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This series of acts increased the fever of rebellion in the colonies. The first act that was passed was the sugar act of 1763.

This acts purpose was to stop smuggling and anything else that would put in disadvantage the Navigation acts. The stamp act was another act in which colonists were required to buy stamps for any legal document. The Townsend acts put a series of taxes on American imports, such as paper, glass, paint, lead, and tea. This constant taxation from parliament caused a feeling of outrage in the colonies.The colonists responded to this by creating the idea of the Boycott. The boycott was an act of voluntary abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with Britain. Many colonists went along with this idea, which leads to Britain losing more money.

The British intimidated the colonist by placing British troops throughout the colonies. The colonist disagreed and thought it was the British plan to oppress them. Tensions were building up in the colonies and the colonist felt anger and fear. On March 5, 1770 a small group of colonist began to harass soldiers that were outside a house.One of the soldiers panicked and fired not the group, because of this the rest of the soldiers fired as well and many of the colonists were killed. The Boston massacre was just one example of how the extreme military measures played a role in the American Revolution. The quartering act was the right given to a British soldier to live in a colonial home.

This was a way of limiting the natural rights of the colonist. The coercive acts came after the Boston tea party. This acts allowed British military to close the port of Britain and allowed British troops to be placed wherever they thought was necessary.Lexington and concord were two small farm villages; a group of militia had been standing guarding the land. The soldiers fired by confusion causing eight Americans to die. The British military measures taken caused colonist to want to rebel because they thought it was not fair, this was a key factor leading to the American Revolution. Another key factor to the American Revolution was the restriction of civil liberties.

Civil liberties are the fundamental individual rights such as freedom of Religion, speech, and press. Taxation without representation is an example of these rights being violated.This idea was based on that colonist had representation in parliament, though they did not get to elect anyone to the position. Colonist did not agree in this and did not see the point in giving parliament so much power. Most Of the religious ideas that the colonist followed came from the puritans. Since they believed humans were born evil, government was necessary to protect individuals from doing evil things. This idea of the colonist did not work well with the British government because looniest saw the government as corrupted.

This lead to the American Revolution, because colonist wanted a new form of government that followed their beliefs. All of the four factors, Parliamentary taxation, British military measures, restrictions of civil liberties, and the legacy of colonial religious and political ideas were important factors that lead to the American Revolution. In some way these factors violated the natural rights of the colonist. All of the restrictions put upon colonist were the fundamental cause of the American Revolution.

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