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American InterContinental Fallout of Solar Winds Hack Could Last for Yrs Discussion

American InterContinental Fallout of Solar Winds Hack Could Last for Yrs Discussion.

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words)Assignment DetailsEvery so often, a large company, a government organization, a news agency, or a financial institution falls victim to a security breach. This leaves valuable data compromised. For this assignment, do the following:Identify 1 organization that has recently (within the last 3 years) had a security breach.Share a summary of the incident. Identify and analyze how the organization reacted.Discuss what was done to rectify and mitigate the situation.Answer the following questions:What were the implications of this security breach from both the user and company perspective?Based on your analysis, what are some lessons learned from this incident?In your opinion, would a similar incident be likely to happen again (to this organization) in the future?Share any insights you may have had when communicating with the Network Specialists in the class.
American InterContinental Fallout of Solar Winds Hack Could Last for Yrs Discussion

Writer’s Choice Essay. Paper Details:Pick one theory in the course that relates most to law enforcement/police work that can make the biggest impact. Explain the situation, introduce the theory, explain the theory, and apply it to the situation in the form of new policy. Present the possible outcomes and why it would and would not work (pros and cons), then back up why it would work with published research on existing successful programs in the past. For example, labeling theory, you may say police officers instead of making the arrest arrest, would do XYZ. It would work because XYZ programs, etc. 4-6 pages double spaced, 3 academic sources, APA formatWriter’s Choice Essay

Understanding and Dealing Successfully with Difficult Behavior​

Understanding and Dealing Successfully with Difficult Behavior​.

Instructions: 1. This is a leadership and management assignment. Review case study. Answer questions. Write a summary and upload a copy.2. Envision being the RN experiencing the situation and comment on how you would handle the situation. Post focusing on leadership and management critical thinking and strategies.Chapter 12: Understanding and Dealing Successfully with Difficult BehaviorTony is a newly hired RN whose first assignment after graduation is the recovery room of a hospital that specializes in cardiovascular procedures. He has learned the recovery room procedures quickly and has further developed his nursing skill set to meet the demands of the position. After working there for two weeks, he is assigned one-on-one to Minta, a 58-year-old woman who coded during valve replacement surgery and is not doing well in the recovery room. Nurses are only assigned one-on-one to the most unstable and critical patients. Several hours after surgery, Minta finally recovers consciousness, although the endotracheal tube remains in place and she is still connected to a ventilator. The surgeons speak to Minta about the severity of her condition and the likelihood that she may die, then they leave the recovery room.Minta indicates to Tony that she wants a pen and a pad of paper to write on since she is unable to speak with the endotrcheal tube in place. After Tony gives her the pen and paper, she writes about a half page note, folds it and writes an address on it. She also writes on the pad asking if Tony will send it out for her after he gets home. Tony gladly agrees. As Tony folds the note and places it in his pocket, he notices that the recovery room supervisor has been watching the whole scenario from across the room. The supervisor motionsTony over to her and asks about what he was doing with the patient.Tony replies: “I’m just helping the patient write a note to her daughter.” The supervisor responds: “Recovery room policies don’t allow it and anyway, it is not part of your job to do such things. You’re here to keep the patients alive after surgery.”Tony answers: “I was only trying to help the patient mail the note to her daughter since the physicians told her she might die soon.” The supervisor replied with: “We are not running a post office here!”Tony angrily responds: “Well, what do you want me to do with this note now?”The supervisor turned her back and walked back into her office. Several days later, the supervisor filed an incident report on Tony stating that he was violating recovery room procedures and was insubordinate because he argued with her. Because Tony was still in his six month probationary period, he was reprimanded and then fired from the hospital.QuestionsHow might have Tony handled the situation differently? What communication skills could he have used dealing with this difficult person?Does Tony have any recourse to get his job back since he was on probation? What should he do first in determining if he was wrongfully terminated?What other elements might be factors in the supervisor’s severe response to Tony’s actions?Was Tony violation any ethical principles? What ethical principles are involved in this case study?What should Tony do with the note?
Understanding and Dealing Successfully with Difficult Behavior​

A business proposal

online homework help A business proposal.

I’m working on a business plans project and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

A business proposal is a formal presentation of a solution to a problem. In our case: the required update of the local office of a notional company.undefinedThe presentation is made using a PowerPoint and a multi-page Word Document. (10+ pages) They both need to look professional and show why your proposed course of action should be approved. undefinedDo an Internet search for Business Proposals to learn more; note there are many types. Include at least three URLs of where you researched Business proposals at the very end of your Proposal Document (don’t forget date visited).undefinedA typical proposal document will include the following:undefined A cover page (required) A table of contents to find pertinent paragraphs (required) An Executive Summary – for management to quickly figure out what it’s all about. (Must be short!) (required) (Explain very briefly what you want and why) An explanation of the task (Explain what you propose and why) Recommend a solution Your qualifications (to help us understand why we should listen to you) Show options and prices (explain your process, embed spreadsheet and charts, show how prices are affected by components) Benefits of your solution (Why your recommendation is best) Other pertinent items (What it will take to implement the acquisition) Your contact information Any other references (including those three URLs / dates) undefined This is accompanied by a visual presentation (PowerPoint) in support. You or your boss will be doing the briefing. Include the salient points with tables, charts, and graphics. Often there are some speaker notes, and a hidden slide or two with a different option, should management want to go a different route. Be sure to use a header or footer and include at least a slide number. Suggested procedure:undefined Write what you think is important, then arrange things to ensure proper flow. When you are done, write the executive summary. Then start the PowerPoint to support your document. Spell-check, grammar-check both. Then read for errors and flow. Adjust as needed. Check to see if you met all the requirements of this assignment. If satisfied, then submit it (upload each in SIMnet).Your boss (instructor) made gave you feedback and is ready for a final draft to submit this purchase proposal to corporate HQ to get the funding.undefinedTake your Lesson 4 recommendation about which computer to purchase, and expand on it based on your instructor’s comments and submit in the format below.undefinedYour submission will be two parts:undefinedCreate a nicely formatted, professional business proposal document for distribution at the board meeting. You will download the start file from the lesson 8 folder in SIMnet.Create an accompanying PowerPoint presentation which will be shown during the board meeting, highlighting the important parts of the proposal. You will download the start file from the lesson 8 folder in SIMnet.undefinedYour proposal document must contain:undefinedThree or more concepts learned from Word Chapter 2Three or more concepts learned from Word Chapter 3Three or more concepts learned from Word Chapter 4Three or more concepts learned from Excel Chapter 2Three or more concepts learned from Excel Chapter 3Three or more concepts learned from Excel Chapter 8undefinedYour presentation must contain aesthetically pleasing business style and formatting to include:undefinedAnimationsTransitionsGraphics (Clip Art & Pictures)ChartsTables
A business proposal

ACCT 542 California State University Tax Returns & Taxable Income Discussion

ACCT 542 California State University Tax Returns & Taxable Income Discussion.

I’m working on a accounting case study and need an explanation to help me learn.

Assume that the IRS disallowed $300,000 of expenses from three years of Jim’s corporate
income tax returns and that because the corporation was an S-corporation, the additional taxable
income was flowed through to Jim and Jane’s personal tax returns (form 1040), which had been
filed jointly for all three years.Jim calls and wants to come in to discuss his options in dealing with the following situation: he
received a letter from the IRS auditor asking for consent to be assessed about $100,000 in
additional tax, $20,000 in penalties, and $15,000 in interest on the tax and penalties. The letter
states he has 30 days to request an appeal and file a Protest stating clearing why he disagrees
with the auditor’s determination and what evidence he has shown to support his corporate
He would like you to represent him and Jane as to their jointly filed form 1040.
The IRS disallowed the following approximate expenses, for the reasons stated below, over a 3
year period:
a) Travel: $ 75,000 — insufficient proof to show business purpose of travel $ 50,000
b) Auto: $ 50,000 – insufficient proof of business use of autoc) Meals @50%): $ 60,000 – insufficient proof of business entertainment expenses
d) Promotional Expenses: $ 30,000 — business gifts e) Insurance: $250,000 – unreasonable/excessive captive insurance paid 1) Explain what documentation Jim would need to provide to you to support that these
deductions should be allowed.
[note: the following questions will require you review my 2 page handout (e-mailed to you
and/or handed out on the first day of class). Also do some Google searches to find the answers]
2) What if the 30 days has passed, and the IRS Issues a Notice of Deficiency. How much time
do Jim and Jane have to avoid assessment of the tax and have the IRS auditor’s finding re-
3) What steps do Jim and Jane need to take now to avoid assessment of the tax until a re-
determination can be made?
4) Where (what website) do you find the forms necessary to complete to avoid the assessment of
the tax until there is a re-determination of the auditor’s findings?
5) What will happen during the time Jim and Jane file papers for a re-determination of the
auditor’s findings and the time the final tax assessment is entered into the IRS computer and a
balance due letter is mailed?
ACCT 542 California State University Tax Returns & Taxable Income Discussion

Risk Management Guide for Small Business, business and finance homework help

Risk Management Guide for Small Business, business and finance homework help.

Hello,Please see the below:Read the “Risk Management Guide for Small Business” via the following link: an organization with which you are familiar and write a paper with inclusion of one or more paragraphs for each of the following steps, using similar headings in your paper:Introduction.Risk Management Principles and Concepts. Summarize the principles and concepts of risk management, to include a definition of risk and an explanation of how risk management can contribute to the management and performance of a business.Categories of Risk in Small Business. Recap the risks faced by a small business owner.Risk Management Process. Identify the steps in risk management.Applying Risk Management. Develop a risk management plan using a similar format provided in the template shown in Annex D, on page 66 of the Risk Management Guide. Attach the plan as an appendix item in your paper. Provide an explanation of the plan in the body of the paper.Integration of Faith and Learning. Review the 3.1 Devotional scripture and Devotional reading. Integrate the concept of risk management with a response to the question posed in the devotional reading: How can you react to real threats with proper levels of concern, preparation and action?Conclusion.Your paper should be 600 words in length, not including the title page, reference page, or appendix items.Use APA format. Cite the risk management guide, Risk Management at Morgan StanleyAn Overview (attached) & Risk Management and the HR Executive –… . Each reference should be at least 3-5 pages and published within the last 3-5 years.
Risk Management Guide for Small Business, business and finance homework help