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Analyzing The Class System In Twelfth Night Duchess Of Malfi English Literature Essay

‘The feast of Twelfth Night’ where the play takes its name, was celebrated in a time when social hierarchies were turned upside down. That same spirit is alive in Illyria, and Shakespeare has created situations that create a comedic yet farcical tone to the play. I am going to compare and contrast the ways in which hierarchy
To protect and hide data from malicious attacker and irrelevant public is the fundamental necessity of a security system. So for this reason for hiding data many cryptographic primitives like symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, digital signatures, hash functions etc. The symmetric cryptography consists of same key for encrypting and also for decrypting the data. Where as asymmetric cryptography takes advantage of a pair of keys to encrypt and decrypt the message. These keys are public key and a private key. The key which is distributed to other and which is publicly known is known as a public key and the key which is kept secret is known as private key. These two keys are needed simultaneously both for encrypting and decrypting the data. Public key will encrypt the data where as private key is used to decrypt the data. Asymmetric cryptographic should satisfy following properties. They are: Key generation process must be computationally efficient. By using the public key of the receiver the sender must be able to process the cipher text for any given message. By using the private key the decryption of cipher text into plain text should be done by the receiver. It will be impossible to compute like encrypt or decrypt the data without either of the key. RSA was designed by Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Len Adleman. It is an asymmetric cryptographic technology. As in asymmetric cryptographic encryption the public key is known by everyone where as the private key is kept undisclosed. For decryption of data which is encrypted with the public key, private key must only be used. Integers between 0 to n-1 where n is the modulus are taken as cipher and plain text. This n is generally 1024 bits. But the suggested length of n is 2048 bits instead of 1024 bits because it is no longer secure. Algorithm of Key generation: The following steps describe how a set of keys are generated. Two different prime numbers are selected which are not equal. Say p and q. this numbers are of same bit length. Determine modulus n where n=p.q Process or calculate φ(pq) =(p−1)(q−1). Here φ is totient. Select an integer which is public exponent e, such that 1 Calculate d. This can be calculated by using modular arithmetic. This should satisfy de=1. Now this ed-1 should be evenly divided by (p-1)(q-1) . Here (n,e) is the public key which is used for encryption and (n,d) is a private key which is used for decryption. Encryption: The following steps describe the how encryption is done in RSA algorithm. It is illustrated with an example where in two imaginary characters are described Alice and Bob. As we know that public key is (n,e) this is transmitted by Alice to Bob by keeping her private key secret. A message say M is wished by Bob to send to Alice. Before sending the message M it is converted into an integer 0 Get the public key which is (n,e) Plain text integer is represented by m. Calculate cipher text as shown c=me Cipher text c is send to the receiver. Decryption: Now when Alice receives the message sent by Bob, she regains the original message m from cipher text c by utilizing her private key exponent d. this can be done by cd=m (mod n). Now she can recover M once she regains m by using Padding scheme. This is shown as cd = (me)d = med (mod n). Since , med = m1 kq(n) =m(mq(n))k =m (mod n) . By this we get the original message back. This can be shown in following steps. Private key (n,d) is used by receiver to calculate m=cd mod n. The plaintext m is extracted. Computational issues of RSA: Selection of the two prime numbers p
Chinese Inventing Gunpowder Annotated Bibliography.

Five (5) articles I have attached in relation to Chinese inventing gunpowder. If your article has an abstract DO NOT CUT AND PASTE IT AND SUBMIT IT. Each citation should be between 250-300 words each. I will worry about the citations since it will not give you the right access. I will attach the articles PDF version. Analytical Annotated Bibliography Components:1. Begin each annotated bibliography entry by identifying the source in correct Chicago Manual of Style documentation.2. A brief description of the author’s topic, thesis, and methodology. In other words, in what academic discipline does the work fall in (history, literature, social science, women’s studies, cultural studies, etc.)? What kind of evidence does the author draw upon?3. A concise outline of the main points in the text.4. A statement about the author’s goals and his/her intended audience. Are there any clear biases?5. MOST IMPORTANTLY–Your critical evaluation of the text’s usefulness for the investigation of your topic. What are the strengths of the source? What are the deficiencies or limitations of the source?6. Did the article help you to further understand the topic? If so, explain how. If not, explain what information might have been helpful.7. Explain how each of your sources compares to the others. Are there any general trends you see in your selected books and articles?
Chinese Inventing Gunpowder Annotated Bibliography

Northern Star Online William Blake Romanticism Essay.

Objectives: I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning.
Often when you hear the word Romantic you think of something that you might elicit feelings of love or devotion to a significant other. In the context of this class it has to do with a specific period that was marked by intense emotions. This period focused not on the scientific explanations of nature or events but on the intense feelings and connections that humans experience in their surroundings. The Romantic era lasted somewhere around 1170s to the 1850s (or so).
William Blake, one of the writers/artists of this time period wrote in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell about Reason and Energy being the driving forces in human behavior, not necessarily Good and Evil. Reason is from the soul and Energy is from the body. Too much of one or the other is not good but we must find a way to live in balance. Do you think that this is a good way to look at the world?
Step 1: What are Good and Evil anyway? How do you know? Do you think anyone is actually evil on purpose? Explain. How are Good/Evil related to Blake’s ideas of Reason/Energy?
It is good to identify what might be your implicit bias in this (being religious for example), but what about for those who have no religion? It is by now, pretty much accepted that morality does not come from religion but from agreed upon social behaviors and dynamics that are often simply just understood by those who are members of a culture.
Remember, those ideas may be reflected in religious texts, but they do not come from religious texts. Those are used to justify behaviors based on the society in which we live. For example, Christianity practices and teachings in different denominations, or parts of the world, may differ drastically over what is “evil” behavior and what is not. The interpretation of the texts is that humans offer as justification for a behavior. We can observe the change in these attitudes and practices over time.
Consider how religion has been used throughout human history to justify things that we now consider to be horrific (ex. slavery, genocide, male dominance, etc.) Here, the idea is to compare how the concepts of Reason/Energy relate specifically to the concepts of Good and Evil.
Also consider: Good/Evil is not an individual opinion. We have societal norms that play into this and evolve over time. That is what Cancel Culture is all about, right?
Without Contraries is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence. – William Blake
While you are discussing the concepts of Good vs. Evil and Reason vs. Energy, consider this:
Blake wrote that, Opposition is true Friendship.
Hopefully I can help illustrate this for you a bit through a famous example in history. In his biography, Frederick Douglass A Prophet of Freedom (2018), David W. Blight writes:
If “knowledge unfits a child to be a slave,” Douglass later wrote, then he had found the motive power of his path out, or at least inward, to freedom. Ever ready to employ biting irony to make his case, Douglass left this telling and honest description of the lesson learned: “That which he most loved I most hated; and the very determination which he expressed to keep me in ignorance, only rendered me the more resolute in seeking intelligence.” Although still a child, Douglass nevertheless remembered the episode as a seismic shift in his conception of the world. “In learning to read, therefore,” Douglass declared, “I am not sure that I do not owe quite as much to the opposition of my master, as to the kindly assistance of my amiable mistress.” Even as a child, Douglass learned to negotiate with and define himself by his opposition. This was a life lesson Douglass would invoke time and again in his later career, whether the enemy was a master, an overseer, a mob throwing brickbats, a stiflingly competitive fellow aolitionish, proslavery ideology, the Confederacy itself, Abraham Lincoln, or white supremacists who defined him out of the human family. Their opposition became his motive power, their arguments his own tools of counter-argument in the courts of moral justice.
Blight, David W. Frederick Douglass: A Prophet of Freedom. OCT 2018. Print. (pp40).
Step 2: So, back to Blake…Opposition is true Friendship, what does that mean? Can you explain it by using examples from your own life? In what way could this possibly be true? (Just to save you the hassle, it does not mean that opposites attract or even that opposites complement each other. The act of opposition is the point. It is not about diversity, it is quite literally about opposition. Remember that reference to Cancel Culture above? How might that play into this?) How does advice about COVID-19 play into this? You do not have to answer the last two questions, but they will give you key insights into why this is true in Blake’s mind. Feel free to use them as examples in your paper if you need to.
Northern Star Online William Blake Romanticism Essay

Arizona State Recording Review Apache by The Incredible Bongo Band Paper

Arizona State Recording Review Apache by The Incredible Bongo Band Paper.

Please write a recording review on one of Kool DJ Herc’s favorite recordings for break-beats. Please use one of the examples in the section discussed.It is very important to read some Recording reviews online or in certain music or pop culture magazines/journals in order to understand how to write and organize them.Aspects to include in your reviews are:1. Introduction to Artist and Recording title2. Some historical/personal history or background on the artist (but DO NOT let this be the majority of the review!!)3. Describe the song from a technical nature. (Rhythm, Beat, Tempo, Melody, Harmony, Form, Groove, etc.)4. Describe the song from an aesthetic nature. (Passion, Flow, Tension, Aggression, Flavor; think about how it touches you)5. Include the parts you like most (and why,) and include the parts you like least (and why.)6. Conclusion – summarize and final statementIt is important that you complete this assignment in a word processor and copy/paste it into Canvas or attach it as a file. Please only attach DOC, PDF, TXT, DOCX, or RTF files.FormattingThe review should be between 1 to 3 pages in length, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Please use 12 point font, with the exception of titles and subtitles.The examples are: (Please pick one)“Apache,” by The Incredible Bongo Band“It’s Just Begun,” by Jimmy Castor Bunch“Shaft in Africa,” by Johnny Pate“Scorpio,” by Dennis Coffey“The Mexican,” by Babe Ruth Band“Give It Up or Turnit A Loose,” by James Brown
Arizona State Recording Review Apache by The Incredible Bongo Band Paper

MGT 101 Saudi Electronic University Principles of Management Case Study

research paper help MGT 101 Saudi Electronic University Principles of Management Case Study.

This assignment is an individual assignment.Due date for Assignment 1 is by the end of Week 7 (06/03/2021).The Assignment must be submitted only in WORD format via allocated folder.Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented. This also includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Late submitted assignments will NOT be entertained.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
MGT 101 Saudi Electronic University Principles of Management Case Study

OPS 350 University of Phoenix Parts Emporium Inventory Management PPT

OPS 350 University of Phoenix Parts Emporium Inventory Management PPT.

Assignment ContentRead CASE: Parts Emporium at the end of Ch. 9 (pp. 357).Put yourself in Sue McCaskey’s position and prepare a detailed report to Dan Block and Ed Spriggs on managing the inventory of the EG151 exhaust gasket and the DB032 drive belt.Create a 10-14 PowerPoint slides with speaker notes (Note: cover/title page and reference page is not included in the slide count). Submission should be a PowerPoint Presentation file (NOT in pdf format).Discuss Parts Emporium supply chain and possible remedies for its supply chain problems.Present a proper inventory system and recognize all relevant costs.Discuss how your recommendations for these two items will reduce the annual cycle inventory, stock-out, and order costs.Include strategic and tactical changes that might improve the company’s inventory performance, reduce variability, and improve customer service.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Submit the assignment.Grading Rubric: 70% Content; 15% Style; and Readability 15% Mechanics
OPS 350 University of Phoenix Parts Emporium Inventory Management PPT

ENG 103 WLAC Dinosaur Extinction Theory Why Dinosaurs Do Not Exist Today Response

ENG 103 WLAC Dinosaur Extinction Theory Why Dinosaurs Do Not Exist Today Response.

art 2: Peer Evaluations due Sunday at 11:59 PM (50 Points)Respond to four of your peers’ postings; write 125 words (a half-page) for each response, for a total of 500 words (two pages). How should you respond? Compare your peers’ thinking regarding this assignment to your own thinking; in each evaluation, quote your peer briefly, agreeing or disagreeing with how he or she thinks, and provide logical reasons as to why, but be respectful, compassionate and courteous. And … if someone evaluates your work, respond! In your response, don’t just write “thank you for evaluating my work” or something like that–demonstrate that you have read the evaluation and considered it carefully. IMPORTANT: In the discussion thread below your essay, respond to everyone who evaluates your essay, including your instructor–and be sure to answer any questions and complete any tasks your instructor gives you.
ENG 103 WLAC Dinosaur Extinction Theory Why Dinosaurs Do Not Exist Today Response

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