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This paper asks the question why more Americans do not vote.

This paper looks at what makes a democracy successful and how elections represent the epitome of a democracy. It asks if America is failing as a democracy due to relative low voting participation amongst its population and questions what can be done to improve or change this phenomena.
From the paper:

“One of the most important questions for any democratic country is how to increase voter participation in the process, since a country may be said to be a democracy only to the extent that people participate in the process of selecting leaders. By this measure the United States remains only partially successful as a democracy. Although there was higher voter turnout this year than in many elections (about half of registered voters), there remain both a large number of people who never register to vote at all and a large number of those who are registered who never (or rarely) vote.”

accounts analysis

Pick two account to analyze (Ex: Account receivable, Cash, Account
payable, Sales , cost of goods sold.)
analysis. (4 years)

1. Set level of materiality (Ex : change of 25% or higher )2. Make a conclusion for each account (1. point )o The auditor should pay more attention to the sales account. It decreased by 45 17 and by 66% in 2018. Interestingly, the percentage of change dropped in2019. However, the sales changes did not exceed our threshold limit of 25%,which means the changes is within the acceptable range.o The changes in the COGS were not significant. It was relatively the same duringthe last three years.3. Make a conclusion for Both Accounts (.5 point)o The COGS remained relatively the same despite the slight increase in the sale.The auditor must consider the cause of this inconsistency to ensure that no vicioussales were recoded or that no costs were missedFormula:(THE YEAR /THE BASE YEAR)*100 = CHANGE RELATIVE TO BASE YEAR
Solve the above question as in the example belowThe table below is a solution to a different question