An examination of fear of crime studies shows that fear of being a victim of a terrorist attack is

An examination of fear of crime studies shows that fear of being a victim of a terrorist attack is high, higher than that of more common crimes and homicide. Given the limited number of terrorist attacks on American soil and the limited number of deaths and injuries, why does fear of terrorist attacks rank so high?

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The book used for this class is Introduction to Intelligence Studies, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781498738378
By: Carl J. Jensen, III

i have attached the PowerPoint and some pages from the E-text as well as some additional sources if you like to USe it[supanova_question]

Public History Project-Bronx, NY 1915-1945

Public History Project-Bronx, NY 1915-1945.

 One of the growing movements within the discipline of American History is Public History, a way of presenting the narratives of the past in a manner that is available and interesting to the general public. Public history projects often include photographs, monuments, plaques, music, art pieces, or theatrical productions or some other type of media. The goal of this assignment is to create a short presentation that creates a historical narrative of your hometown. Much of the work in researching your hometown has been taking place via the Personalizing History Wiki that you have been working on throughout the semester. In this assignment, you will have a chance to play the role of public historian and create a story that shows through words and other media how the years 1915-45 affected your hometown. Instructions: The presentation can make use of Microsoft Powerpoint to create a slide show with 5 pieces of media each with a written analysis of the media. This software application is just a starting point, feel free to be creative and use other technology to create videos or digital stories. Along with the presentation, you should create a piece of about 250-300 words that offers a brief narrative of the history of your hometown during 1915-1945. Please keep the following in mind: •Even though this is a presentation, it should meet the criteria of being an appropriate historical essay. Please consult Mary Rampolla’s Pocket Guide to Writing in History for guidance on putting together history essays. •The assignment should integrate the media and text. In other words, the media needs to be part of the historical narrative — the story, if you will — of your hometown. •All resources should be appropriately credited, and your assignments should include a list of sources at the end. •If you are looking to be extremely creative be sure ahead of time that I can view the file type you send me. If you have any questions let me know what your plans are ahead of time and we can figure something out.

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