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America the most obese countri the world, yet has more access to modern health than any other counrt

– Works Cited with correct MLA or APA citations for 6 credible sources

– avoid the “book report” style of research paper

– have an angle or central focus – make sure it’s clear what your purpose for writing this essay is

– consider the elements of the creative nonfiction essay

Legal Psychology–Child Witnesses

Legal Psychology–Child Witnesses.

Legal Psychology–Child Witnesses 

Attached is the assignment that my professor gave us. As well as one of the articles I found that’s on the reference page of the slideshow. I don’t have access to the first article anymore, but I have the PDF file of the second. I just need three sources, two of which are empirical and the other being a news article. I also attached the Powerpoint I attempted to start. I would like a little summary of each source as this isn’t a REAL presentation, we’re just submitting this as a project, so it’s not technically speaker notes. So any extra information on the sources could be in the notes section. (I added three pages, I hope that’s what the means) Thank you!

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Short term financial management

America the most obese countri the world, yet has more access to modern health than any other counrt Short term financial management.

short term financial management


Paper details:

Assignment Details Cash is King! Good cash management is an essential job of the financial manager! You own a small auto sales business called King Kars. You stock up on inventory in February, April, June, and September. Your annual cash budget indicates that your MONTHLY NET CASH for the year will be the following: JAN $5,000 FEB -$30,000 MAR $20,000 APRIL -$35,000 MAY $25,000 JUNE -$10,000 JULY $25,000 AUG $25,000 SEPT -$30,000 OCT $15,000 NOV $15,000 DEC $25,000 You begin the year with a cash balance of $50,000, and the minimum cash balance desired must be $50,000 every month. Prepare a cash flow summary and external financing summary as noted in the Excel spreadsheet assigned to this submission. Do you believe that the company needs outside financing? What is the minimum line of credit to request from a lender? Do you think you are a good candidate for the line of credit? Why? Please submit the Excel template below, saved under your name, with the columns and rows completed with the cash flows. Also in this template, you must include the answers to questions 2 and 3 in the assignment. Click here to download the template. The use of 1 scholarly source (e.g., textbook, article from the CEC Library) is required.

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Qualifications for Digital Forensics

Qualifications for Digital Forensics.

Qualifications for Digital Forensics 

Which Organizations provide recommendations on qualifications for Digital Forensics? How similar or different are their recommendations? Provide references and end with a question.

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Data Analytics Question

Hello I have provided the instruction and will provide the sample work basically the exact paper from a friend paper but I need them to be written in different word and style . and I will submit one other instruction because study pool won’t let me its reach maximum upload.

Principle of Financial Accounting

Principle of Financial Accounting.

PART A (AMAZON): After completing this homework, you should have a much deeper understanding of the strategic and operational issues facing AMAZON. You will also have had experience “digesting” its quarterly results and listening to its earnings conference call. To learn about any public company, you would go through this same process. Do not wait until the last minute to do this homework. It requires you to carefully read a press release announcing AMAZON’s 2019 FIRST QUARTER (2019Q1) results and listen to a conference call via an archived webcast, which lasts about 36 minutes. Retrieve the earnings release by: 1) going to, 2) clicking on Investor Relations near the bottom, 3) clicking on the second tab “Quarterly Results,” 4) clicking on Q1 2019 Earnings Release dated 4/25/19. Again, do not use the 10-Q, which is 49 pages. The following questions can be answered from a careful reading of the press release. There will be some new terminology that we have not covered yet, like “free cash flow,” so ignore those items for now. All dollar amounts should be expressed in millions (same format as in Amazon’s tables).

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