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An Anniversary Toast to Parents history essay help an essay writing example

An Anniversary Toast to Parents What’s more, in this day and age when the divorce rate is around 50%, and when so many people seem to be out for themselves first or themselves alone mom and dad continue to serve as the greatest, sweetest example of what love and respect and This is really a beautiful occasion the 50th wedding anniversary, the GOLDEN anniversary of our parents, Warren and Ann-Marie Rodriguez. On behalf of my brothers, I’ll say this: We three have sure been lucky to have those two as our parents. We always felt that way.

When we were young, mom and dad had their hands full trying to make ends meet. Dad drove a truck, mom went back for her nursing degree. During the week, mom was away, at school. My point is this: Dad was the one who cooked for us. We had more chipped beef on toast than the US Army in both world wars. That’s not a complaint. Far from it. We were always well-fed, and well-loved. Dad always lit mom’s cigarettes. He never lit one for himself without lighting one for her, too. All that lighting up, we’re convinced, led to dad’s carpal tunnel diagnosis.

Of course, the happiest ending of all to this little story is that mom and dad quit smoking years ago. In 1964, dad and his brother and their uncle opened a restaurant/bowling alley. We all worked there and it was great. Dad sold that place years ago, but mention the Casa Nova to anybody in our community, to this day, and they still remember it with a lip-smacking smile. For family, for friends, for stray animals, for anyone, mom and dad have been there with help and kindness and love. Their generosity in every way is amazing, and inspiring.

I can tell you a million stories, including the one of when our widowed uncle died and left three young boys, mom and dad took those boys into our home and raised them. commitment are all about. On behalf of my brothers, we thank you all so much for sharing this wonderful occasion with us. And we ask you to Join us now in a toast to Ann-Marie and Warren. Mom and dad, we love you, we thank you and we wish you many more wonderful years ahead. You deserve only good things. In fact, because you ARE the best, we wish you ONLY the best. Forever.

02.27 |Crystal B | See below. Reflection, not summary.

Welcome to Week Four. This week we’ll be talking about ethics and viewing the film Three Identical Strangers. While watching the film, especially the beginning, ask yourself why should I be thinking about ethics? Afterwards there is a reflection paper.
Film: Three Identical Strangers
Please watch the film and prepare a reflection paper. Reflection papers are your place to consider the material as it relates to your life experiences. There should be no citations or summary, rather focus your paper on analysis and reflection.
600 words
Please consider the following (but feel free to write about what you want)
Consider how you would feel if you were one of the triplets or one of their family members?
What was/is the purpose of the study? (there is no definite answer)
Would you conduct a study like this?
Is this criminal?
Is it moral?
What role should ethics play in research?
Would the IRB (institutional review board) ever approve a study like this?