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annotated bibliography entry on the lottery short story

annotated bibliography entry on the lottery short story. I’m studying for my English class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Scholarly Article Annotation
By the due date assigned, post your annotated bibliography entry for a scholarly article to the discussion area. By the end of the week, respond to your classmates’ posts with your feedback, questions, and suggestions.
For this assignment, find a scholarly article on your Week 4 short story in the SUO Library. First, complete the lecture on conducting research in the SUO Library. Next, enter the online library and find one credible, scholarly source examining the short story that was the focus of your Week 4 rough draft. Do not use popular publications, such as summaries from Masterplots or The Introduction to Literary Context, or other media that are not research oriented. Refer to this video provided for this course by South University Online Library Services.
Post an annotation of your source to the discussion board. Your annotation should include:
A complete APA citation of your scholarly article
A paragraph of summary of the key points presented in your source
A paragraph explaining the source’s quality and how it is relevant to your analytical essay
annotated bibliography entry on the lottery short story

first :
Use the KIM chart vocabulary strategy to learn one word. Find one unknown word from your textbook chapter, your. first :   Use the KIM chart vocabulary strategy to learn one word. Find one unknown word from your textbook chapter, your running word list, or from another source.  Remember, you decide what’s in your “I” Information column and “M” memory clue  column. Be creative. The more information you add, the better your brain will retain this new word long term. second:  Use this space to share your PLAN Strategy map for feedback from the class.   there are samples  third:  Find ten words from the chapter and use a KIM chart to learn them (don’t forget to use the KIM chart you already started that we posted on the discussion board).  fourth:   Share an image of your Running Word List and describe where you found some of these words. You don’t have to include any definitions – just share the words you’ve found so far, where you are finding these words,  why you decided to add these particular words to your word list, and how these words might help you at some point . The words you found can be from anywhere (internet, news, TV, music, your shared reading group book, the textbook chapter you used for the project, other classes, etc.).  The attached file shows a sample of what my word list looks like. fifth:   Now that you’ve read about academic disciplines, write some thoughts about your future field. For example, what’s your major? What type of reading is required in this field? If you’ve taken any classes related to your major yet, what type of reading was required?  You also saw the reading levels associated with different fields. Based on this information, how hard is the reading in your field? If the chart doesn’t include your field, see if you can research information online and answer this question. choose this one below (chemistry teacher ) sixth:   What textbook did you use in the “Readability Checker?”  What class is the textbook for? Do you feel that the grade level the Readability Checker calculated was accurate? Why don’t college textbooks have “grade levels” like books in high school? Who do you suppose chooses the textbooks for your college classes?  Do college professors have a choice, or are certain books required by the state of California? Do you think this textbook was a good choice for the class? Did it help you pass the class? ( any book)   If you guessed that the first selection (text A) was written at a third grade level and text B was written at a twelfth grade level (senior in high school) – congratulations! If not, don’t worry. Usually, students guess that Text A is written at high school level, and Text B is written at college level, and they are surprised to learn that one is elementary school level and the other is written for high school seniors.  For the next activity, you will need access to a college level textbook. On the next page, there is a “readability checker” online tool.  Either type in 200 word sample from your textbook or cut and paste about 200 words to see what the “readability” (grade level) of your textbook is.  seventh:  Post your Mindmap showing reading expectations for the course you chose  ( organic chemistry or general chemistry or any class you like and there is a sample).first :
Use the KIM chart vocabulary strategy to learn one word. Find one unknown word from your textbook chapter, your
I was looking towards somewhere along the lines of.. the effects of early maturity in adolescents. Need help with my Psychology question – I’m studying for my class.

Students should select a particular part of the life cycle, e.g. early childhood, adolescence or later adult years. Then, they should select a particular issue relevant to the selected point of the life cycle, e.g. effect of preschool education, eating disorders among adolescents, abuse of the elderly, etc. This becomes the focus of your research. The topic of your research must be approved. The paper must be written in accordance with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA). The paper must be a minimum of five full pages of content; this does not include the cover page or the reference page. The finished product should be a minimum of eight pages. A minimum of three scholarly resources must be used in the preparation of the paper. In addition, resources must not have been published more than five years ago.
I was looking towards somewhere along the lines of.. the effects of early maturity in adolescents

Florida National University ?People of Baltic and Brazilian Heritage Discussion

Florida National University ?People of Baltic and Brazilian Heritage Discussion.

People of Baltic Heritage.People of Brazilian HeritageRead chapter 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentions. Read Content chapter 26 & 27 in Davis Plus Online Website. Once done answer the following questions;1. Which countries are known as the Baltic nations?2. Discuss how the Baltic nations view the delivery of evidence-based healthcare and their beliefs related to health and disease.3. Give an overview of the Brazilian heritage, how do they see health and disease and if there is any similarity between them and the Baltic nations.You must cite at least 3 evidence-based references no older than 5 years excluding the class textbook and 2 replies to any of your peers sustained with the proper references must be posted. A minimum of 800 words must be presented excluding the first and reference page. Transcultural Health Care. A Culturally Competent Approach (4th ed.)Purnell, L.D.Publisher: F.A. Davis Company; 4th editionISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3705-4
Florida National University ?People of Baltic and Brazilian Heritage Discussion

British vs. Japanese Homosexuality Criminal Laws Essay (Critical Writing)

assignment writing services Homosexuality is one of the most pressing issues in the legislation system of many countries. It is regulated within the framework of LGBT rights. The abbreviation stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (Reichel 2008). The initial term “gay community” was replaced by LGBT as its representatives believed that it did not manage to reflect the variety of sexual relationships promoted by those to whom the term refers. Nowadays, it is used in most of the countries that want to emphasize the diversity of the issue. However, despite the overall acceptance of the phenomenon, homosexual people still do not openly identify themselves in some countries (Gibson 2014). The attitude of the general public largely depends on the character of the political and cultural environment that may range from discriminatory to highly liberal (Reichel 2008). The perception of the same-sex partnership has changed over time: it was seen as a grave sin or a minor sin, normal relationships or violation of ethical and moral laws. The attitude of Asian and European people towards gay marriages, the right to adopt children, occupy positions of power, and express their sexual identity freely differs rather considerably even despite the globalization effects (Gibson 2014). The paper at hand is going to compare the criminal legislation concerning homosexual rights accepted in the UK and Japan in terms of advantages and disadvantages of different attitudes. Homosexual Rights in the UK: Historical and Contemporary Perspective Evolution of the Attitude The rights of homosexual people in the United Kingdom have significantly improved with time. Initially, when the country was formed, it had a strong religious orientation, which implied that homosexual relationships were considered to be sinful and were against the civil and religious laws. The Buggery Act of 1533 classified them as criminal and presupposed the highest possible punishment – execution. It was not until the 1960s that the prominence of liberalisation of sex activity started to be discussed as a necessary change in the criminal law (Clements

International Development homework help

International Development homework help. discussion:Susan, a wealthy widow, invited an acquaintance, John, to her home for dinner on a specific date at a specific time. ÿJonathan told Susan that he would be delighted to come to dinner and, eager to impress Susan, spent lavishly in preparing for the evening. ÿHis purchases included a new blazer, new shoes, and expensive floral arrangement, and champagne as gifts for Susan. ÿAt the agreed upon time, John arrived at Susan?s house only to find that she had left for the evening.ÿ John went home and sent Susan an email saying that he came for dinner but she was not home.ÿ The next day Susan sent Jonathan an email saying that she was sorry that she had forgotten the dinner and had gone to the theater with friends.ÿ ÿAssume that the facts given are admitted and not in dispute.ÿ ÿJohn wants to sue Susan to recover damages.ÿ Can he?ÿ Are all of the elements of a contract present in this case?ÿ Is there consideration?ÿ Don?t be distracted by the silliness of the situation.ÿ Concentrate on the questions related to contract. your response should be 200 wordsCase AnalysiseBay is one of the biggest online auctioning companies in the world. Buyers and sellers of all types are able to hop online, put up something for sale, and sell it! Basically, the way it works is that you find something you want to bid on, place a bid on it, and wait to see if your bid wins. If it does, you send your information to the seller, and in return, he or she sends you your goods.Is an eBay auction a legally-binding contract? In a minimum of 500 words, consider whether a bid placed in an online auction on eBay is legally binding and, therefore, enforceable. Explain your reasoning using the elements of contract analysis that you have learned thus far, including valid offer, valid acceptance, and the various forms of consideration.Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from outside sources. Use APA format.International Development homework help

Purdue Global University Effectiveness of Violent and Nonviolent Protest PPT

Purdue Global University Effectiveness of Violent and Nonviolent Protest PPT.

I’m working on a american studies writing question and need support to help me learn.

07.02 (PART ONE)Steps:Choose three of the following events or actions to profile in a presentation:March on WashingtonMontgomery bus boycottWatts RiotsSelma MarchChildren’s CrusadeFormation of Black PanthersFreedom SummerFreedom RidesGreensboro sit-insundefined2. Summarize each event, including which of the civil rights organizations and leaders were responsible for it.3. Explain whether each event was violent or non-violent and why.4. Explain whether each event could be considered a success or not. Be sure to include specific details to support your claim. 5. Explain your response to the following question: Based on the outcomes of the events you chose, do you think violent or nonviolent protest strategies were more effective?6. Organize your work into one presentation in your choice of format. Examples include a podcast, voice thread, slideshow, video, or newsletter. There are many 21st century tools available for creating and submitting these types of presentations.I have attached PART TWO down below, and the grading rubric for PART ONE.
Purdue Global University Effectiveness of Violent and Nonviolent Protest PPT