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Analyze 3 Advertisements

Analyze 3 Advertisements.

For your written assignment, find three advertisements. These can be videos, radio ads, print ads, interactive media, or any other sort of media used for advertising purposes. For each advertisement, provide a ½ page analysis that answers the following questions:Summarize the advertisement, the apparent demographic it is aimed at, and the product it is pitching.What are the arguments being made? Are they explicit or only implied?Are the arguments being forwarded cogent? Why or why not?What sorts of devices, rhetorical, language, or other are employed to either enhance or distract the audience from the message?
Analyze 3 Advertisements

FIN 689 UAGC Analysis of Johnson and Johnson Tax Provision Essay.

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I need this to be 100% plagiarism free.Must use at least 3 scholarly references apart from text.must include reference page.Must include introductory and conclusion paragraph.Must use academic voice. Review the financial statements for, Inc for the last three fiscal years.In your Deferred Tax Items paper,List the deferred tax assets that have been recorded on the company’s financial statements in each of the last three fiscal years.Explain how these items created the deferred tax assets.Explain how the company might recover the benefit of these deferred tax assets in the future.Describe the potential timing of this recovery.Identify the company’s valuation allowance on its deferred tax assets, including any changes to this allowance in the past three fiscal years.Explain what this valuation allowance and any changes to it indicates about the company’s future earnings prospects.Identify the deferred tax liabilities that have been recorded on the company’s financial statements in each of the last three fiscal years.Interpret how these items created the deferred tax liabilities.Explain under what circumstances this deferred tax liability may become payable and the potential timing of this payment.Identify any changes in accounting assumptions that impacted the deferred tax assets or deferred tax liabilities (e.g., changes to depreciation methods, changes in inventory methods, etc.).Calculate the company’s debt-to-equity ratio under the following conditions:Classify deferred tax liabilities as debt.Classify deferred tax liabilities as equity.Exclude deferred tax liabilities from both debt and equity.Classify the deferred tax liabilities as debt or equity (or neither) for purposes of analyzing the company.Provide justification for your decision.Compare the company’s provision for income taxes to the company’s cash tax payments in each of the three fiscal years.State at least three factors that might contribute to increased or decreased cash tax payments in the next fiscal year for this company.The Deferred Tax Items paperMust be three to four double-spaced pages in length. Within these three to four pages, provide data tables and calculations. These tables and calculations should be approximately 10% to 20% of the total work product.
FIN 689 UAGC Analysis of Johnson and Johnson Tax Provision Essay

Table of Contents The law Why the law? Is the law justified? Opinion and Conclusion Works Cited Being a border state, Arizona has always battled with the immigration debate with the intention of curbing Mexicans from crossing over from their country and settling in the state. In the past, the limelight had been on Joe Arpio, the Maricopa county sheriff known for his tough stance on immigration in his county. Lately though, the signing of an immigration law that seems to curtail the freedom of the people by Governor Jan Brewer rattled some feathers not only in the state, but in the larger US and among the human right circles. Even Mexican president who had for the better part of the immigration row kept mum said that the new law “opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement” (MacAskill 2). So is the criticism by the UN right experts as reported by Eliane Engeler for the Associated Press justified? Well, according to the article, the UN experts claim that the Arizona Immigration Law is an affront to human right regulation set in the United States. Further, they claim that the law is against the US constitution, which protect citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by the law enforcement officers. According to MacAskill, the law gives police in Arizona the powers to stop people they suspect to be illegal immigrants for questioning (3). It is feared that in the border state that a sizeable number of legal Latinos residing therein, the law will lead to victimization and unwarranted, unjustifiable searches, which will have racist connotations since they will target “suspicious looking and sounding” people. Among the issues raised by the UN experts is the fact that Arizona has an obligation to uphold the human rights of people living within its jurisdiction. With the discriminative law in place, it is hard to imagine that the Latinos, who will always be suspected of being aliens because of their skin color and their accents will have any rights in the state. The law Among the controversial provisions in the law is a requirement that obligates residents in Arizona to always carry their registration documents. The law also requires the police to question any person they suspect is an alien in the state. Additionally, the law states that any legal American who knowingly transports and hires illegal immigrants will be liable to legal action (Bash et al. 2). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Why the law? Before taking sides against the criticism leveled at the law, however it is important to understand what motivated the passing of such a law. Writing for the Guardian Newspapers, Tran observes that Arizona has faced years of frustrations trying to curb illegal immigration from Mexico (7). To fate, the state remains the single largest entry-point of illegal immigrants into the United States. Apart from this, a sizeable number of the immigrants (approximately 460,000); reside in the state thus straining the State resources. Critics claim that though the immigrants use the state resources such as health facilities, schools and basic infrastructure, they do not contribute to the State’s taxes mainly because of their illegal status. More to this, the increased crime rates in the state, which include kidnappings and drug trafficking is blamed on the huge influx of immigrants who due to lack of skills often cannot earn enough money to support their lifestyles (Tran 7). Is the law justified? According to Engeler, human right experts working with the United Nations are adamant that no situation in Arizona warrants such a law (3). They specifically take offence with the law because it opens the legal doors to justify legal profiling in a state where Latinos have suffered under suspicion of being aliens irrespective of the fact that a good percentage of them have registration documents. Riccardi notes that even the law enforcement officers who will be charged with the responsibility of upholding the law once its enacted as law later in July, 2010 are aware of the racist and discriminative nature of the law(2). A case in point is a police officer whose patrol duties lies near a school in Phoenix, lodged a complaint in court claiming that the law will force him to stop school going children in order to ascertain if they are in the state illegally. Amid the criticisms raised by the public and human right activists, it is notable that lawmakers in Arizona made some changes in the initial bill signed by the state governor and ostensibly removed words that encouraged racial profiling. We will write a custom Essay on Arizona Immigration Law specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The revised law now requires police officers to scrutinize the immigration status of people who have been stopped at police checks, detained or arrested. The law also bars the use of race as the basis for scrutinizing people. In a state where most Latinos are suspected of being illegal immigrants, it is hard to imagine how police officers will restrain from using race as a reason for scrutiny. Besides, most illegal immigrants are from Mexico and thus more prone to being stopped by police because of their skin color. Opinion and Conclusion It’s hard to imagine Arizona without the Latino community, most of who perform the manual labor that the ordinary well educated American would find hard to do. To say the least, America has benefited greatly from the immigrants who enter the country by the thousands annually. The contribution that such immigrants have on the country’s growth and development cannot be understated. Rather than enforce a law that will have bad social connotation not only in Arizona but also in the wider United States of America, the lawmakers in Arizona should work at ensuring that the border patrols are more stringent and that only legal migrants are allowed entry into the state in future. It is also worth noting that immigrants who beat all odds to enter the state from Mexico always do so in search of a better life. This essay holds the opinion that as human beings, the immigrants should be given a chance to work and live in Arizona or other states provided they do not contravene social laws that uphold the welfare of the residence of Arizona. The argument that they do not contribute to the welfare of the state besides straining the resources such as schools, health facilities and housing still does not hold any water. By working for American employers, they contribute to the welfare of the state albeit indirectly. With political will and the right legislation, this essay holds the opinion that the immigrants can contribute taxes to the state and hence pay back to the state for the resources they use while residing therein. Overall however, the law is archaic and needs not find a place in modern day America since it goes against the very precepts of human rights and freedoms. Works Cited Bash, Dana, Hornick, Ed,
ASU Uniformly Accelerated Linear motion Constant Acceleration Lab Report.

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In this lab report, my part is objective and discussion/ conclusion.For objective part, my professor left some guideline:What is the physics concepts/theory/law to be investigated in this experiment? It is one or two sentences in your own words. For discussion/ conclusion part, my professor left pretty specific instruction:This is the most important part of the lab report. It is where you describe whether your results support the physics principal being investigated in the lab. Begin the discussion with the purpose of the experiment. Briefly explain the theory concept that was tested. Then state only the key results (with uncertainty and units) quantitatively with numerical values; do not provide intermediate quantities. Discuss the relationship between your raw measurements and your final results; the relationship between quantities in the graph; relationship between the independent and dependent variables. All questions from the lab manual should be answered in the narrative form.How can you tell that the cart was not moving with constant velocity based on the position vs time graph generated in this experiments? What attribute of velocity vs. time graph tells us the magnitude of acceleration? What attribute of position vs. time graph related to the magnitude and direction of acceleration and how? Support all of your answers with your data.In run 1, how do the values of acceleration you calculated using position vs time graph and velocity vs time graph agree with each other? Compare graphs generated in Run 1. In run 2 how different is the shape of position vs. time graph in comparison to run 1? In run 3 why is the acceleration negative while the velocities are positive? How did the car move in this case? In run 4 the acceleration is positive even though the cart is slowing down with time. Why? Why are the velocities negative? If you had known the acceleration would you be able to deduce whether the object was speeding up or slowing down? Explain your reasoning using the results of the 4 runs you have performed in this lab. On average, how close does the value of acceleration from the position vs. time fit agree with the value of acceleration from velocity vs time graph? Compare the graphs you generated in part 2 and part 1. What type of motion is a free fall motion? Which error component has a dominant effect on the overall value of ∆g/g? Does the theoretical value of g falls within the range of your reported result? For part 2, list one source of error that were statistical in nature, and one that were systemic in nature, and very briefly explain the reasoning for it.(I do care about plagiarism.)
ASU Uniformly Accelerated Linear motion Constant Acceleration Lab Report

Healthcare Information systems Essay

Table of Contents Overview of healthcare information Technologies Improving the Quality of Medication Reducing the cost of healthcare References Overview of healthcare information Technologies Lack of relevant system-wide healthcare Information technology causes significant expenses that come in the form of the increased number of the workforce and wasted time. Research suggests that lack of appropriate IT platforms to deliver healthcare service contributes to over 10% increase in healthcare costs. Therefore, IT systems are inextricably connected to healthcare costs for healthcare institutions, which trickle down to the population. Increased healthcare costs have prompted healthcare institutions to adopt cost-saving IT systems to optimize their returns while ensuring the delivery of quality service (Rodrigues, 2009). There are many IT applications from which healthcare institutions can choose to improve the quality of service and reduce costs of delivering healthcare services. However, every institution must be able to select an IT base that is relevant and appropriate to its condition. Improving the Quality of Medication Information technology has the potential to improve the quality of healthcare services. Studies show that most healthcare providers believe that adopting clinical IT systems improve the extent to which they can deliver quality patient care. IT systems can solve some of the problems posed by fragmented IT systems. Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) has become of the key clinical IT systems that have gained significant application in most clinical and medical institutions (Rodrigues, 2009). Research shows that the application of CPOE reduces the frequency of repeat tests. The quality of healthcare service is connected with the number of repeat tests that a patient undergoes before a successful diagnosis is achieved. Surveys conducted on patients reveals that patients rated physicians based on the number of unsuccessful diagnosis or tests for their illness. The use of CPOE reduces turnaround times for laboratory, pharmacy and radiography request applications made. Some medical studies have suggested that using CPOE reduces the error frequency during medical surgeries. According to a survey conducted by Bates et al. (1998), the application of CPOE systems had the ability to reduce medication errors by 55%. Out of 11 studies that aimed at estimating the accuracy of medication using CPOE, four studies showed that CPOE achieved to reduce errors, and improved the quality of medication and patient safety. Studies show that the introduction of CPOE as an IT platform is a nonfinancial incentive for healthcare professionals. Surveys conducted in hospitals using CPOE shows that healthcare professionals are motivated to deliver quality service compared to hospitals that did not implement these technologies. It is significant to note that the professionals’ perception of quality service is inextricably linked to availability of alternative IT tools (Bates

Understanding Addiction and Compulsive Behaviour: Analysis of Gambing Addiction

custom essay Understanding Addiction and Compulsive Behaviour Factors and Events Addiction is defined as an uncontrollable desire or routine the need to complete certain behaviour having no control over the addictive behaviour with physical emotional or psychological components, in spite of the negative consequences, for example taking or doing activities to the point where it becomes harmful to an individual health and wellbeing. Risk factors on gambling could be social emotional biological or environmental (Simmons L. Psy. D.2008). This embraces both substances missed used and behavioural problems, both psychological and psychical dimensions are present in addiction (Gwinnell M.D. Adamec 2006). Gambling addiction is seen as a mental pathological disorder that affects the brain (Rush et al., 2008). Gambling provides action, trills and feeling of intense excitement, tension, power and anticipation (Rasmussen 2000). Depression and substance misuse are the major causes of problem gambling given that gambling contributes to depress individuals an alternative to stress (Hamidovic

Police Use of Force

Police Use of Force. Paper details   In a 2-3 pages, in APA format, summarize Police Use of Force to include, but not limited to, the dynamics of the use of force, regulating the use of force, policies, use of force continuum. You can research nationally, you may research an individual police department or sheriff’s office. Use credible resources in doing your research. Cite sources.Police Use of Force

Los Angeles Valley College Stem Cells Discussion

Los Angeles Valley College Stem Cells Discussion.

“Stem cells are undifferentiated, primitive cells with the ability both to multiply and to differentiate into specific kinds of cells. Stem cells hold the promise of allowing researchers to grow specialized cells or tissue, which could be used to treat injuries or disease (e.g., spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, strokes, burns).” (Slevin, 2010)Choose ONE of the following issues and post to its thread with supporting evidence. Respond to two peers who wrote about issues other than the one you chose.Discuss what you feel are the potential benefits of stem cell research for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.Share your perspective on the stem cell debate regarding donation of surplus embryos to couples for “embryo adoption.”Why is the task of disposing unused frozen human embryos different from disposing of other medical tissue?Discuss why you think embryonic stem cell research “crosses a moral boundary.”comment 1Stem cell research provides great potential for comprehending essential mechanisms of human development and differentiation, as well as the hope for new treatments for diseases such as diabetes, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, and myocardial infarction (Lo, 2009). Nonetheless, embryonic stem cell research also produces severe ethical issues. Moral concerns surface when researchers work with lines that were derived in other jurisdictions under circumstances that would not be acceptable at their home organization. A clear example of when predicaments take place is when donors of research oocytes receive payments in excess of their expenditures and such costs are not permitted in the jurisdiction where the human stem cells will be utilized. For instance, the United Kingdom enacted an explicit policy to consent such payment after public consultation and debate and provided reasons to justify its decision (Lo, 2009). This practice becomes an unethical one because it clearly shows that the process stem cell research is being looked at as means to generate a profit rather than a way to aid humanity as a whole.ReferencesLo, B. & Parham. L. (2009, April 14). Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research.…comment 2The question I chose to talk about is, Discuss what you feel are the potential benefits of stem cell research for Alzheimer’s patients and their families? This was the question that interested me out of all the questions. There are many benefits of stem cell research for Alzheimer patients and their families. “Stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s may be able to improve functional memory, regenerate neurons, improve overall functional recovery, and replace damaged cells with healthy cells” (DVCstem, n.d., para 8). Alzheimer is a complex disorder that is difficult to reverse and even with the use of stem cell therapy, it can only change the symptoms slightly. Stem cell research can be used for Alzheimers like other complex disorders to help scientists better understand whats going on in the brain. Because of this, I feel that stem cell transplant benefits the Alzheimier patients and their families because were continuously searching and testing for a cure rather than just sitting around and not looking for answers. The therapy will help us have a better understanding of the cells in our body and this can lead to positive outcomes. DVCstem. (n.d.). Stem cell therapy for alzheimer’s. Retrieved March 24, 2021, from
Los Angeles Valley College Stem Cells Discussion