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analysis paper on “Goblin Market” and “The Day they Burned the Books”

Develop a full, comparative analysis of Rossetti’s poem and Rhys’ short story. As a starting point for your paper, read and assess Mary Wilson Carpenter’s article, “`Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me’: The Consumable Female Body in Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market” (Victorian Poetry, 1991) (I’ve pasted in the link below). In particular, assess Carpenter’s assertion that “the poem does not appear to condemn” Laura and Lizzie’s “voyeuristic desire,” to look at “fruits imported from foreign climes,” “but rather to represent” the risk of doing so within the realm of the “goblin market” (Carpenter 427-428). In turn, assess Carpenter’s assertion that “the poem articulates women’s common vulnerability to sexual and economic exploitation” but also that it “achieves this seemingly radical vision of women’s bodies through its deliberate exclusion of racial and class differences” (Carpenter 430). In turn, assess any additional arguments that Carpenter makes in her article that are relevant to your critical approach in this paper. Once you’ve assessed Carpenter’s article, shift your focus to a close reading of Rhys’ story in relation to Rossetti’s poem. For one, why did Mrs. Sawyer toss Goblin Market onto the burn pile? More pointedly, what if she had read Rossetti’s Goblin Market? How might she have interpreted some of the inferred parallels between the acts of assault to which she was subjected, and the acts of coercion and physical abuse that occur in Rossetti’s poem? On a different but related point, how might Mrs. Sawyer respond to the inferred correlation between her act of righteous vengeance and the way in which the sisters in Rossetti’s poem take possession of goods valued and traded by “merchant men”? Second, shifting from a critical framework based in feminist studies to a post-colonial critique (as Carpenter does in her article) how might Mrs. Sawyer read or respond to the way in which Rossetti represents the ‘fruits of empire’ in her poem, and, more broadly, rural England in relation to the Caribbean, and the geographical zone that encompasses the British West Indies? Also consider, within the context of your paper, Gabrielle Bellot’s reflections on constructs of race in reference to Rhys’ depiction of Mrs. Sawyer, and to the unnamed island in the British West Indies (inferred to be Dominica), as the setting of “The Day They Burned the Books.” INCLUDE QUOTES 12 pt font times new roman MLA format with a WORKS CITED