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Ancient Rome: Visigoths’ and Rome’s Conflict Essay

It is imperative to note that the Fall of Rome is one of the most significant events in history because it has put an end to a mighty empire. The conflict between Visigoths and Rome was especially problematic (Dunstan 2010). Moreover, it has left the city devastated, and it was nearly impossible to recover at that point (“Bubbles Map”). Bubbles Map. Also, it is paramount to understand the core reasons behind this conflict and what could have led to such complications. One of the biggest problems that should not be disregarded is that Visigoths were looking for a territory where they could settle, and Rome was an outstanding option because it was one of the biggest cities at that time. Moreover, another issue that needs to be discussed is that Honorius and Alaric had a serious disagreement (Heather 2005). The biggest problem is that the leader of Visigoths has agreed to help Stilicho, who has promised to pay four thousand gold. However, he was no longer alive, and Alaric was incredibly frustrated by the fact that he may no longer get the money. Also, it is necessary to mention that many believed that his goal was to attack Ravenna, but it was not the case, and he was determined to conquer Rome. Moreover, the problem is that the city was incredibly dependent on imports, and Alaric understood that this approach would lead to starvation (“Conflict Tree”). Conflict Tree. The peace that has been suggested was not beneficial, and Alaric has demanded all the gold that present in the city. Another aspect that is worth noting is that he wanted to get access to all the barbarian slaves, and this indicates that he could have other motives besides profit. It was evident that Rome would not be able to win the fight, and they have reached an agreement, but the problem is that it was not possible to collect the necessary resources. Also, Alaric has made a suggestion to collaborate with Rome if aristocratic hostages are freed (Moorhead
Food industry procces.

Food processing industry includes the methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients by physical or chemical means into food for human consumption. Fish processing, in particular, takes caught or harvested fish and uses them to produce marketable food products.Fish processing first includes fish handling, which is the preliminary processing of raw fish, and the manufacture of fish products. Fish processing further extends into primary processing involved in the filleting and freezing of fresh fish for onward distribution to fresh fish retail and catering outlets, and the secondary processing that produces chilled, frozen and canned products for the retail and catering trades.Fish processing operations can be improved by using IT/IS (see for example: This company has been specialized in manufacturing execution systems (MES) required in today’s food processing.2. OBJECTIVESObjectives of this lab include using specific IT tools by Microsoft Office in order to plan and lay down the activities of fish processing, which offers visibility for the whole system. You can select a specific step in the fish processing process (e.g. preservation, fish packaging, quality check, etc.) and work on that specific step.3. TASKSA. The deliverables include a Gantt Chat of fish processing from start to end (should include at least 15 activities/tasks, 5 resources, and 3 milestones, 1 final deliverable with realistic resources and time durations) created in MS PROJECT. It should contain high-level activities of the project, including the activity predecessor relationships, notes and links.B. Flow chart diagram of fish processing including inputs, resources and outputs, with minimum 15 process activities; using MS VISIO.C. Design a Web page for fish processing company with following sections: Logo Description of company Product/services Customer testimonials Contact information Site map4. REPORT FORMATBelow please find an example of sections of a laboratory report: Title Page Introduction Background Material Procedure / Methodology Results Discussion/Conclusion References AppendixPlease follow the guidelines given in the “Technical Report Writing Guide” posted in the Moodle page.5. GRADING SCHEMEThe grading scheme will follow the below point distribution:1. Introduction 5%2. Background Material 10%3. Methodology 10%4. Results and Analysis 15%5. Discussion/Conclusion 10%6. References 5%7. Appendix 5%8. Report Format 5%9. MS Project plan 15%10. MS Visio chart 10%11. Web-site 10%
Food industry procces

Final paper related to humanitarian and international disaster management. I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.

The final paper needs to be a minimum of 15 pages (not including title page, abstract and references), in APA 6th edition format. Topics need to be submitted for instructor approval by the end of week 3. This is the opportunity to delve into a topical area addressed in the course and develop an in-depth understanding of the situation. Students can pick either a contemporary or ongoing disaster or one well described in the literature. Topics to discuss can include How is the disaster cycle used? What management model was applied? Discuss disaster management models, logistics, political and capacity related topics as applicable.
My Topic:

The Humanitarian Crisis in Syria
Important notes:
– Please find reliable scholar resources to do the paper, it must be more than 10 resources.
– More importantly Use proper APA format for in-line citation for every sentence and references
– You must deeply talk about the humanitarian organizations that provided assistance THE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN SYRIA , and also the organization that should have provided help for the victims.
– Also try to include the following:
Security issues if there are some
Public health issues for the Syrian refugee camp if there were some happened
How can the disaster management improve in the future.
– More importantly, use Grammarly in your writing
Final paper related to humanitarian and international disaster management

Software Defined Network and Intent Based Networking Discussion

Software Defined Network and Intent Based Networking Discussion.

Software-defined networking (SDN) and intent-based networking (IBN) offer an ability to revolutionize the modern network architecture. Both of these concepts are relatively new, and your chief technology officer (CTO) has only heard them in passing. In fact, she pawned them off as the new “marketing fad” dressed up as a new concept. Since you have researched both technologies, you understand this is not a fad. When used in combination with virtualization and cloud computing, you know SDN and IBN could revolutionize how the organization operates, providing for reduced costs, efficiency, better management of the network assets, and security. However, you need to develop a white paper for the Caduceus CTO to highlight these benefits. Given the CTO has only heard the term in passing, you must describe in this white paper, the SDN and IBN concepts, their benefits, and what it would take for the organization to implement.Forming Your TeamsIn addition to submitting your individual white paper here in Assignment 3, you will also begin to work with your team for the upcoming collaborative projects (Assignments 4 and 5). You should meet your team, brainstorm ideas for your white paper together, and begin planning your upcoming work.Writing Your PaperAfter you introduce yourself to your team and brainstorm ideas for this assignment, refer to the SDN and IBN Assignment Resources for more details about Caduceus and download the assignment template.In your white paper, use additional sources of information but also describe the concept in layman’s terms. Use visuals where appropriate. Describe how an SDN/IBN architecture would look different than network architectures we have traditionally deployed. Compare and contrast the network architectures and discuss the pros and cons of each.The paper should include the following sections:introduction to software-defined networking (SDN) (discussed in Week 3)introduction to intent-based networking (IBN) (discussed in Week 4)discussion on how virtualizing the desktop and now back-end infrastructure are complementary and relateddiscussion of how SDN and IBN are relatedSubmitting Your WorkDownload the assignment template cover page and complete your white paper.How Will My Work Be Evaluated?The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:1.1.1: Articulate the main idea and purpose of a communication.1.1.2: Support the main idea and purpose of a communication.1.1.3: Present ideas in a clear, logical order appropriate to the task.1.1.4: Explain the relationship between the ideas presented to enhance clarity and comprehension. 1.3.3: Integrate appropriate credible sources to illustrate and validate ideas.1.4.1: Produce grammatically correct material in standard academic English that supports the communication. 1.4.3: Write concise and logical sentences in standard academic English that clarify relationships among concepts and ideas. 2.3.1: State conclusions or solutions clearly and precisely.10.1.3: Define the specifications of required technologies.13.2.1: Evaluate vendor recommendations in the context of organization requirements.
Software Defined Network and Intent Based Networking Discussion

Native Awareness Essay

assignment writer Native Awareness Essay. Paper Details:This is for my Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) – Children and Families in a Multiethnic Society Class. Here is the summary of my assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to become more aware of the experiences of families in a multiethnic society. (what made them who they are today, history of the tribe…were they forced to assimilate into how white society is) You are tasked with informing others of the various experiences of families of the tribes in Washoe and surrounding areas. Explore aspects of life pertaining to Washoe Native Americans. You can find all the surrounding natives here: Please concentrate on Washoe tribe primarily. An APA (7th edition) style reference list of relevant literature that informed the presentation 10 sources minimum; at least 5 must be empirical sources here is a video to look at: Awareness Essay

Part C: Your Marketing Plan

Part C: Your Marketing Plan For this assignment, you will conclude your marketing plan by developing your hypothetical company’s pricing and distribution strategies, and integrated marketing communications plan.Note: You should make all assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. Instructions Create the third part of your marketing plan in 8–12 pages: Describe or list the feedback you received on Part B of your marketing plan. Explain how you will use the feedback to improve your plan. Develop the company’s pricing and distribution strategy. Develop the integrated marketing communications plan most relevant for your product or service and audience. Develop your message strategy. Develop your media strategy. Develop your public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling plan most relevant for your product or service and audience. Develop your online and direct marketing plan most relevant for your product or service and audience. Develop your social-responsibility or cause-related marketing plan most relevant for your product or service and audience. Use at least three academic resources that address sustainability and monitoring of effective marketing plans and determine the applicability for your hypothetical company. These resources should be industry specific and relate to your chosen product or service. Use the Part C Marketing Plan Template [DOCX] to complete the assignment.

Answer a question that deals with cancer and risk factors

Answer a question that deals with cancer and risk factors. I’m working on a Biology exercise and need support.

This question deals with cancer and risk factors. Begin by going to the website
Click “Cancer A-Z” in the upper left corner. The page that comes up will provide links to information on breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer. Review the information for each these cancers.
Next, write an essay that briefly discusses your own risk factors for each type of cancer and steps you might take to decrease those risk factors. Be sure to address all five types of cancer.
You do not have to disclose any actual personal information if you do not wish to do so. You may create a fictional character and discuss his or her risk factors instead. Be sure to address all five types of cancer. Your response must be at least 300 words in length.
Answer a question that deals with cancer and risk factors

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