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American Civil War and President Andrew Johnson “essay help” site:edu Information Technology

Complete the following chart using information from the lesson. One example appears for you. Somebody Wanted But ..

. So . President Abraham Lincoln the nation to heal as quickly as possible from the Civil War and planned to reunify the nation quickly was assassinated in 1865 Only days after Robert E.Lee’s surrendering for Reconstruction were taken over by Vice President Andrew Johnson, who became president after Lincoln death President Andrew Johnson the country to reunite also presidential Reconstruction BLITZ congress passed the reconstruction act of 1867 which undo everything Johnson completed SO Johnson dismissed Stanton, once dismissed congress brought impeachment charges against Johnson The Reconstruction ended when President Hayes was elected in office, he removed the remaining federal troops in the Southern States to win the electoral.Federal protection was over for pro-Republicans, African American Voters, and freedmen. Radical Republicans to control the south to prevent them from returning to its pre-civil war ways with the wade-Davis bill BUT Lincoln didn’t want such a strict bill so he refused to sign it into law SO the bill was automatically vetoed and prevented the bill from becoming a law Southern Democrats They wanted the federal troops of the North to leave and stay out of “state” bushiness But when the south lost in the Civil War, he North came into their territory as an opposing force.Which was what the southern states didn’t want to begin with.

Wound up basically changing beliefs (but some of them remained with the original want) Part 2 – Answer the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words. What was the main issue relating to Reconstruction that divided Republicans at the end of the Civil War? If you had been a member of Congress at the time, what type of plan for Reconstruction would you have supported and why?

Accounting Question

You are an assistant to the attorney for Red-Holdings company. To complete this assignment you must write a two-to-three page report discussing the legal issues and the likely outcome of the case below:
Red-Holdings Co. v. Bluelands Co.: Several months ago, the Red-Holdings CEO met with the CEO for Bluelands Corporation for lunch to discuss potential business ventures between both companies. After several glasses of wine Red-Holdings’s CEO offered to buy from Bluelands a 50 acre parcel of waterfront land located in the Miami Beach. Red-Holdings’s purchase offer was for $100 million but Blueland’s reply was that it would sell the land only at $150 million. Since Red-Holdings had so much interest in this piece of land, its CEO told Bluelands that he would have to meet with the rest of its board to make a decision on Bluelands’ asking price, but that he would pay Bluelands $10,000 to keep the offer to buy the land at $150 million open for 30 days. Bluelands’ CEO, agreed and wrote in a piece of paper that in exchange for $10,000 Bluelands was giving Red-Holdings the option to buy the land in question within 30 days at a $150 million price. Red-Holding’s CEO then gave Blueland’s CEO a $10,000 check which they promptly cashed. On day 20th, Red-Holdings met and it unanimously agreed to buy the land from Bluelands at $150 million. That same day, its CEO sent Blueland’s CEO a fax confirming that they were accepting Blueland’s offer to buy the land. Upon receiving the fax, Blueland’s CEO called Red-Holdings to inform them that the offer was off the table and that the price for the land was now $200 million, which Red-Holdings refused to pay. Two days later billionaire Tom Richboy offered to buy the land from Bluelands for $200 million. Red-Holdings is now demanding that Bluelands honor its word and sell them the land for the original offered price.