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Amazon Case Questions Essay

Amazon Case Questions Essay. Paper Details:There is an attached file that must be used in order to answer these questions. I’m paying for 600 words. These questions must be answered in paragraph form and must be in your own words. Thank you. 1. How has Amazon performed leading up to its 20-year-anniversary as a public company? Over the long-term? In the near-term? 2. Why was Amazon’s 2014-16 cash flow from operations higher than its net income? 3. What did Amazon do with the cash flow that it generated between 2014 and 2016? 4. Articulate a pathway for Amazon to get from $2 billion to $20 billion in net income between 2016 and 2021 as envisioned by the Barron’s article cited in the case? 5. Amazon has been pursuing a high growth strategy and is one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US (although it was founded in 1994, hardly an aggressive startup). What part of Amazon’s business appears to be as lucrative as, or comparatively locative as, web services?Amazon Case Questions Essay
Unit 6 Assignment – Weighted Decision Model. Paper details Instructions Estimated time to complete: 10 Hours In this assignment, you will be using a weighted decision model (also known as a weighted matrix) to help a company select a new CRM system. Use the information given below and construct a weighted matrix model that accounts for all information to help the company make the most appropriate choice Begin by reading the article titled: Constructing a Weighted Matrix. Borysowich, C. (2006). Constructing a weighted matrix (Links to an external site.). Toolbox Tech. Retrieved from You may also want to familiarize yourself with CRM selection criteria. SelectHub. (2018). CRM software selection quick start guide (Links to an external site.). [Weblog] Retrieved from Assignment Requirements: Create a weighted decision model that evaluates these CRM systems. Include a copy of your Microsoft Excel file that includes this model. In one page briefly describe the evaluation and make a recommendation to the company on the system that they should select. Unit 6 Assignment – Weighted Decision Model
Ethics in Accounting.

Assignment: Ethics in Accounting
Effective financial reporting depends on sound ethical behavior. Financial scandals in accounting and the businesses world have resulted in legislation to ensure adequate disclosures and honesty and integrity in financial reporting. A sound economy is contingent on truthful and reliable financial reporting.
Instructions:Read the following scenario.Answer the questions that follow. (1-2 paragraphs per question)Reference back to your text book for guidance on how to think through the scenario.Scenario:Imagine you are the assistant controller in charge of general ledger accounting at Linbarger Company. Your company has a large loan from an insurance company. The loan agreement requires that the company’s cash account balance be maintained at $200,000 or more, as reported monthly. At June 30, the cash balance is $80,000. You give this update to Lisa Infante, the financial vice president. Lisa is nervous and instructs you to keep the cash receipts book open for one additional day for purposes of the June 30 report to the insurance company. Lisa says, “If we don’t get that cash balance over $200,000, we’ll default on our loan agreement. They could close us down, put us all out of our jobs!” Lisa continues, “I talked to Oconto Distributors (one of Linbarger’s largest customers) this morning. They said they sent us a check for $150,000 yesterday. We should receive it tomorrow. If we include just that one check in our cash balance, we’ll be in the clear. It’s in the mail!”
Questions:What is the accounting problem that the Linbarger Company faces?What are the ethical considerations in this case? Provide rationale for why these are ethical considerations.What are the negative impacts that can happen if you do not follow Lisa Infante’s instructions to wait one more day to post the balance?Who will be negatively impacted if you do comply? Provide a rationale for why these individuals will be impacted.What is one alternative that you could pursue in this scenario? Support your recommendations with information you learned in this
Ethics in Accounting

The Omnivores Dilemma a Natural History of Four Meals Discussion

The Omnivores Dilemma a Natural History of Four Meals Discussion.

Please read the introduction and Part 1 of The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Pages 1-107) and write a ONE summary response for the chapters collectively. Summary Response GuidelinesAs part of our coursework, I will ask you to write several S/R to assigned readings. Your S/R should be approx. 2 pages.Summary: Your summary should be ¼ of your total writing.Introduce writer and title.Write a short overview of the chapters subject matter/details.What is the writer’s goal for this text?Response: Your response should be ¾ of your total writing and should incorporate answers to the following questions.What is your initial response to the reading?Do you agree or disagree with the writer’s overall message? What it is? What do you disagree with in particular?Comment on the writer’s style/ language style?What elements of the chapters are most memorable?What questions would you pose to the author?What is your personal connection to the text, if any?What would improve the writing?What are your favorite passages? (underline your favorites for discussion). What did you learn? Rate the Chapters from 1-10
The Omnivores Dilemma a Natural History of Four Meals Discussion

BUS 4476 Troy University Dynamics Limited Organization Case Discussion

nursing essay writing service BUS 4476 Troy University Dynamics Limited Organization Case Discussion.

BUS4476: Read the Chapter 12 Mini-Case: A Change at the Top at Procter & Gamble: An Indication of How Much the CEO Matters? Respond to question 2: How Is it a good practice to rehire a former CEO who has retired? Please explain the potential advantages and disadvantages of doing so. BUS4474: Answer one of the following questions: Describe a situation where the norms supported particular behavior, either ethical or unethical, that you felt pressured to go along with. Or Describe a situation where the rewards explicitly or implicitly supported unethical conduct. Or How would you as a manager design an environment where you maximize employees’ taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions? QM3345: How does a traditional adversarial relationship with suppliers change when a firm decides to move to a few suppliers? Using Darden Foods, which has multiple supply chains, explain why one of their supply chains might use a few suppliers, while another uses many suppliers.
BUS 4476 Troy University Dynamics Limited Organization Case Discussion

Casablanca Essay

Casablanca Essay.

CasablancaMichael Curtiz (1942)Length: 3 pages, dbl space, About 800 wordsUse simple languages and follow the requrimentMust finish on time.No submission allowed after Due timeDirections:Use a topic paragraph (thesis), body (citing specific examples from the film) and conclusive remarks.Both your examples and discussion should support your thesis.Choose ONE of the topics below.Choose ONE of the topics below.1. Discuss the story structure in the film (conflict, climax, resolution)Identify the main conflict (s) in the film, how and where are they introduced?At what point does the conflict (s) increase in intensity and reach a climax?How are the conflicts resolved?2. In the film Rick goes through a major character transition from a disinterested saloon keeper to a ‘hero’. Discuss the line ‘I stick my neck out for nobody’- contrast this with his decision at the ends of the film to put Ilsa on the plane with VictorWhat are Rick’s major transitions?Why do we identify with him more than Victor Lazlo?3.The film has been criticized as subordinating a woman’s perspective, and promoting the ‘patriarchal’ male. Discuss the role of women in the film. How are they portrayed?
Casablanca Essay

PADM 510 American Public University System Decision Making in Public Organization Paper

PADM 510 American Public University System Decision Making in Public Organization Paper.

Choose a public organization and describe its organizational culture? Do not choose pharmaceuticals. How do they address decision making? How is ethical decision making best integrated into their administrative practice? How would the theories we have studied inform your discussion (attached references)? Questions and topics posed in the Forums are designed to promote thought and insight. Students must provide a critical review of the questions, topics and issues posed and substantively reply to the contributions of at least three peers. Individual postings should include a full discussion of the content of the question posed and explain how it relates to the concepts in the weekly text readings and other resources. The postings should be analytic in nature and include comparisons/contrasts, and examples that can bolster your point.This can be accomplished by· Validating with additional evidence from the literature.· Posing a thoughtful question with commentary which generates further discussion.· Providing an alternative point-of-view, with evidence and examples.· Offering additional insight into how the concept might be understood, with evidence provided with real world examples.
PADM 510 American Public University System Decision Making in Public Organization Paper

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