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An easy question

1-The following figure present BANK ER diagram. Map it into a full

relational schema. Specify all primary keys and foreign keys.2-Write

appropriate SQL DDL statements to define the database schema you made in

the previous question. Create all the appropriate Referential Integrity

constrains.3-Using DML SQL, write the appropriate SQL query for each of

the following:.
-4-Draw the ER-Diagram for the following database schema. Specify the types of relationships in details on the diagram.

instructions:mustto be WORD file.

SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide

characters, use different character sets or languages other than English

or any kind of manipulation).You must use this template.· You MUST

show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question.The work should be your own.· Use Times New Roman font for all your answers. must Include the reference.

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