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American Commercial College of Texas Nutritional Value Tomato Zucchini Presentation

American Commercial College of Texas Nutritional Value Tomato Zucchini Presentation.

Pick any vegetables you like and find or develop a recipe for the chosen vegetable. Vegetables should be the main ingredients in your recipe. The recipe should not include any fish or meat (should be vegetarian) . You can use more than one vegetable. Include all the following information to a PowerPoint presentation and upload it under the vegetable assignments on the canvas.Recipe Name of the recipe and source (book name, website, person, etc.)Number of servingsIngredients and amountsInstructions for the preparationAnalyze the nutritional value Using the USDA food composition database or following resources find the nutritional value of the recipe per serving. to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)nutrition fact labelOnce you calculate the nutritional value for your recipe, use nutrition fact information to develop the standard nutrition fact label using an online nutritional label maker. to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)PresentationMake a PowerPoint presentation including all the information belowName of the recipe Recipe (ingredients and amounts per serving) Preparation directionsNutritional fact label Nutritional and health benefitsPossible allergens
American Commercial College of Texas Nutritional Value Tomato Zucchini Presentation

Saudi Electronic University Digital Marketing Strategy in E Commerce Discussion.

I’m working on a management project and need support to help me learn.

This is an individual work. You will submit online through blackboard.A cover page is required for each submission, one mark will be deducted if there is no cover page. The submitted document needs to be structured as follow: a cover page, assignments’ requirements’, then your answers. without these instructions.The assignments parts will be each submitted on a different date. However, part 2 needs to contain part one, and part 3 needs to contain parts 1 & 2.The reference list, a minimum number of 10 references and citations is required, and you must use APA referencing style.Quotations must be cited to its resources. The paper styles:The format of the paper needs to be introduction, main body and conclusion. Your work needs to be consistent in terms of style, tone and appearance.Font size: 12. Font type: Times New Roman, Page are numbered.1.5 spacing between lines and paragraphs.Left alignment. Entire project word count, around 2500 words. You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment. You can ask someone to proofread your work or use online tools.Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements: paper style, free of spelling and grammar errors.In case of any questions, please refer to your instructor.
Saudi Electronic University Digital Marketing Strategy in E Commerce Discussion

articles 750 words.

have to write about a subject there are 3 option you pick one and i have the articles that you should useEssay Question Choices (Choose 1)1. In Race the Power of an Illusion, legal scholar and microbiologist Pilar Ossorio said, “just because race isn’t something biological, that doesn’t mean it’s not real.” Using course materials from Units I and II explain what she means.2. Law professor Eleanor Stein used the phrase “construction of an enemy” to describe U.S. government policies that have unfairly treated Americans. Using her framework and readings from both Units I and II, how has racism affected Americans from many cultures?3. In the article “Best of Friends, Worlds Apart,” Cuban immigrant Joel Ruiz “often finds himself caught between two worlds. Whites see him simply as black. African-Americans dismiss him as Cuban. ‘They tell me I’m Hispanic…. He has started to refer to himself as Afro-Cuban.” Why has Ruiz chosen to refer to himself as Afro-Cuban? Why do whites and African Americans respectively see him differently? Use the concepts of race and ethnicity as social constructed categories to answer these questions. You may use readings from both Unit I and Unit II.
articles 750 words

Put People at The Heart of Your Decisions Reverse Card Sort.

you will create and run a ‘reverse card sort’ – also known a ‘tree testing’ for your project to verify if the navigational and potentially labeling of the system makes sense to the user population of your Web site – Decluttr (
Please use Optimal Workshop software, which provides a free trial. Optimal Workshop (Links to an external site.)
For your homework, please do the following:

Create your tree test with the existing navigational structure on your project. You can also do a partial. 

Put People at The Heart of Your Decisions Reverse Card Sort

Tesco Business Analysis

Introduction: Tesco Plc is a British based company, and is the largest food retailer in the UK. It is one of the largest British sellers and holds third rank in retail industry after USA based company Wal-Mart and France based company Carrefour. It sells around 4000 food products (Euromonitor, 2010). Tesco started with the business in grocery retailing, but now it also sell stationary, health and beauty, utensils, clothing, home entertainment, electrical goods, kitchen utensils and seasonal goods like barbeques and garden furniture in the summer. Annual profits of Tesco in year 2005 was announced as £2 billion and in 2006 it announced that it was going to open foreign stores very soon. Tesco operates in 13 countries with 3275 stores of which 2115 operates in UK; its largest geographical market (Euromonitor, 2010). It operates through different store formats which include Extra, Express, metro, hypermarket and superstore. Tesco has its own products ranging from value, normal and finest for different income group of consumers. Tesco was founded by jack Cohen 1919. It gets its name from the combination of the founder of Tesco, Sir Jack Cohen and a partner in a firm of tea suppliers who Cohen worked with, T.E. Stockwell (Marketing (00253650)). One of the biggest investment of Tesco was in the 1980s, when Tesco invested £145m for a superstore development program and invested £500m in building 30 new stores (BSC). The company floated on the stock exchange in December 1947 with an initial share price of 25p (LSE). Beyond the food, Tesco also sells non-food products including electrical goods, home entertainment, stationary, clothing, beauty and health, kitchen stuff, soft furnishing and season products as barbecues and garden furniture in the summer. The company has become as one of the UK’s biggest independent petrol retailer (Datamonitor, 2010). Moreover, the group provides financial services (Tesco Personal Finance) which was set in joint-venture with Royal Bank of Scotland and became one of the successful projects of the group. Tesco’s Core Purpose, as stated on their website is “to create value for customers and to earn their lifetime loyalty”. Competition in Retail Market: The market in which Tesco operates is a highly competitive field, where Tesco holds a disproportionate amount of power. Tesco has three major competitors – Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison. These giants of retail have many chains and a collective mass that can influence the food market as a whole. The figures below shows that Tesco holds over a third of the UK market share, and even double the amount of Asda’s market share which is the second largest supermarket chain. Following is a breakdown of the market share data published by TNS for the 12 weeks to June 15, 2008 (Reuters News, 2008): However, the recent financial crisis put Tesco under the pressure when its customers by seeking reduce its expenses switched to cheaper alternative supermarkets as Lidl, Asda and Aldi. According to the latest TNS data Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are losing share of the UK grocery market. Tesco’s sales increased by 5.5%, Sainsbury’s sales went up by 5.6% , sales of Waitrose just climbed by 1.6% while such hard discount retailers as Aldi saw its sales jump 22.1% over the 12-week period and Lidl posted sales growth of 9.8% (Just Food, 2008). . To maintain its market share, the company has tackled the problem by releasing 400 low -cost new ranges of food and products on their shelves. Today Tesco has 273028 employees and it is the largest British retailer with profit exceeding £2bn, including global sales and domestic market share. In 2008, Tesco became the 4th largest retailer in the world. STEEPLE E Analysis: There are rules and regulations which are set by the government so that there should be no monopolies and healthy competition in the market. Consumer law emphasis on protecting the consumer rights and make sure that the entrepreneurs have the chance to compete in the market. According to the EU law there is assumption that the companies with large market share are dominant, the problem with this is there may be compromise on the quality of the product and costumer may end up paying higher prices for the products. As Tesco has a large market share, it has not been assessed till now but Tesco should bear this in mind. Planning consent is highly regulated in UK therefore Tesco should take care of this regulation as expansion is one of the strategies which Tesco follows. Therefore, before setting up a new store Tesco should check all the planning permissions and look if there are any resistances on law grounds or local people’s opposition. In the recent downturn of economy many retailers were affected badly but Tesco was fortunate as it was not affected that much like others because it makes product for all, it offers a wide range of products from value to finest so it helped people to switch to value products in recession. Increase in tax or stock market fluctuation or change in currency can also affect Tesco. In the sociological aspect Tesco has focused on launching the products like meal for one and microwavable products to make life easy for the people migrate from the other parts of the world and are young professional. Tesco has made use of the technology fully by launching the site which makes the life of people easy by order the products from their home and it also gives Tesco a competitive advantage. Tesco has supported the carbon reduction process and have raised 100 million pounds for sustainable technology fund; Tesco also encourages its customers to help in reducing the carbon emission by using the same plastic bag many times, another challenge for Tesco may the reducing the use of fossil fuel which is used in its transportation. SWOT Analysis: It has strong brand image and market leadership. Tesco is the largest retail group in the UK, which has about 30% of the UK grocery market as of June 2008, at the same time; it has successful business which operates in 14 worldwide markets beyond the UK. The company built up a good reputation enables the group to launch new products and services, and makes easier entering in new markets. One of the best examples was entering into financial services market with Tesco Personal Finance project (Datamonitor, 2010). The group has a stronger market presence in South Korea as compared its main rivals as Wal-Mart and Carrefour. These two Tesco’s competitors sold all of its stores and divest its operation in 2006 in South Korean, due to inability to meet consumer’s demand (Datamonitor, 2010). This success encourages the company on making investments in order to sustain market leadership and generate more profit. As the result, company is spending 958million pounds on expanding and acquisition new stores in South Korea (FT, 2008a). ‘ is the largest online grocery shopping service in the world; it is the fourth biggest online retailer in the UK, behind Amazon, Dell and Argos.’ (Datamonitor, 2010). In 2008 sales continue to growth constantly. Sales from grew by 20% in the first half of 2008, reaching 902million pounds (Tesco, 2010). Taking into consideration the online sales are forecasted to increase from 10.9 billion pounds in 2006 to 28 billion pounds in 2011 (Datamonitor, 2010), Tesco can get considerable benefits from strong foothold in online services. Notwithstanding on company’s big plans to extent or open new stores in the UK, it becomes difficult to realize as not all expand projects satisfy local community’s requirements and finally have been frozen in waiting for government’s decision. There are some negative event influences, patent infringement claims, for example, in 2007, “Franks International filed suit against the company in US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marsheall Division alleging that Tesco’s CDS infringes two patents held by Franks” (Datamonitor, 2010). Tesco do not have the small convenience store to service customer who the small areas, while the Sainsbury has the small store in the local small town , it is convenience for customer, they do not want by a lot of things, maybe just some daily consumable. There are lots of opportunities in other international markets for Tesco; the Euro zone retailing sales has shown a growth of 33% as of August 2008 to compare as of August 2007, which comprised 4,732mllion pounds and 3,558million pounds respectively. While sales in Asia increased by 11% at the same period from 2, 862million pounds of as August 2007 to 3,151million pounds of August 2008, despite of a small loss in the first half as a result of establishing operations and supply hubs in China (Tesco, 2010). About 80% of group’s capital is being invested in international growth (FT, 2008b). For instance, investment in markets of rapidly growing economy such as India with planned investment around $114 m to set up the business, in China where Tesco has spent 180million pounds in 2007 to increase its stake in its local partner (FT, 2008b). This provides a good opportunity to cover consumer’s demand of these markets which can add value to the Group’s assets and significantly contribute to maintain its strong international performance. Notwithstanding on only 9 month of running business in the US, the Group has obtained sales result ($11 per square per foot per week) which is also encouraging. Successful experience of operation on international markets enables the company’s to embody its plans of further overseas expands. Tesco has opportunities in non-food and services markets also, total UK non-food sales increased to 4.1billion pounds and 1.7billion pounds from international market as of August 2008, which in total led to 7.3% sales grew (Tesco, 2010). However, Tesco has poor results in this market segment, while with skills in sourcing and supply chain management the company has opportunity to improve its position. Tesco Personal Finance made profit 71million pounds, where Tesco’s share was 35.5million pounds, up 34% compared to 2007 (Tesco, 2010). The Company completed the acquisition of 50% of TPF from the Royal Bank of Scotland by the end of 2008 (Tesco, 2010). Threat to Tesco is high competition as the result of financial crisis and consumer’s budget tightness such discount competitor as Alsi and Lidlrs are eaten away Tesco’s sales by offering high quality goods for the lowest price. The group faced risk of losing its customers who switched to the other retails in order to reduce its living costs and had to revise its strategy in order to remain its customers. McKenzie’s 7s Analysis: McKenzie 7 S’ includes shared values, Strategy, Structure, System, Staff, Style, Skill. Accordingly Tesco applied the 7 S’ of McKenzie as well to increase its market share and profits which are described as follows: Shared Value: Shared Value of the company states the objectives of the company and it’s believes. Tesco believes in increasing its sophisticated management techniques from simple manufacturing companies to the value of higher standards and marched northward on their value chain. Strategy: Strategy describes about the methods adopted by the company to achieve its goals. Tesco applied various strategies usually using Balanced Scoreboard (BSC) method. Structure: It depends on the companies infra structure like top to down management. Tesco CEO thinks that they don’t need of one leader, they a whole group of employees from top to down to work on strategies. System: System is based on how to finish a work like how important is the wok and how smartly it has to been done. Tesco used a steering wheel to achieve its pre determined strategies smartly simply used to help the employees in future. Staff: Staff states about the number of staff in the organization. All over the world Tesco recruited more than 400,000 employees. Style: It the style of the organization in which it works to achieve its objectives. Tesco used steering wheel to achieve its objectives. It has 90 degree arcs, in which four main areas are considered which are, financial, customers, operations and employee performance. Skill: It describes the capabilities of the organization or the employees to a particular task. Tesco provides full knowledge to its employees to work effectively and efficiently within the organization. It provides skills to the employees to work according to the standards of Tesco (Kaplan R. and Norton D., 2008). Micro Environment analysis and Marketing Strategy: Position of offering the best value for the most competitive prices contributed to be Tesco number one retail in the UK. Smart Supply Chain Management and Development strategy, constantly research, seeking in order to meet customers’ needs, introducing new innovation, product quality and price, offering huge product range, store facilities and services, working closely with suppliers, developing and motivating its staff, participating in the formulation of national food industry and environment protection – makes possible to keep strong competitive position within market even through time. Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco plc states “there are many opportunities for business like Tesco as long as you stay close to customer and adapt to the changing circumstance” (ICSC Research Review, 2008). The group provides online services through its subsidiary, broadband internet connection (Tesco Broadband) and telecommunications services (Tesco Mobile and Home Phone). “ is the largest online grocery shopping service in the world; it is the fourth biggest online retailer in the UK, behind Amazon, Dell and Argos. serves 850,000 regular customers in the UK and gets more than 250,000 orders every week” (Datamonitor, 2010). Significant advantages of buying online, such as comparatively low price, large product range and the ability to shop around the clock — enable retailers to draw shoppers’ interest (Gladding, 2005). “Tesco, the United Kingdom’s biggest grocer, has attracted considerable attention because of its ambitious overseas strategy and its successful on-line home delivery service” (Child, 2002). “Since establishing an MVNO with 02 in 2003, Tesco has built up 1.5m mobile subscribers and 250,000 of these visits the mobile portal every month” (New Media Age, 2008). Hence, Tesco makes possible to carry into effect purchasing by using mobile phones and brings new life in m-commerce shopping (New Media Age, 2008). According to company’s recent press release information sales up 20.5%, profit up 21.4%, including Tesco Direct (Tesco, 2010). Datamonitor (2010) in its “Tesco, PLC SWOT Analysis” states that “With a strong foothold in online services, Tesco is well placed to benefit from growing online spending. A strong online presence enables the group to serve new customer segments, avoid investments in physical infrastructure and earn better margins”. The company has an impressive brand image, which is associated with high quality goods and services, huge range of assortments and at the time the best prices. Credible brand name enables the company to launch more new products and new market lines; to go through new markets much easier and quickly, and become successful in this field as well, as it was its entry into the Personal Finance market (Datamonitor, 2010). Through the diversification process, Tesco has increased the range of its operation by entering to new markets of distribution and service supply, such as petrol distribution, banking and insurance, real estate and communications. Such changes and strategy improvements have further reinforced company’s market power above its main competitors. Since the mid-90s, Tesco has been investing in overseas markets, by looking for new opportunities to expand and opening new ways of generating long term growth of shareholders value. Today the Group operates in 12 markets outside the UK, in Europe, Asia and North America. The half of the retail shops are represented beyond the UK ( As a part of international expansion, now Tesco is planning to open wholesale grocery store in India by investing up to $114 million over two years. “It complements our entries into China and the United States, giving us access to another important economy in the world” commented this decision the company’s chief executed (World Trade, 2008). At the same time, Tesco announced that it has set up a South China headquarters office in Guangzhou in order to maintain its’ presence in this country, where the company already has 47 stores and has been running the business over three years long (World Trade, 2008). As a part of supporting its global expansion programme, the company plans to centralise all its overseas business after signing a 100million pounds network and voice contract. Through this network upgrade, Nick Folkes, Tesco’s IT director, commented, that the company will be able to standardise key finance, human resources, data warehouse and sales applications across the whole worldwide operations. The Cable

MGT 404 Saudi Electronic University TQM at Ritz Carlton Hotel Question

online assignment help MGT 404 Saudi Electronic University TQM at Ritz Carlton Hotel Question.

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Analyze the human, structural and strategic dimensions of the organizational development (2.4)Be sure to cite at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed references in support of two of your answers and also incorporate the key concepts from the course.·
work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources
without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.
No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered
MGT 404 Saudi Electronic University TQM at Ritz Carlton Hotel Question

CSIS209 C# Programming – Assignment 7

CSIS209 C# Programming – Assignment 7. Help me study for my C Programming class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Based on the program you created for Assignment 5, modify your code to perform the following steps.
In Assignment 5, you created an Account hierarchy with a base class (Account) and two derived classes (SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount).Three of the mutator methods in this assignment validated user input:setBalance, setInterestRate, and setFeeCharged.In all of these methods, you were instructed to set the respective variables equal to zero if the user passed in a negative amount.In this assignment, you will modify your code such that if the user passes in a negative amount, an exception will be thrown that alerts the user that a negative amount has been entered.The program should catch the exception and display the error message to the user.Once an error (negative amount) has occurred, the program should inform the user that negative numbers are not permitted.It should then redisplay the menu. If an exception has not occurred, and a checking or savings object has been successfully created, the program should print the information for that object.
I will provide the assignment 5 zip file once the tutor has accepted.
CSIS209 C# Programming – Assignment 7

The Lottery and Two kinds, writing homework help

The Lottery and Two kinds, writing homework help.

INSTRUCTIONS1!!!!1, use this question below to answer the ” The Lottery and Two kinds” approximately 8-12 sentences.What happens in the story? For yourself, summarize the plot (the gist of the happenings). Think about what your summary leaves out. 2 THE reading assignment for math 0312 has instructions in it please read the article ” cambrigde police uses math to solve crime and answer the questions Instructions 33.This is the instruction for Brent Staples ” just walk on by a black man” and Nora Ephron “The Boston Paragraph” After
you have read the assigned readings, Brent Staples’s “Just Walk on By: A
Black Man Ponders His Ability to Alter Public Space” and Nora Ephron’s
“The Boston Photographs,” you have read the Writing to Argue Background
reading at mywritinglab, and reviewed the background argumentative
information at the web link “logos, ethos, pathos,” you need to respond
on the discussion board to these argumentative works. The link is posted
on the Canvas homepage. These readings are “argumentative” examples, so
the discussion will revolve around each author’s use of argumentative
strategies. All students should consider the author’s use of logos,ethos, and pathos .
In other words, students need to post good examples of one or more of
these argumentative appeals. Please click on the Logos, Ethos, and
Pathos web link to read the necessary background related to
argumentative strategies. [I have posted this link on the Canvas
homepage.] Then use this information to post examples of these
argumentative appeals on this discussion board.Identify the argumentative
appeal and use a direct quote from the story to support your analysis in
a short paragraph (approx. 8-12 sentences). Type the argumentative
appeal (logos, ethos, or pathos) you have chosen in the ‘subject’ line
and then type out the paragraph with the direct quote in the large box
on the screen. You will be required to post a body paragraph for EACH
of the argumentative stories (one full body paragraph based on the
Staples reading and one full body paragraph on the Ephron reading).Please post one response to
EACH story in paragraph format, and then respond to two other student
postings by midnight on Monday, 11/14/16. Student ‘responses’ need to be
2-3 sentences each and should further the discussion. Do not write
responses such as ‘Good job’ or ‘I liked your posting’. Remember that
this is discussion of the story and should reflect careful thought about
both the readings and the posted ‘argumentative analysis’ paragraphs.Please remember that you are
only allowed to use your own original ideas – do not refer to or post
ANY “outside” information you have read on the Internet or elsewhere, or
you will receive an automatic ‘F’ for plagiarism. You are only allowed
to use your own original ideas to analyze the works and direct quotes
from the works (i.e. any material you borrow from the work needs to be
in quotation marks and include a page number reference–use the pdf
files for page number references–the pdf file of the Ephron work and a
link to the Staples reading appear in Canvas). You also need to use the
author’s last name in either the signal phrase before the quote or in
the parenthetical reference after the quote. Refer to the Quotes and
Signal Phrases handout for rules/samples on how to properly document
quotes using mla style.… here is the link Good luck!

The Lottery and Two kinds, writing homework help