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American Identities (Navajo Southwest)

You will need to provide an ethnographic and historical overview about 1 page in length and then hone in on a more focused topic to reach your own understanding of the group’s history and identity. In your essay, you will need to make use of at least six (6) of the following fifteen (15) concepts which are defined in the essays by Jonathan Hill, “Introduction: Understanding American Cultural Diversity” (pp. 1-27 of textbook) and Janet Fuller, “Linguistic Diversity in America” (pp. 28-35). assimilation acculturation forced assimilation cultural diversity multicultural society multiculturalism (difference vs. critical) community of memory code switching social identity ethnohistory ethnogenesis transnationalism diaspora ethnocentrism cultural relativismDo not confuse a religious group with an ethnic group; although there is overlap, the focus here is on ethnicity. Take into account the availability of relevant anthropological or other social scientific publications.The paper will need to provide a short (approximately 1-page) ethnographic and historical overview of who they are, including language(s) spoken, linguistic classification (if known), population history, major historical events, economic activities, and religion(s). After this concise overview, zero in on a particular topic (e.g., food, language, political organization, or religion) that is especially interesting to you and important for this group’s sense of identity.The paper should be approximately 3-5 pages long.Required bibliographic research:–Three (3) or more peer-reviewed, anthropological or other social scientific sources (Use search engine on AnthroSource; JSTOR; EBSCO; or Ill-Cat)–Three (3) or more reputable sources from popular media (newspapers, websites, etc.)

“Practicing International Management”

“Practicing International Management”.

Description – Choose two of the “Practicing International Management” cases from the text and write two short papers, each analyzing one of your chosen cases.There is a case at the end of each chapter in the text. – Choose two that are of interest to you.Each analysis should include:•Summary of case•Answers to the questions at the end of the case•Your recommendations for the future, along with reasons supporting each recommendation. Reasons should be fact based, with citations (APA style)for source(s) of facts used. •Reference list in APA style Each paper should be about 600 to 900 words.

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Does humanity require a strong central government to control the basically violent tendencies of its members

American Identities (Navajo Southwest) Does humanity require a strong central government to control the basically violent tendencies of its members.

The debate between Locke and Hobbes has been raging since they first put forth their respective ideas. Does humanity require a strong central government to control the basically violent tendencies of its members, or can a more laid-back government with fewer laws trust in our innate goodness? Looking at modern America, pick a topic of controversy–gun control, the deficit, foreign policy, capital punishment, abortion, the legal system, etc.–and explain the point of view each philosopher would take on this issue. Then, indicate which policy you think the government should enact and why. No outside research is required, but if you want to cite sources you are certainly welcome to. The paper you submit should be between 800 and 1000 words long, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, and feature a MLA header on the first page. here is a video about locke and hobbes.

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R. K. Narayan, The English Teacher (1945)

R. K. Narayan, The English Teacher (1945).

 Topic: Please choose one of the following works, first identify the controversial and complex issue documented on the work, and then critically analyze this issue from multiple perspectives. • Works of choice and suggested themes 1. R. K. Narayan, The English Teacher (1945) [The collision of Western and Indian cultures] • Note: The 6-8 page paper must be double spaced in 12 point type and have at least 1” margins on all sides. Make sure to proofread your papers for grammatical and spelling errors. If you need to cite or paraphrase any text from lecture notes or course readings, please disclose the origins of your sources in footnote or endnote format. You are encouraged to seek advice from the Writing Center or Instructor if you encounter any difficulties while writing your papers. • Guideline: Although the paper does not require outside research, it does require utilization of required readings and lecture notes to analyze the assigned texts. Please do not summarize the story. Your analytical skill will be the determining factor of your grade. • Basic elements of a good paper: identifiable thesis, understandable structure for thesis, appropriate use of evidence, clear analysis relates to “mini-thesis”, logical argumentation, and good writing mechanics.

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Yushan Bicycles: Multinational Enterprise Strategy analysis

Yushan Bicycles: Multinational Enterprise Strategy analysis.

 How did Yushan’s motivation in moving offshore and the associated mentality of operating in more than one country change over time? What challenges did it face and how well did each approach work? Paper needs to include: 1.Identification of competitive strategy/position 2.This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Identification of international strategy(ies)/mentality(ies) 3.Discussion of challenges and effectiveness of approaches 4. Integration of other/prior course material

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career exploration

career exploration.

1) What types of counseling services are provided in General Counseling? 2) Explain what types of services are available to a student wanting assistance with a writing assignment? 3) Where can a student pick up free groceries without providing proof of income on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month? 4) What is the name of the application that must be completed in order to be considered for financial aid? 5) What types of financial aid are available to a student at Saddleback College and which types of financial aid do NOT have to be paid back? 6) Identify resources for the following students: James finds remembering what he read difficult and often needs to read passages over and over again. Shiloh is in a math course that is difficult and in turn Shiloh is experiencing a higher than normal amount of stress, resulting in loss of sleep and feeling sad. 7) What types of healthcare professionals are employed in the Health Center? 8) Identify two (2) current jobs listed through Gaucho Jobs. 9) How does a student access free tutoring? 10) What page # of the Student Handbook can a student find information about the following: Calculating GPA Phone numbers to key services and departments on campus A pyramid to explain different higher education goals/certificates/degrees Academic Renewal

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