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Everyone has their own American dream, but in some way everyone’s dream is the same. A similar reason is to give their family the best they can. As I interview my mother I found her reason for coming to America is very similar. Thomas Jefferson and Richard Wright has very encouraging ideas of what the American dream is all about, and these reason relate greatly to my mother. As I interview my mother she had some very good words of wisdom and reasons why she had moved to America to ind her American dream.

Richard Wright had the idea that sometimes to have what you want you need to leave your home town. My mother left her home two Germany to come to the United States to give her children a better life. “l was not leaving the south to forget the south, but so that someday I might understand it” – Richard Wright, Black Boy. My mom was not leaving her home to forget it, but to make a better life somewhere else and realize all the good and bad about her home land Germany.

The fact that many people have the same ideas of the American dreams I have found two authors that have had similar ideas on the American dream as my mother. Thomas Jefferson had the idea that everyone deserves life. As my mother said if you work hard life will be the way you want even if you fail at first get up and keep working. But if you slack off and don’t work for anything life will be a great struggle for you. “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act!

Action will delineate and define you. ” -Thomas Jefferson. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen, actions will be your biggest prize to success. All these People had similar ideas, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Wright, and my mother Helene Rodriguez but, even though reach reason was very different, they all came back to give the same message. To be able to succeed you need to get up and work for what you want, or else your American dream will never come true.

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