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American University Patient Portal User Stories Paper

American University Patient Portal User Stories Paper.

You are in the DevOps group at the hospital where the organization is implementing a new Patient Portal. You are asked to develop a set of user stories to be used as the starting point for the software design process.The Patient Portal is available over the web. The patient first links to the main website for the practice which displays information on the practice itself and profiles of the doctors in the practice.To get to the Patient Portal, the patient must first click on Login at the top of the web page. This loads the login function and the user enters their user name and password. If this is correct, they will be directed to the Patient Portal. The Portal first displays the patients name and address and a series of buttons to access the various functions of the Patient Portal.The user can Edit their Profile, including their name and address, medical insurance information and pharmacy information.Another option is to check when they have an appointment. The appointment day and time is displayed and the patient can confirm or delete.Another option is to make an appointment. The patient is first asked for the name of the doctor and what is the reason for the visit. Based on this, the system displays open times (days and times) and allow the patient to select one.Another option to request a renewal of their medication. When they click on the button, a list of their current medication is displayed. The patient can click on any one name and request a refill. If this is authorized, an electronic request is sent automatically to the pharmacy listed in the patient’s profile.The final option is to download the medical information as a pdf file to the patient’s computer.At the end of the transaction, the patient is instructed to log out.
American University Patient Portal User Stories Paper

Abnormal Psychology in the Workplace IP4.

600 word minimumSelect 1 of the following disorders:
Oppositional defiant disorder
Conduct disorder
Antisocial personality disorder
KleptomaniaKleptomania or pyromania Provide the following details about the disorder:
What are some of the symptoms?
What would this disorder look like in person? Make sure you relate this back to the DSM criteria.
Based on your research, do you think the media has portrayed the disorder you selected in an unbiased manner, or is it sensationalized? In the DSM-IV; Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Kleptomania, and Pyromania were spread out over a few chapters.
Why do you think the DSM-5 has placed Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Kleptomania, and Pyromania into a chapter called Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders? Support your answer with research.
Abnormal Psychology in the Workplace IP4

Executive Summary Britvic’s J20 has retained the same branding style for an approximate of twelve years by using the regular shape of a bottle incorporating simple graphics and labels. The research conducted focuses on discussing the essential aspects behind the factors of the bottle that makes it purchasable and interesting. Internet research that was performed by use of online studies, the study of questionnaires, and other existing relational commodities, a trend was discovered in the recent bottle market. The styling aspect that stood out is the use of ergonomic and anthropometric designing styles used on the product. In turn, this trendy branding style has impacted to a significant decrease in the shape of the product thus causing the bottles to be filled with less liquid than the use of standard bottles. On the other hand, the questionnaire analysis results were intriguing because it outlined that 53% of the interrogated people suggested that the styling and bottle design captures their attention thus inclined to purchase the soft drink. Nonetheless, an approximate of 44% negatively responded towards the current styling and designing of the bottles and perceived the whole styling idea as boring and too standard. Further, studies indicate that most of the customers choose to go in pubs when wanting to socialize thus the new design of the bottle clearly fits and is applicable a bar, this raises the company’s competitive advantage in the soft drink market. The bottle is perceived by many as unique in design and the brand significantly stands out particularly in dark atmosphere. The research that was conducted highly indicated that there is a need for change in the outlook of the J20 bottle. Therefore, there is still room to enhance the whole brand outlook especially in making the bottle appears more elegant, organic, and there was the need for the unique product so as to secure the future sales in the trendy competitive market. Product Overview The J20 Bottle was launched in 1998 aimed at providing people who were going to bar or club but do were not drinking alcohol. “The initial flavor of J20 bottle drinks had incorporated the Apple and Melon which became overly popular with the customers because of the unique taste it exhibited, current the flavor is available in the market in six varieties that include; Orange and passion flavor, Apple and blueberry flavor, Apple and Raspberry flavor, Mango and Apple flavor, Melon and Apple, and Orange and Pomegranate fruit” (Vrontis, D.

Campbellsville University Divya Nike and Adidas Powerpoint and Paper

Campbellsville University Divya Nike and Adidas Powerpoint and Paper.

In addition to your written project from week 7, please prepare a 8-10 minute PowerPoint presentation. In your presentation, identify the companies you selected for the project. Show your findings, explain your findings, and identify whether or not you would invest in these companies. If so, why? If not, why not?
Your final presentation PowerPoint must consist of at least 15 slides, not including title or reference slides. Slides must be concise and uncluttered. Use various graphic and visual enhancements when appropriate. Be sure to provide citations for any references or images used. Use APA format for any citations.
Record your presentation using Loom or another presentation product of your choice. (You may choose from one of these recommended options for narrated presentations). No matter the tool you use, your recorded presentation must be shareable and visible.
Requirements for your presentation & PowerPoint file:

Recorded presentation must be 8-10 minutes in length and consist of at least 15 slides, not including title and reference slides. Cite any sources in APA format.
Present as though you are sharing the findings from your research paper to the CEO of your selected company via a video conference session.
Your slides should be eye-pleasing, professional, and concise. Make sure to include detailed notes for each slide. Provide citations in APA format for any references used.

Once you have completed the presentation, submit the PowerPoint file of your presentation (including the URL of your recording in the notes of slide 1) to this assignment.

Campbellsville University Divya Nike and Adidas Powerpoint and Paper

Cuyamaca College Charity in the Quran Essay

nursing essay writing service Cuyamaca College Charity in the Quran Essay.

I’m working on a religion multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.

sacred text and topic : charity in the Quranlink for passages and resources: you have chosen your text and topic and found your five verses that discuss your chosen topic, you are going to write your paper!Your paper should be at least 1000 words long and should following this format:1. Introductory ParagraphTell me about your topic and text – what is it and why did you choose it?Tell me about your expectations – what were your assumptions or expectations about what the text would say about this topic? Did you have any previous experience with this topic or text?2. Five VersesThen you are going to include your 5 verses. Be sure to include the full text of the verse (the sentence or paragraph in which your topic is mentioned) and tell me where in the text it is from (book, section, chapter, and/or verse number).For each verse I want you to write a 2-3 sentence interpretation of what you think that verse is saying about the topic. You could include information about the context of the verse in the sacred text or what you think the verse means.3. Conclusion ParagraphOverall, do you think that the scripture has a single teaching about your topic? What does your text ultimately say about your topic? Do you think that the sacred text has a consistent message about your topic? Or does it describe your topic differently in different verses?How did your findings match up to your expectations? After finding and interpreting these passages, were your assumptions/expectations confirmed? Or did you find that the text said something very different about your topic from what you expected?What did you learn overall about this religion from writing this paper?Your paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.You should include a link or bibliographic information for where you found your verses.
Cuyamaca College Charity in the Quran Essay

Project Management Processes

Part 1 Strategic Planning: Case Study Overview: In conventional business and government megaprojects–such as hydroelectric dams, chemical-processing plants, or big-bang enterprise-resource-planning systems–the standard approach is to build something monolithic and customized. Such projects must be 100% complete before they can deliver benefits: Even when it’s 95% complete, a nuclear reactor is of no use. On the basis of 30 years of research and consulting on megaprojects, the author has found two factors that play a critical role in determining success or failure: replicable modularity in design and speed in iteration. The article examines those factors by looking at well-known megaprojects, both successful ones, and cautionary tales. Case Study Link Better Project Management | Harvard Business Publishing Education Access Link: Using the megaproject case study  answer the following: You have just read an awesome article about megaprojects and how to make them more modular.  You are new to an organization managing their Portfolio Management Office (PMO) and have several projects that you feel meet the criteria of a “megaproject”.  Given what you have learned from this article and your experience managing projects identify the following: What would be your suggested approach to      managing a megaproject? What are the risks with your approach?  Part 2 Using your knowledge of stakeholders, stakeholder management, and the Megaproject case studies linked above, answer the following:  Develop a stakeholder matrix for a mega      project Describe stakeholder issues that could      arise when managing a megaproject.  Identify 2-3 stakeholders and their role      within a megaproject.  

Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 Assignment. I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.

Attached is the Assignment for Class 6 that we will begin in class. CLASS 6 – ASSIGNMENT.docx

Class 6 Assignment