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Analysis of Man in the Mirror

Analysis of Man in the Mirror. “Man In The Mirror” is a pop song that was released with the ‘Bad’ album on January 9, 1988 (Michael Jackson). The song reached number one on the billboard charts (Michael Jackson), and Time Magazine stated that it is “one of the most powerful vocals and accessible social statements, not to mention the best-ever use of a gospel choir in a pop song” (Michael Jackson). The lyrics emphasize that to make a change in the world, you need to start with yourself. The song delivers an important message about making a difference in the world to attain world peace. Still relevant in today’s society, “Man In The Mirror” is a worldwide sensation that spreads awareness on the issue of poverty and motivates people to make a change. The artist who recorded “Man In The Mirror” is no other than the brilliant, legendary performer, Michael Jackson. This was one of the rare songs that Michael Jackson did not write himself; it was written by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard. The message that the song spreads is significant to me because of its powerful lyrics and influence on society. I love how it brings light to the global, unfortunate issue of poverty. What I find so special about this song is that it has a beautiful melody that we normally hear in love songs, yet, it is about an important topic of poverty and world peace, and how we can all help make a difference. Michael Jackson is one of my favourite artists, and I believe that he is the only singer who could pull off “Man In The Mirror” the way he did; “It was Michael’s song” (Zollo). Michael Jackson, better known as the ‘King of Pop’, “was the most popular entertainer in the world in the early and mid-1980s” (Vincent). Jackson and his five brothers formed a band called the Jackson 5, which instantly got them signed to a record label (Vincent). The band produced some great hits, and Jackson began to gain recognition for his solo performances with songs such as “Rockin Robin” and “Ben” (Vincent). He eventually ventured off into his solo career, where he gained global success with songs such as “Thriller” and “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough”. “Thriller” won Jackson eight Grammys (Vincent), and he sold more than forty million copies making it “the best-selling album in history” (Vincent). After this accomplishment, Jackson continued to produce outstanding music that was loved by people from all around the world. The instruments used for “Man In The Mirror” compliment the lyrics very well. The beginning of the song is a sweet, slow tune, but gradually becomes louder, specifically at the chorus. The volume of the instruments increasing throughout the song supports the lyrics because it begins by telling a story, which explains the sad situation of poverty, and includes an example of hungry children in the street. The song then becomes loud and fierce, as it encourages listeners to make a change with themselves. The change in tone urges listeners to pay attention to important issues and motivates them to take immediate action. The music creates an influential and optimistic tone for people, with its peaceful introduction which then explodes into a loud chorus. The sound effects and instruments used were snapping, guitars and keyboards; which together created a beautiful rhythm and a sense of unity. I think the guitars were used to provide the song with more sound and power. The snapping creates rhythm and a sense of unity, because it suggests many people working in concert. The keyboards give the song a good flow that makes listeners want to continue listening. Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” is a fine example of poetry in music. “Man In The Mirror” has numerous poetic devices used throughout the lyrics of the song. An anaphora is present in lines four to five, as both verses start with “Gonna make” (Jackson), which emphasizes the message of the song. In line 8, “A washed out dream” (Jackson), is one of two hyperboles used in the song. The writer uses this image to exhibit how a person’s dream fades, which does not literally happen. In line 31 the song discusses “A willow deeply scarred” and “somebody’s broken heart” (Jackson), comparing two unalike things, establishing that it is a metaphor. Rhyme is used a few times during the song; one case being in line fifteen as it ends with the word “know”, followed by line sixteen ending with “go” (Jackson). In line 8 Jackson sings, “This wind is blowing my mind” (Jackson). The wind is given a human attribute, referred to as personification. From verses thirty-nine to fifty-three, repetition is used in the chorus as it is repeated three times beginning with, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror” (Jackson), and ending with, “Take a look at yourself and then make a change” (Jackson). Repetition is used to allow listeners to fully comprehend the message that “Man In The Mirror” is trying to convey. The literary devices used in this song assist in motivating and inspiring the audience, by highlighting the message and allowing them to connect. “Man In The Mirror” may not initially come across as a song with a strong meaning, however in reality it contains a powerful message. In the chorus of the song, Jackson sings about looking at yourself in the mirror, which could be mistaken to be about image, yet the deeper meaning quickly emerges regarding poverty and world peace. Once the audience takes the time to think about, and reflect upon the lyrics, it should be evident that to make a change in the world, every individual needs to get involved. “Man In The Mirror” stresses that wishing and doing nothing will not make an impact. The goal of creating this song was to motivate and encourage individuals to take action in uplifting the Earth, rather than being a bystander. “Man In The Mirror” tells a story at the beginning of the song about Jackson putting on his jacket and walking down the street. He sings that as he is walking he notices children with nothing to eat, and turns a blind eye to them. His recollection of ignoring the children urges him to look in the mirror and come to the realization that he needs to help build a better world. The lyrics then encourage the audience to do the same; transferring emotion to the audience because of the inspiration that is generated. The song is uplifting as it gives listeners hope that the world can be better as long as individuals involve themselves in the change. “Man In The Mirror” manifests a global problem of poverty and in turn encourages people to make a difference. The songwriters made the perfect decision to choose the sensational Michael Jackson to be the artist of the song. The ‘King of Pop’ was an outstanding performer who perfected the beautiful written lyrics of Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard with his remarkable voice and overall talent. The instruments and lyrics combined gave the song an incredible melody, which continues to influence individuals to this day, to make a change. As well, the literary devices used helped to spotlight the overall message of “Man In The Mirror”, while also encouraging people to understand the notion of world peace. The song has a significant message of acknowledging that making a difference in the world begins with each individual. “Man In The Mirror” shines light on having compassion for others, and on each of us being able to make a positive difference in the world. Works Cited “Man in the Mirror.” Michael Jackson, Vincent, Rickey. “Michael Jackson.” Encyclopædia Britannica. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, Accessed 15 July 2020. Zollo, Paul. “Behind the Song: Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror,’ written by Siedah GarrettAnalysis of Man in the Mirror

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“Gordon Rule 1 is one of the mandatory written assignment that we have to complete in this class. You should be able to write about 2,000 words on the scenario provided. We are looking for completed sentences, organized into paragraphs showing a logical development of a main idea or concept. Be careful with spelling, grammar, usage, mechanics and style. The Purdue Owl site provides assistance in preparing your assignment , if needed.”Gordon Rule 1Supply and DemandImagine that you have decided to open a small ice cream stand on campus called “Ice-Campusades.” You are very excited because you love ice cream (delicious!) and this is a fun way for you to apply your business and economics skills! Here is the first month’s scenario–you order the same number (and the same variety) of ice creams each day from the ice cream suppliers, and your ice creams are always marked at $1.50 each. Use your knowledge of the factors that cause shifts in demand, i.e., change in – income, prices of related goods, taste, number of students, expectations and in a multi-paragraph essay, provide at least three reasons why ice cream sales fluctuate in this manner. Apply only the factors you think are applicable to explaining this scenario.Now assume that a month later, the school allows a competing student the right to sell ice creams on school property. (The number of students on campus remains largely unchanged.) What do you think will happen to the price of ice cream at your campus? Explain in detail Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.
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This paper is focused on the role of new technologies and how they impact business operations and decisions. This is a research paper, so you need to have references in APA style. Your paper should be at least 3500 words, and at a minimum discuss the following topics:•Three different and new/emerging technologieso Introduce the technologieso How are they being used (or how they will be used)o What are their potential for users and businesses•Impacts on business operations, decisions, sales, etc. o Positive & Negative•Impact on executives, employees, customers, humans, etc. o Positive & NegativeYour grade will be dependent on:• How effectively you address the minimum points listed above• How organized your paper is, and how well it flows• Correct spelling & grammar• To get a perfect score –go above and beyond the minimum points while ensuring bullet points #2 & #3 arestill addressed. • See Rubric for Details
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One quality that all people need to succeed in life is confidence.How can we gain confidence? What are three methods that have worked for you? Write about three methods that you have used and how and why they worked. Structure your essay according to the “How to Organize an Essay” handout below. You may write about how you faced any significant challenge in life such as:- meeting friends at a new school- learning how to drive a car- moving away from home- asking someone out on a date- standing up to a bullyor any three experiences of your choice.Remember, follow the structure in the “How to Organize an Essay”
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Mcdonalds Facilities and Operations Management

Introduction: McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food restaurants all over the world with almost 46 million customers in different countries. In the past, McDonalds was one of the most growing fast food chains. Now, the fast food market has reached its maturity and therefore it is very difficult for a chain like McDonalds to survive in this competitive environment. In order to survive, every organization needs to effectively manage its facilities and operations to gain a sustainable advantage. The basic reason for the need of effective management of facilities and operations is that the customers and employees are the most important assets of a company. In our discussion, we will review that how McDonalds is managing its facilities and operations to survive in competitive environment of today’s world. Executive Summary: Facilities operations management is one the strategic area of a business to for quality running of its operations and for gaining a sustainable advantage. In our discussion firstly we have tried to discuss the basic criteria which an organization needs to have to proper manage its facilities operations. We have taken McDonalds as an example in our discussion. Firstly the main responsibilities of facilities operational managers are discussed in the context of McDonalds. Then the administrative and safety issues are evaluated. Thirdly, Control and administrative strategies are discussed for business performance and finally critical review and analysis. I have focused on McDonalds official sources for information for the purity and transparency but this is the work of human therefore there are chances of error in it. Abstract: In our discussion, in order to evaluate the facilities operations management of McDonalds, we will first see the operational responsibilities of a manager and try to learn how these managers are capable of handling the complex process of McDonalds Operations. Then we will move toward the examination of legal, health and safety obligations to be addressed by the facilities operations. In the third part, evaluate and study the administrative tools and systems which are helpful in managing and integrating facilities operations. Finally, we will try to evaluate and review the quality of operations and facilities management. It is important to note here that we will take McDonalds as our example in our discussion. L01. Investigation of the operational responsibilities of the Operational Manager 1.1: Assessment of the for facilities manager for the staff engaged in facilities operations: The Major responsibilities of facilities manager for the staff is that facilities manager should ensure that the quality of the output of facilities be maintained by the staff working on it. There is should be proper quality reviews and checks by the operations manager on the staff to reach this goal. McDonalds is very conscious about the food safety and quality and therefore it hires those managers which are leaders and controllers. Managers checks daily the temperature of the food and it is mandatory for every manager to check the staff working on production in terms of health and safety hazards. It is due to the good management of the management staff that McDonalds is successful in maintaining the quality of its food. The materials and instruments for preparing food is passed through different steps to check and maintain health and safety. It is mandatory for the staff of the McDonalds to have health check up. (McDonalds Official Website, 2009) 1.2: Identification of the responsibilities of the facilities manager for staff engaged in facilities operations: The main responsibilities of a manager towards staff are: Quality Checks and Balances Ensuring the better customer service and customer empathy Staff Management and Job Rotations Staff Motivation If we analyze McDonalds in this scenario, then the facilities managers are trained with thinking that people are very important for McDonalds. Facilities managers motivate the employees and properly rotate the jobs of employees depending upon their skills. As a result, we can examine this thing in the quality and safety of McDonalds Products. (McDonald Official Website, 2009) 1.3: Responsibilities of a facilities manager towards customers using the facility: The major responsibilities of a facilities manager towards customers using the facility are: Good Customer Service Customer Satisfaction Customer Retention Customer Empathy All these responsibilities are applied through employees at the front end to ensure that good customer experience of using the facility. Facilities managers first of all operate and monitor all the raw materials and products across the supply chain. For example, they make sure that the meat they buy should be of Grade “A”. Then special care is given to the production and specification according to customer tastes. McDonalds appropriately forecasts the demand of customers for overcome the shortage of products and materials. While making forecasts, the following things are also kept in mind such as facility capacity, facility layout and workforce etc. There is a proper examination of supply chain to provide customers better availability and customer service. Facilities managers sometimes meet the customers on their own to have their suggestion and complaints. 1.4: Impact of facilities operations of employers and funding agencies: Funding agencies are actually those agencies that provide capital to the company to run its operations and facilities. They also help the company in different pilot projects and research. McDonalds has a number of suppliers such as coca cola, mother parkers, and sputo (McDonalds Official website, 2009). These suppliers play a vital role in the facilities operations of employers. For example, the customers usually require a soft drink especially carbonated water along with the burgers of McDonalds. As a result, there is a strategic partnership of McDonalds with Coca Cola Company. This funding agency or supplier provides better quality coke for its customers and therefore it helps to increase and enhance the customer experience for using the facility. L02: Examination of the legal, health and Safety Obligations to be addressed by facilities operations 2.1: Assessment of the statutory regulations that will affect facilities operations in an agreed contest: Statutory regulations are enforced by the regulatory organizations can affect functions of facilities operations in a number a ways. Statutory regulations make sure that public is prevented from poor practices. It almost all the countries of the world, it is obligations on the companies to work under the rules and regulations and to ensure that their operations are not hurting the health and safety of their employees and customers. As far as McDonald’s facilities operations are concerned, McDonalds is operating through franchise system in almost all the countries of the world. It offers a balance to employees between work and their social life. For example McDonalds offer it employees Vacation, Holidays, Anniversary Splash, Sabbatical Program, Short Fridays and Child welfare (McDonalds Official Website, 2010). These practices help to keep the health and safety of employees secure and motivate them in performing operations in facilities. 2.2: Health and safety measures that must be implemented by a facilities manager in a given contest: As the organization grows day by day, its costs become low and low and it gets more chances to make its work safe and risk free. The measures that can be adopted by a facilities manager are: Better and full maintained operating machinery Training and Development Technology Short term quality checks (Gary Ganson, CIH, CSP, 2008) McDonalds is doing much for health and safety. It buys grade “A” meat and other raw materials only from trusted suppliers. It offers special trainings to its staff to maintain health and safety. They are properly utilizing technology to overcome the threat of improper practices. It is the responsibility of the operations managers to visit daily the production facilities in their premises and also proper monitoring of the staff to ensure the quality products. 2.3: Documentation required accounting for compliance with statutory regulations and health and safety measures: For health and safety measures, proper record keeping and auditing of these records is required. A facilities manager needs to have all kinds of information required for statutory regulations of health and safety such as age, family size, ethnicity and marital status etc. Statutory regulations are highly customized by the different cultures and governments. (Staffordshire, 2009) As far as McDonalds is concerned, it keeps proper documentation for accounting compliance with statutory regulations such as record keeping and audits of its staff. The operational managers are guided to keep all the information about safety and health measures about its employees and also to keep proper documentation for auditing. (McDonalds Official Website, 2010) LO3: Administrative systems to support facilities operations 3.1: Effective systems for processing information and maintaining communication: In order for facilities operations management, we need to utilize a lot of technology to make sure that information we need about customers and employees should be properly managed and handled. We can use proper databases to store information. Proper communication is also important and we need to develop a system to prevent miscommunication in the organization. McDonalds has developed a proper system to store information. There is a proper oracle supported internal database system in which all the departments record their operations. Secondly, the company has developed an internal email system to create convenient, documented and effective communications. 3.2: Control Systems required by a facilities manager to effectively manage operations: The facilities manager needs to implement such a system so that the facility should be properly utilized and secondly it should provide proper workforce utilization and quality checks. It is really a very difficult task to develop such a control system in an organization. This may include Spot Checks, Email Monitoring, Video Recording or other technology to monitor live working environment for gaining control. McDonalds has developed such a proper control system. As it is duty of the operations manager to personally arrive at the table of the customer in terms of complaints and suggestions. Secondly, sometimes they use mystery shopping to maintain the quality of its products. As we already discussed, the managers play their role in getting ideas from customers and providing them to employees. Sometimes email monitoring of the employees is also suspected to make sure that no sensitive information must be leaked out somewhere. But there are a lot of ethical concerns arise while we implement quality checks. For example, monitoring the personal emails of employees can lead to de motivation and stealth of personal information about employees. Moreover, most of the customers do not respond correctly whenever they are asked for a feed back. Some time, McDonalds need to hide or misrepresent some of the information from the suppliers to protect its position. L04: Evaluation and review of the quality and effectiveness of the facilities 4.1: Evaluation the quality and effectiveness of operations: If we evaluate the quality and effectives of operations and facilities then we can easily find the McDonalds is doing great is almost all the areas of operations. It has a well managed system of employees and quality control in its operations. The reason for this is McDonalds properly train employees for doing operations. Moreover it also keeps them happy by offering them balance between work and social life. This thing not only reflects good governance but also the shows how successful McDonalds is in managing its operations and business. It is also successful in managing its costs by proper forecasting and carrying out of its operations in different parts of the world. It has a well managed supply chain management system. For example it goes in line with its partners and suppliers. It operates through franchise system which not only helps to bring down costs but to also be geographically available. Finally, proper use of technology makes it possible to effectively perform facility operations such as information handling and communications. 4.2: Evaluation and review of the procedures to analyze the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations: As far as McDonalds is concerned, through proper check and balances and assigning more control to facilities operations managers, it is proper maintaining the quality and outcomes of its operations. For example, through proper training and development, employees know how to be well in operations. It also offers rewards and benefits to those employees which perform well in a facility. Secondly by offering proper rest and compensations, the employees are more loyal to company than before. Customer monitoring and feedback is also there in enhancing the facilities operations. Conclusion: McDonalds is one of most successful fast food chains in the world. The reason for this, as we see in the report, is due to proper control and management of its operations. In our discussion, we have see that it is all the facilities operations and management of firms employees that helps in managing the operations and makes McDonalds a successful organization. We take a lesson that to be a viable concern in any business context; we need to have a proper check and quality management system for facilities operations management.

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