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This movie Is a great example of a variety of conflicts within a movie. “Amadeus” has many major characters that each, In their own way, have their own type of struggle, but the one most represented through the inure film was that of Galleries life. HIS conflict deals with the act of God. Since he was a young boy, he began his struggles against/ for God.The examples of the conflict between the two are: Saltier has a desire to become the best composer known and he needs God’s help, his belief that God gave IM the abilities/skills to be the best, and Saltier, in his mind, being triumphant over God in his life. On the subject of internal and external conflict, “Amadeus” is an excellent movie that shows many aspects of conflict throughout the film.

Saltier is one of the major characters in the movie that undergoes the most change or struggles. It all began when he had the desire to be the best musician known to man.Throughout Galleries life, he deals with major conflict. His dream of wanting to become the best composer Is what began his life of struggle. HIS dad gets In the way of the dream as soon as he presented the Idea to his father. This causes Saltier to turn to God for the first time In the want of something, rather than to praise him. He essentially “strikes a deal” with God In saying that If he gives him the chance or opportunity to become the world’s greatest composer, he will devote everything to God.

Even though this conflict may come across to be very settle, it takes a turn. Pone the death of Galleries dad, he believes this to be a good thing and perceives it as an act of God answering his wish. In a way, Saltier is in a contract with God because he granted him the opportunity to play/compose music, now it’s Galleries turn to hold up his end of the deal. This is when his conflict with God takes a turn for the worse. Saltier is grown up and has fully devoted his work towards God. He is known as a great composer and is granted (by the work of God) the position of composer for the emperor of Italy. His believed to be the best around until the character of Mozart stepped Into his life.

Pone Mozart arrival, Sealers wrote an entrance song for Mozart as he met the emperor. Immediately, Mozart corrects his work then begins to toy with his work In front of his peers. From the moment Mozart enters Galleries life he makes a fool of him. Saltier realizes that this is God’s creation, his work and he sent him into his life to demean his work. He’s puzzled, he can’t understand why God has done this to him, they had a deal with each other. Saltier turns his back after his (God) creation made a fool out of him, not Just once. The turning point was when Mozart insulted Galleries work at a party.

So, Saltier swore revenge on God by destroying his creation (Mozart). Now Salaries devoted to go against Go and in his mind, was very successful. Many years later, Saltier is sitting with a priest, son of God, and is bragging about how he has overcome God in his life time, something that no other human has done. His conflict, even after the death of Mozart is still taking place. He Is still battling God and essentially laughing In his face about It through the eyes of the priest. Although this Is no Immediate conflict, Saltier Is still living up his achievements as much as he can. Now for what he’s done in his life and he’s doing that by confessing or bragging bout his triumph God.

This leads me to believe that this movie presents two different kinds of people, those who are the center of everything and believe that everything happens because of them or to them and then there are those who are simply content and who are not over analytical with life. Saltier has many conflicts in his life that may be caused by many different aspects; the main struggle though, is his life is against God and he experienced it at an early age.Saltier being one of those people, who believe everything happens to them for a reason, thinks he’s the enter of the world. Simply put, God is out to get him and Saltier will not have it. His entire life he was struggling with God and therefore, God played a major role in this movie. He granted him the opportunity to become a musician/composer, he gave him the skills, and then he took them away from by his creation of Mozart. The main conflict of this movie is man vs.

. God because God was such a huge aspect of one of the main characters lives. “Amadeus” presents many conflicts, Galleries struggle with is not the only one.

What obstacles or barriers have you experienced or might a typical college student encounter when trying to achieve these goals in the college environment?

What obstacles or barriers have you experienced or might a typical college student encounter when trying to achieve these goals in the college environment?.

To what extent do you agree with the idea that college is an ideal time to achieve the 3 goals mentioned above? What goals (if any) have you set for yourself in each of these 3 aspects? What obstacles or barriers have you experienced or might a typical college student encounter when trying to achieve these goals in the college environment?

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