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Analysis of company annual report

Analysis of company annual report. I’m stuck on a Accounting question and need an explanation.

Research project:
The purpose of this project is to apply what you have learned from the class readings and discussions and problems to a research situation. Please pick a non-US company that interests you and walk me through your company’s annual report. You are required to hand in a two-page research report. Specifically,
You can write your report using bullet points. It has to be professional looking, however, and needs to be informative.

Please locate the most recent annual report for your firm and find two risk factors that are mentioned regarding global operations. Most companies have this early on in their report (item 1 Risk Factors) and will talk about the economic environment in global markets, exchange rate challenges, foreign legal uncertainties, and international taxation. If you firm also files reports in the US, the report will be called 20-F (the equivalent to a 10-K for foreign filers) and you can find it on the website. If your firm doesn’t file in the US, you can find their report on the company website. You need to be able to discuss the risk factors, e.g. what impact can they have on your firms operations, how can you minimize their impact, etc.?
Next, please find your firm’s conference call. Firms will discuss their financial information with investors, and I would like you to look through the conference call to find management’s discussion of global issues surrounding their business. Sometimes firms will discuss this on their own, and other times it will be prompted by analysts in the Q&A part of the conference call. You can find conference call transcripts on the Factiva database on the Pepperdine Library site. I posted a video in Session 2 how to access it. If you cannot find it on Factiva, you will most likely find it on the investor relations page of your firm’s website. You need to be able discuss management’s statements regarding international business issues. Do you think they are truthful, mentioned all foreign business issues, or did they forget something? Do they mention something that was not in the filings?
Please go back to your firm’s filings and gather the following accounting information: Accounting Framework (IFRS or something different), what is the major accounting policy choice they have to make? Please record a transaction using Debits and Credits of the major accounting policy transaction.
Please go back to your firm’s filings and find a discussion of foreign exchange rate exposure. We had several examples in class on how this could be discussed in the report. Does you firm have tables showing the impact of FX, or just a discussion? What do they say about the impact of FX on their business? Has it helped their numbers? What is their functional currency? Finally, analyze the purchasing power theory using a product for your firm (price in US vs. price in home country).
Taxation issues. Is your company using tax shelters? How much is the effective rate vs. actual rate? Is your company in the news regarding the repatriation of foreign earning
Go to the library website and access the database Thompson One Research or Value Line to find an analyst report for your firm. Analysts make recommendations on the investment potential of your firm to investors. They will often discuss risk factors and opportunities of global operations for your firm. I want you to put in your report what analysts have to say about your firm’s international operations. Again, you need to be able to discuss. If you firm is not on the database just Google a report. Also, please compute the ratios from the DuPont model and graph your firm’s ratios using the chart from the slides in Session 5.

Analysis of company annual report

San Diego State Pitching Minnesota Zoo Exhibit to News Media Personnel Report.

The Minnesota Zoo’s exhibit on insects will have a variety of bugs on display, but the main attraction will be a walk-through butterfly garden, in which a thousand butterflies will be feeding, resting, and emerging from cocoons. Write an email pitch to the following media to do a story on the exhibit:the lifestyle editor at the Minneapolis Tribunethe assignment editor at a leading television station in the Twin CitiesAlso describe what photographs and/or video, if any, you are including in the pitch. (You do not need to include actual photographs and video; just describe them.)Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Use the readings from this or any other module in addition to two to three peer-reviewed articles/professional sources.Your paper should be 2-3 pages long, not including the title and reference pages.Format your paper in accordance with the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).Requirements: 2-3 pages
San Diego State Pitching Minnesota Zoo Exhibit to News Media Personnel Report

Race topic writing paper

Race topic writing paper. I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

For this essay, you will reflect on and relate Marlon Rigg’s documentary, Ethnic Notions (see link here:
, to Stuart Hall’s (see attached file) notion of stereotypes as well as his claim that difference “can be threatening, a site of danger, of negative feelings, of splitting, hostility, and aggression toward the other” (2013, 288). Use specific examples from the film and from Hall’s work, either by discussing specific scenes and passages or referring to specific ideas about representation and stereotypes of race and ethnicity found in the documentary and the reading. Finally, discuss whether you believe the stereotypes discussed in Ethnic Notions continue to shape our society today. If so, where and in what form do we still see these stereotypes?

Be specific in your analysis and reference examples from the Ethnic Notions and Hall’s “The Spectacle of the ‘Other.’” Feel free to bring in other class readings as well (Tuchman, hooks, Said, and Ronson come to mind). There are no correct or incorrect interpretations. Instead, you will be graded on your ability to work with class concepts and present evidence to back up your arguments.
Need to mention some of these theories: (the colonial gaze, racial regime of representation, theories of difference, social construction of race..)
Additional Information:

Your essay should be at least 1,000 words.It should be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.Cite any readings and television programs you consult using a standard citation style, like MLA, and include a works cited page at the end of the document. For information on MLA Style, see: you draw on lecture material, indicate this in the text of your essay (e.g., “As Dr. Soderlund explained, some cultures see pregnancy as a sign of strength”). Alternatively, you can use an in-text citation: “Some cultures see pregnancy as a sign of strength (Soderlund 9/26/18).” The lecture should be referred to in the works cited page using the following format:

Soderlund, Gretchen. “Week 1: Representation, Sex, and Gender.” J320: Gender, Media, and Diversity. University of Oregon. 26 Sept. 2018.GradingYour essay will be graded on content (your command over class material and your ability to apply concepts to the real-world examples) and form (your ability to express and organize your ideas).A = Work that goes beyond the basic requirements of the assignment. This work demonstrates mastery of the course material, exceptional insight into the topic being analyzed, and a superior ability to express and organize ideas. Only writing and analysis that blows us away and makes us say “wow” is likely to earn an A or A+.B = Work that meets the requirements of the assignment and demonstrates a solid grasp of course material. B work applies course concepts with only minor problems and demonstrates good organization and expression of ideas.C = Work that mainly meets the assignment requirements with some problems and gaps in the analysis. C work demonstrates moderate skill in expressing ideas and organizing material.D = Work that only marginally meets the assignment requirements. D work demonstrates minimal understanding of course material, little ability to apply it, and limited ability to express and organize ideas.F = Work that fails to meet the requirements of the assignment.
Race topic writing paper

Writer’s Choice

professional essay writers Writer’s Choice. Paper details   Prep Work: Review this article in the Washington Post titled “U.S. could have 300 million extra vaccine doses by end of July, raising concerns about hoarding” Answer these questions: In your opinion, is the U.S. being a “good” global neighbor when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine distribution? Substantiate your response by providing two reasons why or why not the U.S. is being a good neighbor. There is no wrong or right answer. Should any vaccine (flu, COVID-19. or etc.) ever be lawfully required by a government? Again, substantiate your response by providing two reasons why or why not the U.S. is being a good neighbor. There is no wrong or right answer.Writer’s Choice

CHFD210 Week 2 Discussion

CHFD210 Week 2 Discussion. I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

If you were to choose just one of the theories of how children learn and develop from this lesson’s readings, which do you most closely relate to? Explain the reasons for your choice. For the purpose of this assignment, you must choose just one.
Minimum 250 words answer.
Classmate #1:
Based on our lesson this week, the theory that I found I related closely to is the constructivist theory, as studied by Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. This study believes that children learn in a hands-on environment. Although this is a theory I have learned about in the past, I relate to it closely because it is something that I have experienced first-hand. Working with children, it is easy to see that they are little sponges. At a young age they become a product of their environment, sucking up everything around. I do believe that it is important for children to learn in many different ways, but I have seen that hands on is very effective. For example, when learning about community service helpers such as policemen, firemen and librarians, I like to engage the class in a dress up, or role play. Making learning fun will keep the children engaged.
Fiskars, he school supply brand, recently published an article called “Hands on, Minds on.” The article spoke about how children, through elementary school years, are more focused on learning when their hands are busy alongside their brains. Their concern is public schooling has shifted the focus from creativity, to a more stoic way of learning, with just a pencil and paper.
Other than keeping the students engaged, how do you think hands on learning affects a child’s education?
Classmate #2:
Hello everyone!
For this week discussion, we are asked to answer the following prompt
If you were to choose one of the theories of how children learn and develop from this lesson’s readings, which do you most closely relate to? Explain the reasons for your choice. For the purpose of this assignment, you must choose just one.
This week lesson’s reading gave us knowledge of a number of theories of how children learn and develop. As a matter of fact, we learned about the constructivist theory, the sociocultural theory , the multiple intelligence theory, the social learning theory, the psychosocial development theory , the ecological systems theory, and the behaviorism theory ( CHFD 210/ Lesson 2, n.d.). Among all these theories, the theory that I most closely relate to is the “multiple intelligences theory” , a theory put forth by Howard Gardner based on how children learn cognitively ( CHFD 210/Lesson 2, n.d.). According to Garner, children can be smart in many different ways as he does describe 9 different areas of intelligence and promote that teachers should plan learning experiences aiming at fostering growth and intelligence across as many of the intelligences as possible so that children can learn in the manner best suit them.
I did choose this theory because I have a 5 years old daughter , who is autistic and non verbal, but she does learn when the information are put in a song as she likes to sing a lot. Some people might be confused as I said earlier one that she is non verbal. What I am trying to say is that she repeats the information that are put in a song and even sing the song, but after the song is over, no more words from her. Her teachers in school do know that she loves songs and have included music in her learning as they do sometimes use music to teach her. In order words, one could say that she is a musical learner. As the multiple intelligence theory describes a number of ways by which children can learn and different type of learners among which it is mentioned the musical learner, who is a learner that use patterns , rhythm and music to learn, which is what my daughter is, I feel close to this theory. Moreover, I do believe that this theory does take into account different way used by children to learn.
CHFD 210/Lesson 2. (n.d). Observation, Assessment, and Theory. American Public University System, 2019.
Retrieved from
Minimum 150 words answer to each.
Lesson 2 Reference:…
CHFD210 Week 2 Discussion

University of Missouri Kansas City Strategic Management Theory Questions

University of Missouri Kansas City Strategic Management Theory Questions.

This assignment covers chapter one, Strategic Leadership: Managing the Strategy-Making Process for Competitive Advantage, and two, External analysis: The Identification of Opportunities and Threats. (Textbook attached)CHAPTER 1 QUESTIONS:What is competitive advantage, and how does it relate to a company’s business model?Describe the strategic planning model, and who is involved in the strategy-making processDescribe the SWOT analysis, its components, and how it aids a company in making strategic decisions. Provide examples of each component in the SWOT analysis.What are the various levels of management, and how do they participate in the process of strategic decision making?CHAPTER 2 QUESTIONS:Define “Industry”, “Business” and “Sector”. How are these related?How can Porter’s five-forces model aid in strategic decision making?Describe how “Risk of Entry”, “Bargaining Power of Buyers”, “Bargaining Power of Suppliers”, and industry competition (“Threat of Substitutes”) affect the external threats a company faces. Provide examples of each.Describe the industry life cycle, what strategic groups are, and what mobility barriers are.Please answer with in 5-6 pages. No need to look into outside resources or other materials. Just go through the attached textbook and answer the questions as per your understanding.Requirements: 5 to 6 pages
University of Missouri Kansas City Strategic Management Theory Questions

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