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American Culture vs. African Culture cheap mba definition essay help African-American Studies online class help

American Culture vs. African Culture Today things are so very different everywhere, especially in different cultures. American Culture in comparison to African Culture. The African Culture is very diverse. Each of the African countries is a mix of tribes, with each having their unique language. There are many different African languages. African is a polychronic culture, some of the characteristics include, they are easily distracted, changer plans often, build lifetime relationships, are just to mention a few.

American culture is monochronic culture, they concentrate on jobs, do one thing at a time, engage in short term relationships are just a few of the characteristics. It is also a High-Context Culture same as the African culture. They use non-verbal communication. Very little meaning is expressed through words instead, gestures, facial expressions, silence and relationships among communicators, have meaning. In those High-Context cultures, meaning can be expressed through many different things such as age, gender, family background title and affiliations, also through individual’s network of friends and associates.

In M-time, the American culture, meetings and events are scheduled, one thing at a time. People like to concentrate on one task before moving on to something else and will get angry if someone tries to get them unfocused by bringing up a subject that is not related to the current task. In P-time, the African culture, people are not slaves to time and are easily distracted and are usually very tolerant to distractions. Also, schedules are not as important and they are also very frequently broken.

Very often P-time people are late for appointments or may not even show up at all. They also find it very simulating to think about several different problems at the same time, and also feel very comfortable carrying on two or three conversations simultaneously. However when monochronic people and polychronic people interact, the end result can be very frustrating. Racism could be a major communication barrier, the assumption that people with certain skin color have negative characteristics and abilities that are inferior to those from other races.

And because of the fact that most African people are dark skin colored therefore racism could pose as a barrier. There are several other barriers that could pose as problem. The difference in the language spoken could pose as a major barrier. Psychological factors could be an issue if there is underlying problem within one’s life. Emotional barriers could possibly be a problem if a person feels threatened or scared. Gender barriers are often an intimidating factor when starting a conversation.

It is a said fact that women tend to talk much more than men. Men usually find it hard to talk to a lady, most usually due to the fact that they are nervous and don’t know how to start. One of the most important things in communicating is to try your best to listen while the other person is talking and be interested in the conversation. Then the other person will open up and the barrier could possibly slowly disappear. It will only leave a good impression for the future.

Policing Along Side Native Americans.

Policing Along Side Native Americans..

 As stated in your text there are about 566 federally recognized tribal governments within the United States. They are viewed by the United States government as “domestic dependent nations” and retain inherent powers of self government. Along with reading your text go to and learn more about Native American tribes. For this assignment assume that you are a new chief of police or sheriff in an area adjacent to a large tribal area. In a 5 to 7 page APA formatted paper described the challenges you would face in policing along side Native Americans. Be specific about the issues faced in law enforcement by Native Americans and how those issues extend outside of their recognized boundaries and vice versa. Look back over each week of the course and draw from the lessons learned about multicultural policing and apply as many principles and strategies as you can to this scenario.

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