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Reading: Amelia Rogers at Tussani Communications The reading demonstrates the various aspects of managerial role in an organization by using Tussani Communications, a Chicago based integrated marketing communication company as a case and the people working in it as a citation to lay emphasis on the need of behavioral analysis in any organization. The case illustrates the role of manager and the different conflicts he/she may face while dealing with his/her subordinates, supervisors and clients. Ms.

Amelia Rogers is the central character who has a network of relations with her colleagues i. e Mr. Dave Burns, Ms. Stewart, her boss i. e Mr. Jim Paglia and her client Mr. Guy Johnson and thus comes the interpersonal issues. The other interpersonal roles like that of a liaison are also well demonstrated in this reading. Besides this, we also come to know of a manager as a decision taker, a resource allocator and a disturbance handler. It is shown that in an organization, people not only work at individual level but also have to collaborate in groups to accomplish some common goals.

When working in groups, conflicts can arise due to difference in ideals, perceptions, personalities and concerns. For example there is a personality difference among Ms. Rogers and Mr. Burns. While Ms. Rogers is a demanding manager and doesn’t patronize her team much, Mr. Burns likes to be a team member instead of a team leader and is also emotionally attached to his concepts. Due to these and many more differences, there is a conflict between the two on the Mufflers world account project and this situation again emphasizes on the importance of healthy relations among the employees of an organization.

I agree with the kind of importance that the author has attributed to the interpersonal issues within an organization because I concur with the fact that people are the main assets of any organization and its performance greatly depends on the performance and level of happiness of its employees. No two people are the same, hence conflicts are indispensable but the larger issue is to resolve them so that they don’t hamper the overall growth of both the individual and the organization.

Thus it is very important to understand the situation from other’s point of view because only then will we be able to look over our own perceptions and prejudices to get a real picture of the situation. According to the reading, Ms. Rogers doesn’t maintain a good rapport with her colleagues and subordinates (though she has healthy relationships with her clients) due to her rigid and non-complimenting nature. This is one thing that I don’t really support. I feel that although one needs to be demanding and strict when it comes to work, but then appreciating and applauding people for their efforts encourages them to perform better.

It also helps in developing better understanding among employees which in turn will help each stakeholder i. e the company and the employees. The case is left open-ended which helped us explore the various possibilities which could follow. The one I found more appropriate is that Ms. Rogers should talk to Mr. Burns before taking the matter to Mr. Paglia. Besides telling him that what he did was against the norms, she should also convince him that since the client is not happy with the current design, he should work on a new one and present him before the decided day.

If still she is not able to handle the situation only then they both should go to the COO together. Trying to resolve the issue among themselves first would help them build a better understanding which will help them in future. Overall the case is a good start to understand the roles and responsibilities of a manager and the importance of studying organizational behavior as it acquaints us with the issues which generally arise due to interaction of individuals with different personalities within a group.

What needs to happen in order to reduce the number of abortions in the United States

What needs to happen in order to reduce the number of abortions in the United States.

What needs to happen in order to reduce the number of abortions in the United States, while keeping abortion safe and accessible for all women? You are running for election and you need to propose a realistic plan to keep abortion safe and legal, but also reduce the number of abortions. Write a proposed policy that addresses three reasons women in this country have abortions. Be sure to discuss why each reason exists and what policy changes need to happen to address each issue and hopefully lower the need for an abortion. Be sure to back up your ideas with at least 3 outside sources that connect to research and theory on abortion?

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