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“Analysis of Future of Nursing 2020-2030” Response Paper

Review “The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity” report specifically the chapter entitled Nurses Leading Change (p. 275-300, PDF in Blackboard) from the National Academy of Medicine (May 2021). a.    Chapter is included in the Blackboard course shell as PDF.b.    Entire report is included in the Blackboard course shell as PDF to use as desired.2.    Begin your paper with an introduction paragraph (include a purpose statement for your assignment) and describe recommendation 2 which is the main focus of your response paper. Recommendation 2: “By 2023, state and federal government agencies, health care and public health organizations, payers, and foundations should initiate substantive actions to enable the nursing workforce to address social determinants of health and health equity more comprehensively, regardless of practice setting.” 3.    After your introduction paragraph, outline your response paper using section headers identified below. a.    Five Social Determinants of Health Affecting Healthcare Equityb.    How Do Social Determinants of Health Affect Health Equity at the Federal, State, or Local Levels c.    How Are Nurses Well Suited to Address Social Determinants of Health and Health Equityd.    Examples of Strategies for Nurses to Advance Health Equity (see table 9.1 on page 279 of the chapter Nurses Leading Change).e.    Summary4.    Include a title page and a reference page (in addition to the 5–6 page body of your paper). 5.    Submit your paper as a word document to the drop box located in the Blackboard course shell. 6.    See the course schedule for exact due date of the “Analysis of Future of Nursing 2020-2030” response paper assignment.

Commercial Law: Problem Analysis

Commercial Law: Problem Analysis.

You have received the following memorandum from your supervisor lawyer in the Commercial department.

From: Francis Morris
To: [You]
Client: Dr. Nathan Giles
Matter: Road Accident

Dr. Nathan Giles is a long-standing client of the Commercial department who has been told that he needs to attend an interview under caution at his local police station one evening next week after he was involved in a road accident 5 nights ago. The police officer who spoke to him on the telephone did not say what offence he is alleged to have committed other than that he „did not comply with his duties after the accident“. There is no suggestion that there were any issues with the standard of his driving, his vehicle was fully roadworthy and he had all the required documentation to allow him to drive it.

I’ve told him that someone from our Criminal department will attend the police station with him so he needs no further advice on police station procedure. I have through said that I will get back to him with some preliminary advice on what offence(s) the police may be considering and whether he is likely to be guilty of them. All of the solicitors in the criminal department are currently at court so I would be grateful if you could do the research and prepare a report for me so that I can give him a preliminary view on those issues before he has to go to the police station.
He was driving along Camp Rock Road across Cannock Charles Chase in Stonewood (Staffordshire) 5 nights ago when he clipped a deer after it leapt out into the path of his car. He only made slight contact and he is pretty sure that the deer was not badly injured as after the collision it ran off into the trees. There was minor damage to one wing of his car. He slightly sprained his wrist when the steering wheel jolted in his hands, but it was fine after a couple of days.

After the accident he immediately stopped the car on the grass verge, got out and inspected it for damage. He left the engine running and put the hazard lights on. While he was out of the car, his daughter, who was in the passenger seat (and uninjured by the collision) lent into the back of the car to get a Thermos of coffee from his holdall. She somehow released the handbrake and, as a result, the car rolled backwards and just clipped a sign next to the road. The sign had been erected by the county council and was for a public car park which lay down the adjacent track. The sign has snapped off at the base of its post so he propped it back up against a fence. Dr. Giles says it looked just the same as it was before, just a little further back to the road. There was now a dent in the rear bumper of the car in addition to the dent caused by hitting the deer. Dr. Giles was in a hurry so got back in the car and drove off, thinking there was nothing else he could do.

He assumed he did not have any duties as a result of the accident as:
• The deer did not appear to be seriously injured;
• He had not been in the driving seat when the sign was knocked over;
• No-one else was injured; and
• It was night-time in an isolated area and the road appeared to be deserted.

However, he now thinks that someone must have seen him leave and noted down his distinctive registration (DR 51MMS) before reporting him to the police.
As I said, Dr. Nathan Giles wants to know what offence(s) the police may be considering and whether he is likely to be guilty of them. Can you please research the issues that arise from these facts and prepare a brief report. There are quite a few things to research here. Therefore, please use the form of problem analysis report so that your research on each area is set out separately.
I do not need you to check any sentencing guidelines or anything to do with interviews under caution.

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Culture in harlem renaissance

“Analysis of Future of Nursing 2020-2030” Response Paper Culture in harlem renaissance.

Use artwork, poetry, Or any other piece of work that describes the culture, combined with three book sources or online library sources to detail the culture during the harlem renaissance. Relating to the black diaspora

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Independent Research Project-Career In Psychology-Therapist

Independent Research Project-Career In Psychology-Therapist.

ENGL 102 This project requires you to put the research and writing skills you practiced in your group projects earlier in the semester to use in an independent manner in order to find out more about credible sources used in the academic or career field you intend to pursue. Unlike other papers you may have written for classes at DACC, this is a literature review paper. In it, you will review the literature and information available in the filed you have chosen to pursue academically or in your career. Each section should answer the questions in that section, but you can’t simply write a list of answers in paragraph form. Additionally, your paper should not read simply as a series of paragraphs which happen to follow each other on the page. It needs to read as a coherent and unified piece in the same manner as other papers/essays you would write for an academic audience would. Any information which is not your own must be cited in correct MLA style. Students should avoid paraphrasing and patchwriting source material. Instead, they should focus on summarizing material from sources. Any quotations used should be less than five lines in length. Your paper should consist of the following sections:

1. Introduction This section should establish why you chose the topic area that you did for this project. It should give any necessary background information about you or the particular field you are studying/working in that a reader would need to know in order to understand the rest of the information in the paper.

2. Problems This section of the paper will discuss the major areas of discussion or problems current research is looking at in this field/career choice. You cannot write this section until you have done a good deal of research and reading about your topic. You should not just discuss one or two items that are covered in a source or two. You should demonstrate that you’ve read a good variety of sources and understand several current issues/trends/topics of discussion/questions trying to be answered by current research projects. It should also discuss what criteria you are using to determine that these are “major” areas rather than the interest of a few researchers/writers. 3. Influencers In this section you should identify three different people who are “influencers” in your field. Who are major researchers or scholars? Who are the people that other people who work or research in this field cite often in their work? What makes them credible? What are their professional affiliations? Do they hold any offices in them or serve on any committees? What are their degrees and where did they obtain them? Where do they work? Have they been published? By whom and what are their most recent publications? Have they received any prestigious awards, honors, or grants for their work?

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