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American Military University Wk 3 Diversity and Inclusion Discussion

American Military University Wk 3 Diversity and Inclusion Discussion.

InstructionsResearch Assignment 1: Week 3The subject of your research paper this week focuses on the diversity and inclusion. The elements you want to include in your paper are the following:Differences between diversity and multiculturalismThe dimensions of diversityEmbracing diversity versus diversity and inclusionValue/benefit of diversityChallenges with diversity and inclusion measuresSteps to building a diverse and inclusive organization and/or solutions to challengesThe topic itself evolves almost as fast as technology, so please keep this in mind as you gather your research and contemplate your approach to your paper.The course objectives addressed by this assignment are as follows:Understand the importance of multiculturalism and diversity within organizationsIdentify groups protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964Discuss ethical issues in HRMThings to remember….Remember, this is not an opinion piece but a scholarly work supported with credible references and sources from your research. You are expected to conduct outside research aside from the text. Remember you are to analyze critically the data you find. It is very important that your critical analysis relate the course content to real-world applications from your work experiences or current events affecting HRM practices.The assignment is due Sunday, 11:59 PM ESTSubmitted as an MS Word attachment in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.Your paper should be a minimum of five (5) full pages of double spaced content in 12-point Time Roman or Arial font. This excludes your title page, abstract, and reference pages.Include a properly formatted APA cover page, an abstract, a properly formatted Introduction and Conclusion, and a minimum of 5 references (with 3 of those being peer-reviewed) to support your work.Merely copying pasting and citing sources does not constitute scholarly writing. You must present ideas and positions and support or refute those arguments with credible references and sources. Direct quotes should support your work and not replace it. You should use direct quotes ONLY:to show that an authority supports your pointto present a position or argument to critique or comment onto include especially moving or historically significant languageto present a particularly well-stated passage whose meaning would be lost or changed if paraphrased or summarizedPlease make sure to proofread carefully. Grammar and spelling errors will affect the grading. Microsoft spell and grammar check is a great tool or you. You can also access a web-based free service – Grammarly – but you must use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
American Military University Wk 3 Diversity and Inclusion Discussion

create a new journal entry, marketing homework help

create a new journal entry, marketing homework help.

This exercise relates to Chapter 10 (and more).The
placement office at TAMUCC has hired you to assist it in determining
the size of starting salaries and the range of salary offers received by
graduating seniors. The placement office has always gathered some
information about salaries in that some students voluntarily report the
name of the company they work for and their starting salary through the
alumni relations department. The office feels that these statistics may
be biased and wishes to approach the whole tasks more systematically.
Spend some time thinking about the issues you would face and the
decisions you would need to make to obtain the desired information from
last year’s graduating seniors.To receive credit for this exercise, create a new journal entry and answer the following questions:Based
on what you’ve learned so far this term, briefly explain the
questionnaire administration method you would select for this study
(e.g., internet, mail, etc…).Describe how you would select a
sample of respondents to answer questions about starting salaries. Why
would you use this particular sample? Do you think it might be
preferable to canvass all graduating seniors instead of relying on a
sample? Why or why not?What types of nonsampling errors might
you expect to encounter with this study? Be specific (speculate as
necessary to explain the types of errors and the source/cause of the
errors). How would you control for each type of nonsampling error?Given
your selection of a data collection method above, what response rate
would you expect for this study? What techniques would you use to
improve the response rate? Explain.
create a new journal entry, marketing homework help

Assignement(Login to putty and do the labs using the info provided)

essay help online free Assignement(Login to putty and do the labs using the info provided). I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

The assignement:
For more info this is the main course website:
Also, you still have my login info to cs265 class directory on putty.

Assignement(Login to putty and do the labs using the info provided)

URP4870-001 Site Planning 2

URP4870-001 Site Planning 2. Can you help me understand this Art & Design question?

URP4870-001 Site Planning
Code Research Minor Assignment
Directions: Determine the correct answer for each question. Use the PBC Unified Land Development
Code and FLU Element in the Comprehensive Plan for unincorporated Palm Beach County to ascertain
the answers. The docs are located on Canvas under Lecture 2. Place the answers in a red color font
after each question.
1. A property owner is seeking to build a convenience store. If they do not want to go to public hearing
(permitted by right), which Zoning and FLU designations must be in place on the property? Additionally,
what is the maximum FAR permitted if the property is in the Urban/Suburban Tier and is w/o a PDD?
2. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 100-unit multi-family development?
3. What FLU and zoning combination
permit a Zero-Lot Line development?
4. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 25-room hotel (use decimal if applicable)?
5. What use definition would an automotive oil-change shop be categorized under?
A. A property has a FLU designation of CL, and is located within the Urban/Suburban Tier—w/o a PDD,
what is the max FAR (hint: it should be a decimal)?
B. If a property is 3 AC, what is the maximum building area size with a CL FLU designation?
7. How many units (maximum) can you develop on a 275 AC. property with a FLU designation of RR-2.5?
8. If a new multi-family development is proposed adjacent to an existing commercial property, will a
buffer be required? If so, what kind and dimension will be required?
9. What is the front setback required and maximum building/lot coverage for an RM district?
10. If a buffer required for a 60’ ROW? If so, how wide is the buffer?
11. Is a Single Family use permitted in any commercial zoning district (applicable one we discussed in
class)? If so, which one(s)?
12. Which zoning district(s) (applicable one we discussed in class) is an indoor flea market allowed?
13. How many acres are in a property that is 675,000 SF?
14. How many SF are in a 42 AC. property?

IN DROP FILLS U find the lecture and it will help u to answer the 14 q
URP4870-001 Site Planning 2

Week 2 – Assignment: Create a Mini-Correlational Design Proposal

Week 2 – Assignment: Create a Mini-Correlational Design Proposal.

InstructionsThis assignment has two parts. The first part is a review of NCU dissertations to help you understand what will be expected of you as you move into the dissertation phase of your work. The second part allows you to practice with a basic correlational design.Part 1 (3 points):For each of the three NCU dissertations listed in the Resources for this week, identify in one sentence each the problem, purpose, research questions, methodology and design, and finally why the methodology and design selected are appropriate to answer the research questions presented.Part 2 (7 points):Now that you have reviewed several correlational designs, it is time to practice creating your own mini-correlational study. For this assignment, you will survey five people you know to practice working with quantitative data.Think of a problem you see in your daily life (it does not have to be related to Education for this exercise) that can be addressed using correlational research. You will create a problem statement, purpose statement, research questions, and hypotheses that can best be addressed using correlational research. You will then demonstrate your ability to run a correlation with the data you collect. Keep this practice exercise very simple, as the main idea is to grasp the big picture concept of correlation rather than to create a complex study.For example, a problem in daily life you may notice that when you or your colleagues sit too long during the day energy levels suffer in the evening. Your purpose could be to determine if sitting too long during the day is related to low energy during the evening. Your research question could be: How does the amount of time sitting during the day relate to evening energy level?You may reach out to family members, friends, and colleagues—either through work or by posting in the ID CoP—but abstain from referring to this as data collection or research, which would then require informed consent and an IRB review. In this example, your hypothesis might be the more hours a person spends sitting a day, the lower their reported energy level will be in the evening. Your approach would then be to survey five friends, family members, or colleagues and ask them: (x) how many hours did you sit at your desk yesterday? And (y) on a scale of 1-10, what was your energy level last night? You could then calculate Pearson’s r for your data set to determine how your variables are correlated. As a reminder, you should have a basic idea of how to calculate Pearson’s r from your prior course work; so please, refer to that information. This is also covered in chapter 3 of your textbook.For your practice, correlational study, include the following parts:
One sentence statement of the problem (1 point)
One sentence statement of the purpose (1 point)
Research question (1 point)
Hypothesis (1 point) 2 hypotheses (one
null and one alternative) for each research question.
Calculation of Pearson’s r (1 point)
One- to two-sentence summary of your findings (1 point)
One-paragraph reflection on how you might use correlational designs in your future research in Education (1 point)
Length: 1 -2 pages in total, not including title pageReferences: No references required, though any sources used should be cited and referenced in APA formatYour assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.
Week 2 – Assignment: Create a Mini-Correlational Design Proposal