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Anne Arundel Community College Global Disease in Cameroon Presentation

Anne Arundel Community College Global Disease in Cameroon Presentation.

InstructionsAfter completion of the three parts of the paper, students should merge and submit the full paper. In addition, students will then summarize their papers into presentation formats. These presentations will be posted for everyone to view and respond. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to present a summary of their paper and share with the class their knowledge and expertise on the topic and country selected. Presentation formats include power points or handouts with/without audio/video aids. Power point presentation should be a maximum of 12 slides.Assignment 2 Outline1) Country and SystemsBriefly describe the country selected and list some of the health indicators within the country. Provide an overview of the country’s health system, health policies, health funding, infrastructure, health workforce, etc.2) Issue and CultureBriefly describe the health issue selected, including the significance/prevalence of the health issue, influence of culture and social determinants of health on the issue; and the impact of the issue on the global disease burden.3) Intervention and EvaluationBriefly describe the chosen intervention, the intervention implementation, evaluation and result dissemination plan.
Anne Arundel Community College Global Disease in Cameroon Presentation

First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. Case Study

First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is one of the fastest growing producers of high-priced dog food products. Dog food market has not been fully exploited in the US. The company is keen in establishing better ways of promoting its products in Boston, allocating funds for the initiative and enhancing sales. It is estimated that several dog owners in the USA and particularly Boston do not rely on prepared dog food. Over 50% of owners usually opt for other alternative foodstuffs that are not specifically prepared for dogs. Hence, the dog food market is still untapped. Issues and problems in the market Since its inception, First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. has grown steadfastly to dominate the kennel market. Retailing into the new dog food market presents several challenges. The decision to sell the Show Circuit brand frozen dog food product will be critical. Therefore, thorough understanding of the market is crucial. In regards to the products being sold by the company, factors such as quantity of production and packaging should be considered. These will enable the product to gain competitive advantage over others. Pricing strategy is yet another factor that should be put into consideration when marketing the products. Promotion of the Show Circuit brand frozen dog food is vital in promoting sales. Other factors include the target market, type of advertisement and media to use as well as accessibility of the products. SWOT analysis Strengths First in Show Pet Foods’ strength is evident in the quality of its products. They are of premium quality and recommended for dogs. It is the only pet food freezer in supermarkets. This strength differentiates it from other brands. Weaknesses Cost is a major issue of concern in selling show Circuit dog food owing to the production process that requires the inclusion of cereal grains and fresh meat. Besides, the process of freezing, space requirement and thawing demand enough time and resources. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most consumers are also poorly informed on the benefits of frozen dog food products. Besides, low margin sale for retailers of Show Circuit dog food is a weakness that affects sales since the products attract lower margins. Poor distribution is equally a weakness since the company has limited resources. Opportunities First in Show Pet Foods, Inc has massive opportunities emanating from the untapped frozen dog food market and the increasing population of dogs. Since a few people use prepared dog food, there is a market niche to be explored. Several dog owners prefer natural dog food and are willing to pay premium prices for the products. Moreover, Boston market is untapped and therefore, it is possible to boost the volume of sales. Threats The greatest threat of First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is competition. The most notable market rivals include Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Del Monte Foods Purina PetCare and MasterFoods USA that own about 75% of the entire market share. This company has not yet grown and established its marketing campaigns even though these competitors aggressively advertise their products. Besides, most buyers mainly purchase from supermarkets. Conclusion and recommendations In order for First in Show Pet Food, Inc to succeed in promoting and selling its products, it should start gradually by building a base and then opening and expanding to other retail outlets. A gradual start involves operating within the level of a store and working with the limited distribution channels. The selling point for the products can be within the aisle of the stores. Advertisement via coupon mailer will be beneficial at the start. It can later be advanced to television advertisement. Due to the number of competitors, it is clear that First in Show Pet Food, Inc. understands it has a low market share. We will write a custom Case Study on First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Interaction with customers and developing a strategy on how to enhance distribution channels will ensure proper launching and expansion into Boston market.

The U.S. response to 9/11: Is the War on Terrorism Succeeding?

assignment writing services The U.S. response to 9/11: Is the War on Terrorism Succeeding?.

Guidelines for writing research paper : • It should be of about 3000 words including footnotes and bibliography (approx. 6-10 pages). • Critical research paper requires you to make an argument, not just describe what
happened, but to provide analysis of the situation. You can provide different points of
view or various interpretations of the same event / issue and then argue in favor of one.The general structure should be:Introduction • Present your major argument and objectives. E.g. The paper analyses the issue of… It
argues that… It aims at demonstrating that…
• Point out the importance of your chosen research topic (beyond the fact that it was
proposed by professor in the list of topics for research paper)• You can briefly mention the steps you will take to prove your argument.
• You can provide short summary of the most important points.
• Don’t go into details, the introduction should be about 1 page and should not include a lot of factual information. The aim of introduction is to make reader aware of what is your
research topic, why it’s important and what is your position. Proof of your argument – should be bulk of the paper
• Might involve a number of sub-arguments – mini statements to prove your larger
argument. For example, if your argument is that capitalism is the best model for global
economy you might prove this by:
• Providing historical background on how this economic system came into being and argue
that it’s the longest surviving (from 16th century), and after the end of the Cold War the most
widely accepted (even by the countries from the former communist block) system.
• Presenting arguments of famous scholars, politicians, using concrete facts,
numbers/statistics, examples, stories, cases that would prove your position. In this part you
can go into details.
• Analyzing alternative views and points of criticism of capitalism and demonstrating why
you disagree with these points, why you think they are flawed, or incomplete. Sometimes it
can seem intimidating as a BA student to “criticize” famous professors and experienced
policymakers. However, part of this exercise is to develop your critical thinking and to analyze
whether argument is compelling or not. • You can acknowledge that it’s not so black and white and in fact there are some setbacks
in capitalist system that became visible during Asian financial crisis of 1997 and global financial
crisis of 2007-2008, however….
• You can even make your proposition/ recommendation in favor of the reform or
improvement. However, it’s not mandatory. I don’t expect you to provide concrete policy
recommendations. You can have a second argument, but for your research paper I don not suggest you to have
more than one or maximum two major arguments.
Conclusion• Summarize your main ideas/points if possible with new and stronger words.
You need to cite your information, using footnotes or endnotes. Both MLA and Chicago style
are acceptable for citations.
At the end provide full and detailed bibliography – list of sources you used for writing your
Mention the name of the author, title of the book or article, publishing place and house, or
name of the journal and issue (in case of article), year of publication and page.
In case of web-site: state the name of the author, title of the article, web-site and date of
Use reliable academic sources: books and articles, established newspapers, magazines and
web-sites. If there is no author on the web-site the article is not reliable. Avoid use of
The U.S. response to 9/11: Is the War on Terrorism Succeeding?

Management: Sole Ownership Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Management: Sole Ownership Advantages and Disadvantages Essay. Introduction Sole ownership is a form of business entity that is owned and operated by one person. Sole ownership, which is also referred to as the sole proprietorship is the operation of the business by an individual. Sole ownerships are easy to establish and run since they require low startup capital. For example, freelance writers, home/healthcare service providers, financial planners, and tutors among others are sole proprietors. A tutor working as a sole proprietor may need skills only in a bid to start a business unlike corporations that need intense funding for capital and expertise. Moreover, even though sole ownership is the cheapest and simplest of all business setups, all responsibilities and liabilities of running the business lie on the owner. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the sole ownership form of business. Advantages of Sole ownership The decision-making process is quick and simple because the owner does not need to consult with other people when making changes. For instance, if the owner decides to end, expand, or move the business, s/he can do it with immediate effect unlike in limited liability companies that have to do a series of consultations with an agreement can be reached (Piper, 2014). The level of privacy is very high because sole ownership involves one person. In addition, registering sole ownership is easy and fast and it does not require complex documentation, thus making it affordable for new businesspersons (Fox, 2014). Most sole proprietors choose businesses that flourish in both good and poor economic periods. For instance, home health care businesses are stable since people will often require such services. The largest number of these establishments takes care of the aged and veterans. Services are mostly basic, such as preparing meals and catering for hygiene needs, and thus they cannot be avoided. Disadvantages of Sole ownership Individuals running sole proprietorships are mainly responsible and liable for anything happening in their businesses. This aspect implies that if the business fails to pay debts, it is faced with court cases, or an accident occurs within the business, creditors can take personal properties such as houses or any other possessions since the business entity is not separated from the owner (Piper, 2014). For instance, Rosemary owns a small publishing company in the US. During times of favorable business prospects, she makes orders worth $ 250,000 of supplies and stock. Unexpectedly, demand for her products declines. When the payday is due and the company that supplied Rosemary demands payment and she cannot comply, as a sole owner, she is liable for this business activity. The creditor can sue her; take her business merchandise, and even personal assets. Sole ownership has limited growth opportunities. Sole ownership is deemed undesirable if fast growth is needed. In a case when the owner dies or becomes incapacitated, the business faces the threat of discontinuity. In addition, this form of structure lacks legal separation between the owner and the business. It is hard to raise capital through other means apart from personal savings. Getting bank loans are complicated and time-consuming for sole proprietors. Since the owner is the manager, in cases/he lacks relevant skills, the production is usually low and possibilities of closure are high (Fox, 2014). Conclusion Sole proprietorship arises from individuals undertaking businesses because it might not entail complex processes of registration and operation. However, this form of business is not sustainable due to a number of reasons as explained in this paper. References Fox, R. (2014). Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner: Reduce Your Taxes and Fatten Your Profits. New York, NY: Springer. Piper, M. (2014). Independent contractor, sole proprietor, and LLC taxes explained in 100 pages or less. Chicago, IL: Simple Subject, LLC. Management: Sole Ownership Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

global economy

global economy.

week, you have read about entrepreneurship in a global economy. For your
written assignment this week, complete a case study of the organization you
work for (use a hypothetical or “other” organization if more applicable) that
will address the following prompts: •
Describe the organization’s environment, and evaluate its preparedness to go
global, if not already, and it’s strategy for staying global if it is.•
Research other company’s strategy for going global and explain if this will or
will not work for your company. Make
a recommendation for a global strategy in the organization, including a
justification for your recommendations.Submit
your midterm research paper as a single document. Your paper should meet the
following requirements:•
Be approximately four to six pages in length (1200-1800 words), not including
the required cover page and reference page.•
Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with
fully developed content, and a conclusion.No PLAGIARISM
global economy

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