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AMU Java Programming Object Array & Employee Data Display Exercise

AMU Java Programming Object Array & Employee Data Display Exercise.

Create an array of object displaying the data of 3 employee. Statement 1 is creating an array of Employee Emp to store the records of 3 employees./******************* Name: Date: Notes: *******************/// import java.util.Scanner;class Employee { datatype var1; datatype var2; – – – – – – – – – – datatype varN; void GetData() // Defining GetData() { Scanner sc = new Scanner(; Add content } void PutData() // Defining PutData() { System.out.print(… } public static void main(String args[]) { Employee[] Emp = new Employee[3]; int i; for(i=0;i<3;i++)// Allocating memory to each object for(i=0;i<3;i++) { System.out.print(“…getdata } System.out.print(… For statement putdata } }The output should contain the following:Output: Enter details of 1 Employee Enter Employee Id : 1001 Enter Employee Name : Davis Enter Employee Age : 40 Enter Employee Salary : 65000 Enter details of 2 Employee Enter Employee Id : 1002 Enter Employee Name : McKnight Enter Employee Age : 35 Enter Employee Salary : 41000 Enter details of 3 Employee Enter Employee Id : 1003 Enter Employee Name : Daniels Enter Employee Age : 28 Enter Employee Salary : 27000 Details of Employees 1001 Davis 40 65000 1002 McKnight 35 41000 1003 Daniels 28 27000
AMU Java Programming Object Array & Employee Data Display Exercise

Unit 4 individual project for Application of scripting language

Unit 4 individual project for Application of scripting language. I’m studying and need help with a Computer Science question to help me learn.

One of the major causes of system performance issues is programs that run in the background and are started when the system starts. These programs are usually installed, so they are started from one of two entries in the system registry:


As a network administrator, you would like to gather information about these registry entries for all the computers in the network. You have selected Windows PowerShell to write a script for this task. Your plan will result in a document with a script for the tasks involved. Because there are security issues that prevent executing the scripts on remote computers, the script will be distributed to all users on the network as a download link on the company intranet. For purposes of this exercise, security issues can be ignored, so the script is not required to take security issues into account.

Prepare a document to submit your work:

Use Word.
Title Page

Course number and name
Project name
Student name

Provide well-documented source code for a Windows PowerShell script that will perform the following tasks:

Read the registry entries from both of the locations named in the project description.
Compare each entry to a list of acceptable entries. The acceptable entry list is from a text file named “Acceptable_Reg.txt” that will accompany the script when the script is downloaded.
Produce a text file report that lists all unacceptable registry entries. Save the report using the computer name as the file name.
Transmit the report file to the following intranet address:

Name the document yourname_ITSD327_IP4.doc.

Unit 4 individual project for Application of scripting language

Impact of the The Pony Express Mai

programming assignment help The Galloping Express Mail Fg1. Picture of a Pony Express rider wanted ad (History) During the nineteenth century, the world was experiencing many changes in their economy and population. In 1848, Gold had been discovered in Sutter’s Mill in California by James Marshall, pioneers were moving northwest towards the Oregon Trail, and Mormons were migrating to Utah (National Park Service). All of these events created an increasing demand for a quick mail delivery system that ran between the East and the West. This was when three men: Russel, Waddell, and Majors designed and executed the Pony Express (Britannica). The Pony Express was an astounding golden period of American history because the East and the West were merging due to the fast speed of mail delivery. Throughout this essay, you will learn about the measures and preparations taken to form the Pony Express. Some developments of the Pony Express included recruiting riders, creating the trail, and gathering well quality horses. You will also learn about the downfall of the system due to technological completion and bankruptcy as well as the difficulties the riders faced throughout their rides. The challenges the riders faced evoked images of gallantry young men crossing extensive amounts of land. The Pony Express was a mail delivery service that ran between St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California, which delivered mail, messages, and newspapers. The Pony Express operated on horses and could deliver mail in California as few as ten days rather than weeks when it was sent by a horse carriage (Ducksters). The Pony Express only operated for eighteen months from April 1860 to October 1861 and was nearly 2, 000 miles long. The Pony Express was not the first organization that used horses to cover vast distances of land. For instance, in the Asian empire riders of the Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan, rode horses between stations in their empire to deliver messages. Six centuries later near 1825 and 1830, American newspapers utilized horses to gather news between New York and Boston. Many people are credited for coming up with the idea of the Pony Express but regardless of who originated the idea, William H. Russel was able to put it into action after making a contract with the government in January 1860, stating he would make a mail service system set up by April. Russel quickly agreed and committed to the deal before even consulting with his partners: Alexander Majors and William Waddell. Although Russel’s partners opposed the plan at first, they decided not to back out of the agreement (Britannica). All three men knew they had a big task ahead of them. Fg 2. A picture of the three founders of the Pony Express. To the far left is William Hepburn Russell, beside him in the middle is Alexander Majors, and to the far right is William B. Waddell (michaellamarr) The Pony Express was established due to many events such as the Oregon Trail, the Gold Rush of 1848, and the exodus of the Mormons (National Park service). All these factors created an increase demand for a fast mail delivery service than ran through the East and the West. For instance on January 24, 1848, Gold was discovered at California in Sutter’s Mill by James Marshall. This event caused thousands of people to rush towards California in hopes of starting a business or a career (Britannica). Another reason for the formation of the Pony Express was the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was a 2,000 mile route that ran from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. This trail was the main trail hundreds of American pioneers used to migrate to the West in the mid-1800s (History). Lastly the exodus of the Mormons helped cause the formation of the Pony Express. In 1847, Brigham Young, who was the president of the Mormons church at that time led a 1,110 mile migration to Utah. The Mormons were migrating because they wanted to establish a commonwealth where they didn’t have to fear prosecution for practicing their religion (Britannica). All of these events led to the West filling up, which created an increase demand for a faster way to communicate with the East, which is why the Pony Express was formed. The Pony Express worked by using a planned out route that had multiple stations along the way (Ducksters). There was approximately 190 stations and most of them were located in Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah. At each of the stations the rider would take a mochila, which was a designed saddlebag that had mail pouches. The mochila weighed around twenty pounds and the rider would carry it from station to station. Along these stations the riders would also change their horses for fresh new ones. Horses were changed about every ten to fifteen miles. Also after a rider rode about seventy to one hundred miles they were replaced by a new rider (Britannica). By exchanging horses and riders the mail was constantly moving at a decent speed. The route utilized by the Pony Express went from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. The route was nearly 2, 000 miles long, which equals to 3,200 kilometers and took around ten days to complete. The first half of the route followed the Oregon Trail. It went from Missouri passing Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming to Utah. From there the second half of the route, which was west of Salt Lake City took more of a southerly course through Nevada and finally to Sacramento California (Britannica). The trail went over the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and finally to California (Ducksters). Fg 3. An image of the Pony Express route, starting from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California (Britannica). Before the Pony Express was established, there were many preparations made to ensure its adequacy. For instance, the first preparation the founders: Russel, Majors, and Waddell did was set up a corporation called, the Central Overland California

Solar growth in USA Report

Solar energy use has grown over the years to become a major source of electricity and energy in the globe. The growth of solar in the United States has also been significant due to some factors including low equipment costs, considerable government support and global warming. In the recent years the cost of installing solar power equipment has gone down considerably contributing to an unprecedented growth that now stands at a mean of 36% per year (Truini, 2007). The cost of solar equipment such as photovoltaic solar system has been dropping owing to government subsidies offered to businesses which invest in the sector with the US government offering tax credits. The US government’s concerns on global warming and climate change are another added incentive for investment in renewable and clean energy such as solar power. Initiatives such as the feed in tariff has seen the cost of solar power go down as electricity companies are urged to buy renewable energy and sell the same energy at cheap fixed rates (Glaser, 2001). The growth of solar power in the USA is expected to grow from the current installed capacity of 1.44 GW (Gigawatts) to around 40 GW in the year 2020. This will be able to attract investment of over $ 300 Billion and employ 400,000 people to work in the solar energy sector. Growth of solar will be expected to contribute about 8% of USA’s energy by the year 2020; solar energy has seen growth from 785MW in the year 2002 to current capacity of 1.4 GW (Conway, 2002). Most of the solar growth will be experienced in California where the climate favors the installation of solar powered stations and currently California contributes 53% to the national solar grid. The increase in price for fossils fuels such as oil has contributed to development of innovations in the solar sector to increase in solar uptake and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Global Solar Growth The solar uptake in the globe has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade; much of the growth has been attributed to increased energy demand. USA still lags behind other countries in solar energy uptake especially countries based in Europe. European countries such as Germany, Italy has seen growth in purchasing photovoltaic solar systems in the recent years with both contributing to around 50% of installed capacity in 2008 (Glaser, 2001). Germany is currently the biggest solar producer in the world with installed capacity of around 8GW; it is followed by Japan and Spain. However statistics show that the USA is currently the third largest solar producer. Consequently world solar growth is expected to grow at a level of 40% annually with most of the growth emanating from southern Europe. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Countries such as Spain experienced a growth of 2.8GW into its solar energy grid and countries such as Italy, France and India planning to invest considerable amounts of money in solar growth. India plans to achieve 20GW energy generation from solar power by the year 2022, China has also expressed plans to invest in solar energy due to increased energy demands (Conway, 2002). By 2020 global solar installation will reach levels of about 120GW with most of the demand coming from southern Europe and Asia. Production of photovoltaic systems and innovation will contribute to increased solar installations. Nevertheless the biggest contributing factor will be policies which will make solar energy more cheap and affordable, but with current policies in the USA it is expected that it will among the top ten solar energy producers by the year 2020. References Conway, E. M. (2003). Solar Energy, Technology Policy, and Institutional Values. Environmental History, 8(1), 25-32. Glaser, P. E. (2001). A Global Perspective on Renewable and Solar Energy. The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, 19(2), 16-22. Truini, J. (2007). Misconceptions slow solar growth, Waste News, 13(6), 4.

Grand Canyon University Plastic Pollution Improving Waste Disposal Pamphlet

Grand Canyon University Plastic Pollution Improving Waste Disposal Pamphlet.

Select a scenario from the list below:There is a species of fish (with low numbers) that is having trouble traveling up and down the river because of a dam.Choose an area that is economically depressed but has a lot of species diversity, you need to protect the species while providing jobs for locals.An animal is being poached for its horn which is believed in some cultures to cure many diseases, it is not critically endangered. The demand for farming is increasing, which is destroying native forests and affecting their biodiversity.An animal is starting to become isolated because it is afraid to cross roads created by deforestation.Local birds typically migrate over the winter, but people are feeding them and thermal pollution at a local stream is keeping the water warmer the birds are not migrating, resulting in water pollution.A drought has been going on for a period of time; the water needed for homes, businesses, and farms has decreased lake and river levels impacting the amount available for local flora and fauna.Species are being found dead on local beaches due to plastic.Use the textbook and of info-graphic under course materials to find the best resource management practice to implement.Create a pamphlet addressing the following:What is the issue and why it would workDescribe the restoration method you selected and why it would be best (with at least 2 examples of how it has worked in similar situations from peer reviewed sources)Time frame to complete the plan (include short and long term objectives)What is the end goal of the restoration projectInfographic link:
Grand Canyon University Plastic Pollution Improving Waste Disposal Pamphlet

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