieve your SMART goals. Explain why. Go back to your audience persona and determine which channels are most effective for your brand. Ask yourself two questions: Is my audience here? If so, how are they using this platform?
Define the tactics that will be effective in reaching your social media goals.
Create an editorial or content marketing plan for one business quarter. This
plan will define your message/messages and show how you will push that
message out over the quarter. Your plan must address these questions.
Ask yourself this question: What types of content do I intend to post and promote on social media?
Please link each type of content to your goals.o Who is your target audience for each type of content?o How often will you post content?o Who will create the content?o How will you promote the content?13. Create a social media plan for that quarter. It should include the channel, content, day, time, goal it is related to, and how will you measure its success or/ and value.
ADV 4323 University of Miami Social Media Strategy Fits4me Brand Paper

Statistics discussion post

Statistics discussion post.

Assume that you are interested in doing a statistical survey and using confidence intervals for your conclusion. Describe a possible scenario and indicate what the population is, and what measure of the population you would try to estimate (proportion or mean) by using a sample.What is your estimate of the population size?What sample size will you use? Why?How will you gather information for your sample? Describe your process.What confidence percentage will you use? Why?Student example: For this discussion, I will like to determine the number of state employees working in the city of Tallahassee, FL. The city has a population of 181,376, in order to calculate the percentage of state employees I will have to use a sample size of 1061 assuming the population was sampled without replacement and with a proportion on 0.5 with a confidence percentage of 95%. I will use a 95% confidence percentage because 99% confidence would be wider. I will gather this information by taking a survey at the local state entities in the city, also by researching information through the local employment agencies such as People First the main state of Florida employment site and the department of labor. Using a 95% confidence level it is determined that 21% to 38% of the city of Tallahassee population is a state employee.Suburban Stats. n.d. Population Demographics for Tallahassee, Florida in 2016 and 2017. Retrieved from…Short and sweet.
Statistics discussion post

BADM 634 University of the Cumberlands Code of Ethics & Conducts Discussion

write my term paper BADM 634 University of the Cumberlands Code of Ethics & Conducts Discussion.

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:The PMI “Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct” provides guidelines for ethical behavior by project management practitioners. It describes four main values that should guide a project manager’s actions. List these four values and give one example per value of why it should guide a project manager’s actions.Cultural patterns differ in various parts of the world, so project team members need to be more sensitive as to how their actions are interpreted. Project managers working with global and virtual project teams need to be especially mindful of the increased need for communications. Discuss some of the extra communications challenges posed by virtual and global project teams, along with a few approaches to address these challenges.Imagine you are the project manager of a team tasked with building a new hotel. When brainstorming project communication plan considerations, what would you list under “purposes”?
BADM 634 University of the Cumberlands Code of Ethics & Conducts Discussion

Red, Yellow, and Green Light Foods

Red, Yellow, and Green Light Foods.

just 150-200 words neededWatch this video (Links to an external site.).Go into your kitchen and perform a refrigerator and pantry raid! Take out 2 red light foods, 2 yellow light foods and 2 green light foods. Set them on a table in small groups and snap a single picture of them. Write an analysis discussing the foods in your image and why you grouped them as you did. As a whole, also state how healthy the foods in your kitchen on the whole. Finally, suggest 2 ways you could improve upon them next time you go grocery shopping. This response should be about ~150 words.
Red, Yellow, and Green Light Foods

DePaul University Info for Decision Making Using Codification Accounting Questions

DePaul University Info for Decision Making Using Codification Accounting Questions.

I’m working on a accounting writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

DePaul Inc. has 1,500,000 shares of $1 par value common stock outstanding. The stock was originally issued for $5 per share in March, 2017.On April 1, 2021, Smith declared a 10% stock dividend for shareholders of record when the fair value of the company’s common stock was $30 per share. The stock dividend was distributed on April 30, 2021.The staff accountant is unsure of how much to reduce Retained Earnings for the impact of the stock dividend.undefinedAccounting Issue: How much should DePaul decrease Retained Earnings for the impact of the stock dividend?undefined GAAP Codification Reference:_______________________undefinedYour interpretation of the guidance: What is the correct amount to decrease Retained Earnings for the stock dividend?(when entering do not use $ signs, commas or decimals)Use the Codification site with the link provided below for the codification reference that is needed to answer the question.…
DePaul University Info for Decision Making Using Codification Accounting Questions

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