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Alter Ego Liability: Wells Fargo Bank

The term alter-ego in the business vocabulary is a term to determine wither a business and a person are one in the same. A corporation has liability protection where the shareholders or owner’s assets cannot be taken as collateral if the company cannot pay its debts. But this is not always true. The corporate shield can be pierced if certain basic corporation rules are not followed. One being that the corporation has to act as a separate from the shareholders “A corporation must be an entity separate and independent from its shareholders”. Also the company has to do things that a company would do such as hold meeting. “Stock certificates must be issued, directors elected and officers appointed; meetings must be held, resolutions must be passed, and corporate books and records must be kept.” A case that involves the alter-ego liability is WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Steven J. WEINBERG, This case involves Mr. Weinberg who had a professional law business. He and his wife claimed that they loaned the company money and that they paid themselves before the company closed and that the company could not pay the bank Wells Fargo back its loan. But Mr. Weinberg continued practicing law under a new business name. “Wells Fargo asserted that Weinberg had drained the assets of the law corporation before dissolving it in June 2009. Then, under the name of “Steven J. Weinberg a Trial Lawyer,” he continued to practice law at the same location as Steven J. Weinberg, a professional law corporation.” (WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Steven J. WEINBERG) Wells Fargo was right on this case and this is what the judgement found “After reviewing the evidence and Weinberg’s demeanor, the trial court held that there was sufficient evidence that Weinberg had failed to observe corporate formalities and to keep his personal and business expenses and funds separate and that Weinberg had controlled the law corporation. Viewing this evidence favorably to Wells Fargo, the judgment must be affirmed.” (WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Steven J. WEINBERG) This case is a great example of the alter-ego liability, I do not think it is ethical for a company to move its corporate headquarters overseas in order to avoid paying income tax. I agree with Bob McIntyre and his comments in the Washington post article “Stashing money offshore to avoid U.S. taxes is hardly a victimless crime,” said Bob McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice. “Every dollar shifted to an offshore tax haven means less federal revenue to pay for the infrastructure, education and other public services that help our economy grow.” (Merle, 2016) The question of who the company has a duty to pay the government or the shareholders and I think that the answer is both. Without the setup of the Government and it being the frame work in which entrepreneurs can grow a business from the bottom up. And with without the shareholder’s investments a company cannot grow. Companies that start up in the U. S. and take advantage of the infrastructure and the economy should feel a since of duty to pay into that system. I think there needs to be some type of agreement that will keep business here in the U.S I would rather a smaller percentage of more companies than no percentage from a few. References Merle, R. (2016, March 4). How U.S. companies are avoiding $695 billion in taxes. Retrieved from Maffei, S. (2011). Personal Liability of Corporate Shareholders in New York. Review Of Business, 31(2), 110-114. WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Steven J. WEINBERG, Defendant and Appellant.E057011 Decided: May 28, 2014 FindLaw’s California Court of Appeal case and opinions. (n.d.). Retrieved from
In the 16th century there was no law of contract and in late middle ages the tort of owing a debt and failing to repay existed. Law used to focus on the wrongful act of falling to pay money owed on debt. The agreements which included exchange of goods and services were not enforceable. As the trade and business expanded people started to manipulate the “word of mouth” which created disputes between the parties. Later the merchants did not trust each other. For this reason law began to enforce all kinds of commercial bargains where there was valuable consideration. Then it has been developed case by case basis to the kind of contract law. During the first half of the 17th century the term ‘contract ‘ began to be used informally in its modern sense of agreement. Contract law focused on the consumer protection, prevention of frauds and sale of goods act. LAW

UCLA Week 7 Internal Conflict Resolution Discussion

UCLA Week 7 Internal Conflict Resolution Discussion.

Hello and Welcome to Week 7!Please remember the following instructions. Your grade is based upon you completing all of these on time and by length of post.By Tuesday, respond to Teacher’s Post (below).By Wednesday, write original post on a selected topic.By Thursday, write response posts to 2 other original posts.Teacher’s PostThe beauty of the problem-solving agenda is its applicability to your personal life as well as to groups. Examine a problem or conflict you are experiencing (or have experienced) in your personal life. It can come from your own life or someone else’s. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relationship problem, an employment issue, or a living situation. After you’ve identified it, answer the following questions but remember to make it anonymous.Describe in one sentence what specifically the problem is.Whom does the problem affect?How serious is the problem? And why?What are some causes of the problem?What solutions have you attempted to solve this problem?What do you think will happen if the problem is not solved?What are some constraints to a workable solution?
UCLA Week 7 Internal Conflict Resolution Discussion

assignment is DUE Friday, November 5th, 2021 and it will have a MAJOR impact on my final grade in this class. The assignment has to be at least 3 to 4 pages but doing 3 pages is just fine. I inserted the Autism article that goes along with the assignment as well. APA format is also required. Thank you so much!!

essay help online free Here are the directions for Module 3 assignment. Read the article on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Complete the written assignment and submit by Nov. 5, 2021. This assignment is worth 200 points. It should be at least 3-4 pages and although you are not required to use quotes, you will need to include each video as well as the article in your reference section. Please use APA format. **DO NOT DEFINE AUTISM AND THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DISORDER. INCLUDE SOME DEEP THOUGHT AND INSIGHT INTO THE EFFECTS OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AVAILABLE FOR THESE CHILDREN. BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS FOR FULL CREDIT. Written Assignment for Module 3: Autism Spectrum Disorder Explain how autism affects the learning process. (30 points) What should educators do in their content areas to accommodate children with autism?(20 points) What are some positive and negative effects of special education programs for students with autism?(30 points) What are some positive and negative effects of inclusive programs for students with autism?(30 points) Explain (3) educational strategies you, as a teacher, could implement in your classroom that would be beneficial for your students with autism. (60 points) The paper adheres to APA stylistic guidelines. Writing is clear, concise, and well organized. The paper has a sound thesis and excellent sentence/paragraph construction. Thoughts are expressed in a coherent and logical manner. There are no more than two spelling, grammar, or syntax errors per page of writing. (30 points)

In this discussion, Choose one eating disorder that you read about in your textbook and check the Diagnostic and

In this discussion, Choose one eating disorder that you read about in your textbook and check the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) for current terminology and diagnostic criteria; or, you may choose to discuss any one of the currently recognized eating disorders from the DSM-5. Your initial posting should analyze the neurobiology of the disorder, including information on neurotransmitters/receptors and neurotransmitter systems, brain structures, nervous system pathways, and genetic, familial, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Discuss the impact of the eating disorder on the individual, as well as the rationale for available treatment options available for that disorder and their success or failure. Include treatments that are based on psychological, medical, pharmacological (drug), and other available interventions. Also in your discussion, imagine you are in a career position that utilizes a degree in psychology. These may include but are not limited to careers such as a social worker, teacher or teacher’s aide, child care worker, psychiatric technician or other behavioral health staff, peer support specialist, social service specialist, probation or parole officer, case manager, human resources professional, or counselor. How would your knowledge of the neurobiology of eating disorders help you in your professional life? How would this knowledge help you better assist your clients, students, or patients? For instance, think of how this knowledge would help reduce the stigma associated with this disorder, or how this might reinforce the need for compliance with recommended treatment. You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed and/or scholarly source that was published within the last five years, documented in APA style, as outlined in the Writing Center. Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. You may cite and reference your textbook, required or recommended reading, /or multimedia, but these will not fulfill the source requirement. Make sure to use terminology from the DSM-5 for psychological/behavioral health conditions and current terminology from professional sources for neurological conditions. Please be sure to access the DSM-5 directly in our library. For further information view The DSM-5: Accessing and Using the DSM-5 in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library screencast on how to access and use this resource, and how to cite and reference the DSM-5.

Modern America Examined

Modern America Examined. I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Answer TWO of these questions based on the essays in the Modern America Examined: A Reader text with two paragraphs for each answer. And you use the essay material in writing the TWO answers to these questions.

Baydo essay on the birth of urban America. What were the major elements discussed in this essay that contributed to the birth of urban America? Give examples from essay.
Ennis essay on baseball and the American imagination. Describe the evolution of America baseball as described in this essay.
Comer essay on immigration and assimilation. What problems did the immigrants face at this time in fitting into American society?
Newman essay on black politicians. Who were some of the key politicians who rose to prominence during the period after the Civil War? Use examples from the essay.
Carol Adams essay on American diplomacy. From this essay describe American foreign policy from World War I to the Great Depression.
William Gudelunas essay on presidential scandals. From this essay give some examples of some of the modern presidents and their scandals.
Contreras essay on modern Latin American policy. What have been the various trends in Latin American Policy since World War II?
Coulter essay on the evolution of the Cold War. Identify the Cold War and show how the various modern presidents have handled this Cold War. Give examples in your answers.

Modern America Examined