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An important part of the study of history is the analysis of primary sources. People from the past created

An important part of the study of history is the analysis of primary sources. People from the past created evidence when they were alive, and it is only by exploring this evidence that we can begin to understand what happened and why. Students will analyze and write a 3 page essay on John Smith’s “A True Relation of Such Occurrences…” The purpose of this essay is to consider the perspective of the author or person speaking in the document, the historical context that the document was created, and what the document tells us about the role of Indigenous people and settlers in the colonization of North America. Students will address how contemporary Indigenous realities are grounded in historical events and Indigenous worldview and experience. Students should consider the following questions: Who is the author? What is their background? Why are they creating the source? When was the source created? What context has this source been created in? (What is going on during this period?) What are the consequences of the source? Were issues in the present linked to the past? What issues in the past does the author refer to and how do you think this shaped the event? How does differing worldviews affect Settler-Indigenous interactions? This assignment will focus on evidence from the document and consult secondary sources as needed (and cite these sources in the essay where appropriate). It will be very difficult to provide a convincing analysis of the primary source document if you don’t read a few secondary sources related to the topic. The essay should include a clearly stated thesis as the last sentence of the first paragraph and provide a consistent and logical argument based on a critical analysis of the document. Quotations should be used where appropriate and any ideas that are not your own must be cited using footnotes. A thorough edit and proofread is necessary to ensure the essay is written clearly and in the past tense, using proper grammar and spelling. Students should consider utilizing Clarkson University’s Writing Center to help make their good paper a GREAT paper. Students are strongly encouraged to contact me (the instructor!) if they have questions about this assignment. All work must be double-spaced, 12-point font in Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins. Student name, student ID, due date, instructor’s name, and assignment title should be written on the title page as per Chicago Style formatting. Proper citations, footnotes, and bibliographies are required with each assignment and must follow the Chicago Manual of Style ( Students will submit an electronic copy at any time on the due date. Students are expected to retain copies of all drafts. Primary Source: John Smith, “A True Relation of Such Occurrences and Accidents of Note as Hath Happened in Virginia Since the First Planting of that Colony, which is now resident in the South part thereof, till the last return from thence. Written by Captaine Smith one of the said Colony, to a worshipful friend of his in England
University of the Cumberlands Network Diagram and a Gantt chart Paper.

I’m working on a business exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn. – use this textbook chapters for referenceQuestion Your team has been asked to test and document enhancements to a web application that allows buyers to purchase custom-printed canvas shoes. The tasks and dependencies are as follows:Create a testing planOnce the testing plan is ready, your team can:Test the user interfacesTest the databaseTest the networkWrite the documentation first draftWhen the user interface tests are complete, you can:Perform user testing—enlist some users to test the user interfaceWhen the database and network testing are complete, you can:Perform integration testing—network with the databaseWhen the user testing of the user interface and the database testing are complete, you can:Perform integration testing—database, network, and user interfaceWhen all integration testing and user testing are complete, you can:Perform system testingThen you can:Review and revise documentationAfter all other tasks are complete, you can:Obtain management approvalDuration estimates for the tasks: a. 3 days b. 10 days c. 6 days d. 7 days e. 20 days f. 5 days g. 3 days h. 2 days i. 8 days j. 4 daysk. 5 daysCreate a network diagram and a Gantt chart for the project task. Use software such as Microsoft Project to help you prepare your diagrams.What is the planned duration for the testing project?What is the critical path for the testing project?For each task NOT on the critical path, calculate the amount of slack available.If the user testing of the user interface takes 15 days, what will the impact be on the project duration
University of the Cumberlands Network Diagram and a Gantt chart Paper

Compare and Contrast Essay.

I’m working on a English writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

-4 pages on similarities and differences between 2 podcasts about The office show (links are provided)- Focus on no more than 3 points – You should nor write about every single similarity and difference you notice in the 2 podcasts. – Introduction 5-6 sentences.- Start with a hook (don’t quote)-Introduction should tell the reader what is the topic – Include a thesis statement-Conclusion: avoid summing up -Restate the thesis statement- have call to action- These are the 2 links for the 2 podcasts on Spotify that you will be comparing and contrasting:1-…2-…
Compare and Contrast Essay

UCLA Asian American Culture Immersion Wedding Celebrations and Rituals Thesis Paper

UCLA Asian American Culture Immersion Wedding Celebrations and Rituals Thesis Paper.

Your Immersion Project is just that—a study of a population group with the goal of better understanding the culture of the group. As you complete this project over the course of the semester, keep in mind one of the classical hallmarks of ethnographic research, pioneered by Boas: The beliefs and activities of humans have to be interpreted within their own cultural terms and not evaluated or judged through the cultural lens or terms of the observer or researcher. That is, human beliefs and behavior are culturally relative. This 7- to 10-page paper will be a culmination of what you have experienced and explored throughout your work on this project. Since everyone’s experience will be different, the content of the paper will vary for each student; however, there are two sections that everyone should include: Reflection on your Immersion Project: My topic is the Asian American culture Observation: What observational activity did you attend and what insight did it give you into your selected population? Dialogue: How did you carry out your dialogue? Reflect on your experience and what insight it gave you into your selected population. Reaction and Critical Analysis of your experience: This section should incorporate your reflections on your experiences, what you learned about the group, what you learned about yourself, and how your perceptions of this group have changed over time.Several
areas to address in this section:
1. Description of the
2. Values/belief
3. Social interactions
(relationships within and between group members)
4. Religious/spiritual
5. Roles and
6. Language and
UCLA Asian American Culture Immersion Wedding Celebrations and Rituals Thesis Paper

To What Extent Can the Global Workforce Adapt to Threats of New Digital Technologies?

online homework help To what extent can the global workforce adapt to the threat posed by new digital technologies? There has been much discussion about whether employees can adapt to the Fourth Industrial easily or difficulty. In this essay, the Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to automation,machines can learn processes on themselves, which will be widely used in the manufacture industry, healthcare industry and financial services. Recently, as computers began to appear in offices and robots in factories,they are relieving human from repetitive work, which will boost the growth of economies and improve work efficiency. Technological progress makes the world better but also bring new challenges,such as the substantial share of employment are at risk and the wealth gap between countries will widen. According to the history of the Industrial Revolution, some researchers have argued that technology is gradually changing the nature of work rather than replacing it and employees can respond to this change easily. There are numerous researchers take a different view that no job will navigate through this revolution easily. This essay will attempt to demonstrate that the coming digital technology is a huge challenge for employees but who with additional skills may be more likely to adapt to it. In order to demonstrate this,it will be shown that labor market is being disrupted by the automation firstly, the requirement for labor skills will change secondly, the government and companies fail to be in the lockstep with the technology. In the Fourth Industrial era, technology is disrupting the labor market. A great majority of jobs will be replaced by machines and robots because many forms of routine manual labor and routine cognitive tasks can be broken down into a series of routine tasks, and more and more of which can be carried out by machines reliably and consistently. A study performed by Carl and Michael should be noted, examining the probability of computerization, they found that 47% of workers in America, 65% of workers in Britain and 51% of workers in Japan will face a high risk of computerization. Technologies have replaced workers in the assembly-lines and clerical tasks and rote information processing, such as manufacturing jobs and professional drivers, According to Enlitic’s radiology system examines, the AI system was 50% better at classifying malignant tumors and had a false-negative rate (where a cancer is missed) of zero, compared with 7% for the expects (The Economist,2016). Healthcare industry is also likely to be affected by AI system. In these cases, with diffusion of AI is gradually penetrating in every industry,both manual jobs and cognitive jobs are in danger of being replaced by automation and the rate of unemployment will increase rapidly. Some might argue that “Rather than destroying jobs,automation redefines them” (Mr Bessen,cited in The Economist,2016). There will be some new type jobs created in the field of digital technologies. However, the supply of job might outstrips the demand in the labor market. As a growing share of them are automated,many industries are less labor-intensive than previously. An oft-cited example is that of Instagram,a photo sharing app. In 2012, it had tens of millions of users,but only 13 employees. Kodak, which once employed 145,000 people making photographic products, went into bankruptcy at around the same time (The Economist,2016). Moreover, the rising birth rate in those developing countries will aggravate the unemployment. Therefore, it is easy to see fields in which automation might do away with the need for human labor, it is less obvious where technology might create a great deal of new jobs. The requirement for employees’ skills will be changed in the near future. As the digital technologies reshape the labour market, many production steps are already fully automated, employees will be required to focus not only on one main practice area, but also to take on several multifaceted tasks and develop diverse valuable skills as necessary. Some economists argued that“…workers will have to switch from routine,unskilled jobs to non-routine,skilled jobs to stay ahead of automation” (The Economist,2016). For example, the advent of automated teller machines(ATMs) changed bank employees away from routine tasks and towards to customer service. Self-driving vehicles may need remote operators to cope with emergencies (The Economist,2016). It can be predicted that technologies decrease the demand for low-skilled information workers but increase it for highly skilled one. In many developing countries, low-skilled employees without IT knowledge may show less interest in improving their technological skills and those without entrepreneurship are prone to be edged out in the digital technology era. On the other hand, practitioners with a fundamental grasp of analytical and technical matters show willingness to learn new technological skills.People who can seize the lag time between the invention of new machines and the implementation of technologies to learn new skills that computers are unable to complete will coordinate them with machines better than others missed. For example,most of the population in India have a good command of English and IT skills while they have more extensive computer knowledge than English colleagues do. It is predicted that 25,000 IT jobs are likely to be outsourced to India from UK alone (Wisskirchen et al,2017). It is true that technological progress may leave some people a lot behind, but employees with additional skills and who are able to keep stay ahead of automation will be more competitive as a result of the demand for high-skilled information workers is increasing. Another factor is that many government and companies fail to catch up with the technology due to the lack of education of much of the population and lack of investment in a digital infrastructure. Firstly, the education system is poor match to the technological progress in many developing countries. Primary and secondary education system still focus on the rote learning rather than technology-related skills. Lacking access to higher education and training opportunities,it would be difficult to integrate the great number of unskilled production workers into a structurally difficult labor market. However,some highly developed Asian countries with good education system,such as Singapore and South Korea could be the winner in the digital revolution era.These countries provide digital interconnection of people, the share of the population at risk of unemployment is much lower than that in developing countries (Wisskirchen et al,2017). Furthermore, the implementation of autonomous systems requires amounts of an investment at present. But the shortage of financial possibilities in many developing countries makes them too dependent on foreign investment. To be more specific,building investment are vital for companies to compete in the revolution. A good example of this problem is the clothing industry. In low labor-cost countries, such as Thailand and Bangladesh, with the development of production robots, many companies producing in low labor-cost counties will withdraw investment and relocate their production sector to the countries where they originally come from, which will turn the surplus of unskilled production workers into a curse for these developing countries (Wisskirchen et al,2017). Therefore,it can be assumed that in the most developing countries,the destinies of low-skilled practitioners are mainly depend on the foreign companies’ decision making and the implementation of autonomous IT systems will be opened up with a delay of a few years. Without the government strong financial support in education and infrastructure, it is tough for employees to adapt to this change. In conclusion, this essay has attempted to demonstrate that although automation will lead to considerable savings with regard to the cost of labour and can release workers from repetitive work it also bring with some thorny challenges to the practitioners. Evidence suggests that many people are at higher risk of losing their jobs because of the automation. Not everyone will successfully navigate the shifting jobs market. It is also true that the labor market is tend to be in favor of people who are creative and flexible. Technologies will keep evolving and learn new things at an extraordinary pace, which makes it difficult for people to face the surge of digital technologies,especially for those who are low-skilled and lack entrepreneurship. The gap of accumulation capital among countries might widen the wealth gap between employees in developing countries and employees in developed countries. Therefore, better accessing to higher education and training opportunities would be necessary to strength the competitiveness of employees in the Fourth Revolution. Reerences Kaul, A. (2016) How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Jobs? Tractica. Available at: [Accessed May 29, 2019]. Morikawa, M. (2016) Artificial intelligence and employment. VOX, CEPR Policy Portal. Available at: [Accessed May 29, 2019]. Raman, A., and Bernstein, A. (2015) The Great Decoupling: An Interview with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. Harvard Business Review, June. Available at: [Accessed May 29, 2019]. The Economist (2016) Special Report: Artificial Intelligence: The Return of the Machinery Question. June. Available at: [Accessed May 29, 2019]. Wisskirchen, G., Biacabe, B.T., Bormann, U., Muntz, A., Niehaus, G., Soler, G.J., and von Brauchitsch, B. (2017) Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Their Impact on the Workplace. International Bar Association Global Employment Institute. [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 26/04/17).

Finish a Paper

Finish a Paper.

the word file attached:Page 1-8 is what you have already revised. So this part is good, does not need to work on this part. page 9 is the outline you made, so please use this outline to continue work on the paper. (which means from page 8, then work on “literature review” and all the way to “conclusion”. PLEASE make sure you cover everything from the outline.)page 10 is the courses you used for the previous part(page 1-8) and the outline. *The paper topic is still “”How do men and women communicate differently using body language and why does it matter in workplaces””*Since the outline will be totally transformed into paper so the outline will not be in the final done version. *please create table of content. (follow this: cover page as p1, table of content as p2, abstract as p3… etc.)* I also have the abstract you created attached in the second word file*Not counting the already existed 8 page paper, I think you should create another 15-20 pages.
Finish a Paper

This will be a discussion post to introduce a potential health program at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College)

This will be a discussion post to introduce a potential health program at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College) to improve the professor’s daily activity. Components will include gym memberships to all employees, activity trackers and incentives given when certain activity levels are reached, standing desks, and/or fitness classes offered on-campus during lunch hours. For this particular assignment, please use BOX 1.2 on page 12 of your McKenzie text to outline your pre-planning process. This is a brain storm activity that your peers and I will use to give you feedback to make sure you are going to move in the right direction. Again, you are thinking about a Health Program that you will be implementing as part of your job, a directive elective, or as part of your dissertation. Not all points are applicable to every program. Items that must be addressed include: Purpose Scope Outcomes Leadership Partners Resources I have provided the first two chapters of the McKenzie text for your use. Other applicable references: