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An example of the specific format is attached. Please follow the directions in this sample very closely! This is

An example of the specific format is attached. Please follow the directions in this sample very closely! This is a graded assignment. This is the first big step on road to writing your research paper, which must take a position on a legal issue. This formal proposal will focus your research and writing effort. It must be precisely written, and including the cover page, should be three to five pages long and have at least five reputable sources. The final paper must be ten to fifteen pages in length and must have at least ten reputable sources. You should start by using Lexis, available through the APUS Richard G. Trefry Library, to access law review articles on your topic. Those law review articles will become a point of departure to access primary sources on your topic, such as statutes, legislative materials, case law, regulations, and others. Of course you may also use law review articles, other periodicals, and other secondary sources for your paper. Note that as you read these articles and other materials, you should take notes. You must have a system in place from this point forward to keep track of your sources and the information you pull from your sources. It is helpful to draft your full Bluebook citation for each of these sources before you start taking notes. As you take notes, keep careful track of exactly where you find the information. This will help you immensely when you start writing and footnoting your sources. You should now have enough to be ready to finalize your proposal. That said, before you begin to draft your final formal proposal, it is important to take a step back and think about your topic and the feedback you have received on your previous assignments, which are the building blocks for this formal proposal. Ask yourself why the topic matters, and why you care about it. Consider what you have learned from your readings. This will likely involve going back and reviewing your notes. Ask yourself again what your purpose is in writing about the topic. What do you want your reader to walk away thinking about after reading your paper? Once these things are clear in your mind, and you have helpful notes on your paper, you are ready to start finalizing the proposal. Do not just blindly cut and paste from your earlier submissions. Instead, put it all together carefully, proofreading for structure, content, and writing mechanics / grammar. This is your formal proposal, so make sure you get it right. I have attached the template that needs to be used. The cover page is basically complete. Page 2 and 3 are the focal points.
Driving the Change. I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

There are common change processes that face most organizations. Some of the changes affect the processes of doing business and some of the changes affect the people within the organization. Drawing from this week’s lecture and readings, choose one of the common change initiatives and define the issues that might emerge at the “front line” for those responsible for implementing or facilitating the change. Be sure to support your points with the concepts discussed in the text.
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Driving the Change

URGEN, URGEN ,URGENT I have a an operation management homework , can u help?.

some one from study-pool sent me the solution, but unfortunately his solution was totally wrong and i already paid him/her.I need some one to check the solution and solve it correctly in less than an hour.MY DEAD LINE IS IN AN HOUR Assignment Question(s):(Marks 5) Question 1: Sequence the jobs shown below by using a Gantt chart. Assume that the move time between machines is one hour. Sequence the jobs in priority order 1, 2, 3, 4. Job Work Center/Machine HoursDue Date (days) 1 A/3, B/2, C/2 3 2 C/2, A/4 2 3 B/6, A/1, C/3 4 4 C/4, A/1, B/2 3 Using finite capacity scheduling, draw a Gantt chart for the schedule (Marks 0.5)What is the makespan? (Marks 0.5) How much machine idle time is there? (Marks 0.5)How much idle time (waiting time) is there for each job? (Marks 0.5)When is each job delivered? (Marks 0.5)Which department is the bottleneck? (Marks 0.5)Calculate the machine utilization? (Marks 0.5) Question 2: A public accounting firm requires the following activities for an audit: Activity Immediate Predecessor Activity time A – 3 B A 2 C – 5 D B, C 2 E A 4 F B, C 6 G E, D 5 Draw a network for this project? (Marks 0.5)Make a forward pass and a backward pass to determine ES, LS, EF, and LF? (Marks 0.5)What are the critical path? (Marks 0.5)I attached the homework file, and the wrong solotion as well
URGEN, URGEN ,URGENT I have a an operation management homework , can u help?

I need help please (( We are only using LexisAdvance.

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment will help students be able to locate rules, and also summarize rules they have discovered during their research.Course Competency: Demonstrate finding rules.Instructions:Content:Locate the following rules in LexisAdvance and FastCase. You should copy and paste your search history under the citation for each rule found, to show how you located the rule. Find the rule preventing settlement communications from being used as evidence in federal court in FastCaseFind the rule setting for the number of days to respond to a Complaint in Indiana courts through LexisAdvanceFind the federal regulation making it a crime to harass a golfer in a federal park in Washington D.C. in LexisAdvanceFind the federal rule addressing voluntary criminal pleas in FastCaseLocate the following rules in either LexisAdvance or FastCase (your choice). You should provide a 3-4 sentence summary of each rule.Fed. R. Civ. P. 8(b)32 CFR234.7(c)9 CFR 381.171 (d) (for this regulation you should also explain which statute the regulation complements)14 CFR 105.7(a) (for this regulation you should also explain which statute the regulation complements)Format:To copy and paste your search history in Lexis, follow these instructions: Go to the history tab, and click View all history to open your full History in list format to see all searches, document views, and deliveries. Copy and paste the information found into your assignment.To copy and paste your search history in FastCase follow these instructions: You can retrieve your recent search history from the start page in the tile to the bottom left. The searches are listed according to the search terms you used. If you do not see the search you are looking for, you can click on more history to see older searches. If you click on the any of the listed searches, you will be taken directly to the corresponding search results. You can also view your most recent search history from any screen by selecting “History” from the bar at the top of the screen.Resources:Lexis Advance and FastCaseGrading Rubric:Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504Need Help? Click here for complete drop box instructions.
I need help please (( We are only using LexisAdvance

Roles of an International HR Manager to Identify Possible HR Issues, Which Have Led to Crisis Report (Assessment)

Critical evaluation of roles of an International HR Manager (IHRM) to help identify possible HR issues, which have led to this crisis International HR (IHR) management aspects have numerous roles influencing operations of any given multinational corporation (MNC). Similarly, it can affect the financial performance of any given country; however, this varies from one state to the next. Contextually, it is possible to unveil the HR issues that led to the crisis (evident in the case provided) upon critical evaluation of IHR Managers’ roles. Financial meltdown, recessions, and inflations are some of the crisis evident in the case. IHR manager’s roles in any MNC might eventually affect the prosperity and financial aspects of the concerned organization and the country of operation. There are HR issues that have led to the noticed economic meltdown (Davies 2010). Firstly, IHR managers should ascertain the nature of international operations that the business intends to assume. This means that IHR manager must recognize the international labour demands, focus on the available human capital, create more employment opportunities, and provide lucrative working conditions to increase the productivity of the workforce, reduce unemployment cases, and help in averting the localized and globalized economic hitches witnessed in the case provided. This forms the roles of IHR helpful in identifying the possible HR issues evident in the case provided. HR has the role of sourcing viable employees who can propel the operations and growth of the concerned companies in order to realize remarkable economic results. It is from this context that an IHR can contribute massively to an economic crisis or flourish. It is evident that the aspects of international labour market similarly contribute to the ultimate global production and financial stability. Failure to manage such international human capital properly has a devastating impact on the national and international economic downturn. In this context, it is the mandate of IHR manager to ensure that he or she sources cheap and competent labour that will help in propelling the productivity of the concerned MNCs (Forrest 2011). For example, the mentioned internationalized banking corporations like Bank of England, European Central Bank, and Halifax Bank of Scotland among others (MNCs) can utilize their IHR provisions in order to avert the witnessed economic meltdown (Ferrell

Scholarly Paper

term paper help Scholarly Paper.

The paper must be at least 700-800 words, excluding the title page and reference page, and must adhere to the APA
sixth edition writing format. Please reference the APA example given in the Resources section. If your paper does not
comply with this format, you will lose points.

Please cite at least two scholarly references for your paper. Please be aware that websites such as Wikipedia are not
scholarly sources. Please remember to review the information available for locating and citing proper sources in your syllabus. Compare and contrast the difference between disparity and discrimination in the criminal justice system.
Locate one current event that relates to either one of these terms and summarize the issue and discuss the

Scholarly Paper

Summary Paper on Speaker Bruce Himmelstein’s lecture

Summary Paper on Speaker Bruce Himmelstein’s lecture. I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

You need to attend Bruce Himmelstein’s presentation write 2 to 3 page summary about her lecture. The paper needs to be uploaded to Canvas.

watch the youtube link to listen to his lecture

Class Review
apa format

Summary Paper on Speaker Bruce Himmelstein’s lecture

Film Write-Up for the Taiwanese Movie “Eat Drink Man Woman”

Film Write-Up for the Taiwanese Movie “Eat Drink Man Woman”. Paper details I need a three page writeup for the Taiwanese Film “Eat Drink Man Woman” directed by Ang Lee. “These write-ups should not be plot summaries. Instead, they should address any issues that you feel the film either confuses or resolves, or ways in which the film helps you understand the appropriate period of modern Taiwanese history.” -prof. Some summary is fine, but focus more on analyzing. Focus specifically on how elements of the film demonstrate aspects of Taiwanese culture. I will also upload a screenshot of discussion questions from the class. It’s usually best to pick 2-3 of the questions to build the paper around.Film Write-Up for the Taiwanese Movie “Eat Drink Man Woman”