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Amorok by Mike Oldfield free college essay help Management

Coming from the mastermind behind Tubular Bells, comes an album title you shouldn’t confuse for Ragnarok.

This hour long song/album is nothing but atmosphere, instrumentals and progressive rock in general.If you all DON’T know by now, I love progressive rock because of the technicality, what you can do with it, some of the stories;if any, and the atmosphere behind it all. Mike Oldfield surely gets a reward for all of the following that I mentioned. There are flowing transitions everywhere, some crazy and some relaxing sound effects and synths, and some sick instrumentals. For those of you who are well versed in Morse Code, you may want to look out especially at around the 48 minute mark. Oldfield has a message to Virgin Records telling them how much he dislikes the,label with the phrase “F$&k off, RB” which is not exactly nessessary but The More You Know. While some of the sounds and “sections” get repetitive at times, you can’t help but like the very soothing and sometimes hypnotic synths present within.

The hour long song has arrived people, enjoy it and worship it if you will. I give this album a 9.5/10.

English Question

Add 200 – 300 words to Tobias Wolff’s “Bullet in the Brain” by focusing on the protagonist (Anders) and creating an additional memory that he “did not remember.” Fit this new “memory” between the end of paragraph #35 on p. 75 and the first line of the next paragraph. So you will begin with the line: “He did not remember the pleasure of giving respect.” You will end with the line: “Nor did Anders remember seeing a woman leap to her death from the building opposite of his own just days after his daughter was born.” Within this excerpt you must provide specific details relative to the newly included memory and they should coincide and connect with the other memories that Wolff includes in order to characterize Anders. So make sure to put the “Anders spin” on your chosen memory by tainting it in the same fashion that Wolff uses to describe most of the other ones. Also, try to imitate Wolff’s writing style as closely as you can.