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Annotate Higher Ways

Strategies for annotating texts and active reading
Definitions. Look up and write down definitions of unfamiliar words,
Concepts. Underline what you think are the most important, interesting, or difficult
Tone. Note the writer’s tone-sarcastic, sincere, witty, shrill.
Biases. Look out for the writer’s biases and unstated assumptions (and your own).
Responses. Ask questions and note your own reactions and insights.
Connections. Make connections with other texts you have read or your own experiences.
Symbols. You may already have or need to develop a set of symbols that you can refer
to. Asterisk (*) for important points. Question (?) for questions. Exclamation (!) for
strange/bizarre. More than highlighting/underlining: need to be able to refer back to text
and instantly know why it was important.