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America’s War on Sex essay help free US History

I learned that the Erotophobe’s believe that preteen girls should not be allowed to get the human papillomavirus vaccine, even though it has been proven to prevent cervical cancer. The reason for their objection is a belief that the inoculation would make the whole idea of sex a less scary thought. I think that this is an extreme position that risks the health of women for the sake of a viewpoint on sexual activity. I have learned that those who support the “Erotophobe” viewpoint have developed ties into school boards, zoning commissions, city councils, state legislatures, military leaders, the U.S. Congress, and a series of American president’s. I learned that the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) had attempted to censor one of my favorite movies “Saving Private Ryan”, which is dedicated to American Soldiers who fought and died for our country. Congress is also attacking premium cable cannels like HBO and Showtime, trying to influence what they can and cannot show, even though you have to pay to get them. It is not simple enough just not to make the easy decision of not purchasing the premium cable channel you have to make it unavailable for the of us too.

However they have not stopped there. They also are currently attacking sitcoms, dramas, movies, talk shows, and more. This is not what America, the land of the free, is supposed to be like and they are changing it to exactly what they want rather than letting people chose for themselves. On the other hand, I do agree that young children should not be subjected to offensive language and adult situations because they do not need to be introduced to it at such a young age. At young ages, they do not understand sex or its role in life.

What surprised me: The topic in this book that surprised me the most was that there is a lot of money to be made by scaring Americans about sexuality. This was an eye opener on how, regardless of the alleged problem being addressed, including porn addiction, stranger abduction, date-rape drugs, blight surrounding strip clubs etc. , the political solutions are always to desexualize the environment, reduce the opportunity for sexual expression, and increase community anxiety.

This approach is instilling fear instead of providing safety. If the political solution was to promote safety instead of fear, it would recommend condom use, comprehensive school sexuality education, and making the Human papillomavirus vaccine routine for all preteen girls. Another topic that surprised me was how some people want to eliminate access to contraception and abortion because it enables women to venture out from the duties of just being a mother to a more secure financial situation and psychological independence.

I was also surprised by how these proponents have poured millions of dollars into teaching abstinence instead of sexual education in many schools all over the country, although studies have shown that teaching abstinence only works 12% of the time. Teaching abstinence does not succeed in having kids postpone sexual involvement nor teach them how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and disease. This approach is only a safeguard for adults to feel better emotionally and financially, which is not how it should be.

Kids should have the right to learn about safe practices and risks for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Notwithstanding this low success rate, programs that teach abstinence are still receiving and spending more money ever year. I believe that sexual education should be taught in every school because it actually works and educates children. Education does not entice children into sexual activity but rather just enables them to be more informed on how to stay safe. What was most valuable to me:

The most valuable thing to me about America’s War on Sex was that it made me aware of the extent that government agencies such as the FCC, and other organizations, supporting Erotophobe goals and viewpoints are engaged in attempting to police sexuality by promoting the instillation of fear in the American people, while making money doing it. Many of these organizations promote factual premises that are dubious to achieve their goals. This may send the wrong message to people about what is actually happening.

This book has taught me to know when my rights as an American citizen are being jeopardized by people who want nothing but to live by their standards and by what they determine is right, by controlling what you watch, do, and even think. A valuable lesson I learned is that children are victims and their welfare is being sacrificed when ineffective approaches are used. All so that some religious zealots insert their beliefs into government policy so that adults can feel better about themselves rather than employ the best and most effective means to protect children.

Another valuable lesson this book also made realize is that a large part of the Erotophobe reasoning is because parents do not want their children asking them questions that they are uncomfortable answering. This is what is called “parenting”. It is important to teach children about sexuality and safe practices and ensure that they are aware because they have to learn eventually and it is better to learn in a safe comfortable environment than just from mistakes and experience. Bibliography Klein, Marty. America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2008. Print.

Compliance Systems in Practice

Compliance Systems in Practice.

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