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This type s less secure and would have to repeat information for each purchase by the consumer. For example; if the consumer was to purchase music to download they would have to enter the information for each song they purchase. 3. Unlike the micropayment accumulated balance digital payment system enables users to make payments on the web, thus accumulating a balance that the user could pay periodically on their credit or telephone bills. This type is for the consumer in payment on bills such as credit-card, telephone, car-payment, or car insurance.

Although this type is also is less secure and the consumer has repeatedly entered he information for each transaction they do. 4. A different type of electronic payment is stored value payment system which allows consumers to make instant online payments to business or individuals which is based on value of the store online digital account. Though the credit-line of the store for the consumer maybe low or high and payment may direct to the store this to is unsecure type of system. 5.

The last type of digital payment is digital checking systems that the consumer PayByCheck extends the functionality of existing checking accounts so they can be used for online shopping payments. This type of digital checks is much faster than traditional paper checks. In comparison of electronic payment systems, the digital wallet is used most often for business and consumers. The reason is they can do more purchasing online and more efficiently by eliminating the need to enter the address and card credit-card information repeatedly. This type is also more secure for the business and the consumer.

Research Plan

Research Plan.

Your task is to submit a 2000 word Research Plan consisting of:

  A research question

  An introduction

A research aim

 Research objectives

 A literature review

  A method

An appendix at the end of the plan showing of the form of research that will be taken (1 sheet, this is not included in the word count).

This plan will include references to literature from the reading list and from relevant books and papers sourced independently, which will be used to support decisions you have made.  There is recommended reading for each of the seminars in this unit, but as these books tend to cover general aspects of research approach, you will also need to consider more specialised writing in reference to your specific question.  Consider what makes a strong, reliable source when you perform your own critical research – books, journal papers, governmental (& statistical) reports, etc.  Not Wikipedia!

QUESTION. My question is: Examine the different actions between male and female gamers and the social factors that influence the different actions or roles in PC gaming.

You will be assessed on your ability to formulate a sensible, logical and achievable question; consider the limitations and parameters of your research when formulating the question.

INTRODUCTION – 150 words (recommended)

Briefly introduce why you have chosen your question, and where the ‘gap’ in the literature is in your opinion.  This often uses the same literature as in the literature review, so use this as a summary argument which will be developed further later in the plan.

RESEARCH AIM – Two or three sentences maximum

A broad statement of the intended outcome of the project.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES – typically 3 objectives, a sentence or two per objective

Objectives are the steps that you need to take in order to answer your research question.  You could view these as a concise list of tasks that need to be completed to accomplish the goals of the project. However, these should not be methodological (ie. to do a lit review, to collect data, and so on).

LITERATURE REVIEW – 1000 words (recommended)

This should lay out the background to the study including citation of appropriate literature sources. It should place your own research in the context of previous research and explain how it will contribute to the body of knowledge in your chosen area.

RESEARCH METHOD – 800 words. Here I will use an online survey as the research method. 

This section should consist of a rationale for choice of research design and a description of the methodology employed including the numbers of participants employed /amount of content considered, and details of sampling strategy utilised. The method is a key element of the research process, it should be informed by relevant literature.  The results and discussion which come about from the data collection (Assignment Two) will be wholly informed by the method you have chosen.  If done correctly the results and discussion should happen naturally, and be easy to relate back to the relevant literature.



You will have chosen one of the following discussed research formats, and in the appendix you will need to provide that your research has been planned and prepared for.

3. Survey- a paper based or online survey generating at least 40 responses.


Here you can you make a questionnaire for me which is suitable for the paper. ( around 10 questions.)

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