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Sponsored ByIndustrial promotional corporation Maharashtra BeneficiariesLocal Community Benefits Facilitating local employment 3Business Plan of Aloe Vera Inc. Aloe Vera is the oldest medicinal, antI-biotic and nutritional plant available in many countries. But the Aloe Vera available in District of Pune is having best qualities especially proving all the above qualities. The farmers of Maharashtra District especially the farmers of Pune area are suffering with the drought and low rainfall conditions for years together and not having any agricultural source in the scanty rainfall conditions.

In these conditions the culturing of Aloe Vera has become best source for some farmers for earning some income. When some middle men cheated the farmers after promising the buyback , the farmers got disappointed and wanted to uproot the Aloe Vera. But under these conditions the District Collector, Pune and State Bank of India, Pune Branch has encouraged some educated women farmers to convert themselves as entrepreneurs to start the Processing Unit of Aloe Vera by utilizing the raw material available in the area. 3. 1Additional support: CARE – AP

CARE – AP is a non profitable Voluntary Organization working for promotion of Health education among unemployed youth along with providing required entrepreneurship development skills. Further the education about general human health and impact of Aloe Vera products over it to overcome the major ailments occurring from time to time will also be provided to them in order to get the livelihood along with providing service to the needy people in the Society. The CARE-AP Organization is the Sole Agency for Marketing the products produced in Pune from the raw Aloe Vera plant cultured by the farmers.

The Care-AP will also act as Capacity Building Institution to the Unemployed Youth for providing awareness about health of human body, general ailments, loss of time and money due to illness, use of Aloe Vera for preventing the above ailments. 3. 2State Bank of India – Provides the loan We seek loan from Government of Maharashtra through Industrial Promotion Corporation who promise to help young entrepreneurs. 3. 3Cost of the Program The cost or setting up this project is Rs. 6 million from which the financial assistance required from the Government of Maharashtra is Rs. 5 million. Marketing Strategy 1. Development of product packaging: Develop a packaging and labeling system that communicates the benefits of Aloe Vera Inc. products. 2. Development of product brochures: Create a series of brochures that will function at point of sale and at trade shows. 3. Creation of a Aloe Vera Inc. video: Develop a video that explains the importance of aloe vera. 4. Selection of an advertising firm: Marketing of Aloe Vera Inc. products will be done by a local company, Raj Marketing Agency who will be responsible for publishing and distributing our fliers and pamphlets. . Development of our print campaign: Development of this campaign will begin immediately after selecting an agency. 6. Creation of consumer seminars: Develop and implement these programs by July 2012. 5Utilization of local resources Aloe Vera Inc will create local jobs by hiring unemployed youth from ages of 18 to 29. They will help Aloe Vera Inc. achieve initial target of 1000 Lts Juice and 100 KGs of Gel and 1000 Soaps of Aloe vera per day. 5. 1Personal Plan From 2012 through 2016 we will grow in head count from 50 to 350 .

The majority of this growth will come in store and manufacturing personnel, going from 50 in 2012 to 350 in 2016. This will be a direct result of adding retail locations. Our support staff will grow from six to thirty-three in the same period. During this time frame our wholesale revenues are planned to grow almost exponentially. We believe the plan shows a controlled and conservative ramp up of personnel. In the first years of development new employees will be hired to fill multiple rolls and they will be instrumental in the future success of Aloe Vera Inc. Personnel Plan

Management Question

Having chosen the topic for your Leadership Practices Project and then created your own Leadership Inquiry Matrix, you are now asked to get a bit more granular in your planning. Because this course is only eight weeks long, you may actually be starting informal conversations with colleagues while finalizing these plans. This assignment has three components that should all be done in sequence within the same document.
My Leadership PerspectiveIn this section, you are asked to speak about your role and connection to your project. Your leadership perspective should include not only your formal role but your views on the situation given your experiences and course work in your Leadership program. As you saw last week in the Leadership Inquiry Matrix assignment, you bring a significant amount of knowledge to the table. In just a few paragraphs, reflect on your first thoughts about the situation in front of you and what you hope to accomplish personally in completing this project. Also, comment on your relationship to the project and how that may influence any bias or pre-judgments you may carry into the work. The development of your Leadership Perspective relative to this project might begin with the leadership definitions and plans (individual and organizational) that you created in MSEL 575, The Leadership Ecosystem! It may even be that this previous work has already set the stage for your capstone. What efficiency!
Research PlanThe research plan sounds more intimidating than it is. Given the short timeline, you are asked to engage in research immediately in the form of conversations with colleagues and your mentor. You are required to use both secondary and primary sources of information. The secondary research is certainly not confined to books and journal articles and course materials, although those are certainly a great start. You may find, for example, that there are published reports, company-sponsored studies, or other materials that can provide some excellent high-level data to frame your topic. For primary data, most students use one-on-one interviews and surveys in various ways to conduct their primary research. For your research plan, you are asked to provide a short summary of what you intend to use for both secondary and primary resources. Either of these, of course, may change as you engage in your work and that is just the nature of Action Research. Simply explain what you will be doing for both Secondary and Primary research.
OutlineIn this section, you are asked to begin your final report (yes, I know it sounds crazy) with a skeleton outline that can be used going forward as you collect research data, reach conclusions for your Leadership Practices Assessment, and create Leadership Practices 2.0. At this point, you may also make any adjustments to the suggested outline below to make allowances for your unique situation. In doing this outline, begin by copying the one below and then populating each section with a sentence or two (to the extent feasible) just to prime the pump. This outline can be immediately put into another document file where within two weeks or so you may begin writing some earlier sections. For now, just having an outline gives you some clarity about the finished product!
Suggested Outline:Table of Contents (title of each chapter along with the page number on which the chapter begins)
Executive Summary (short overview written last with key purpose, Leadership Practices Assessment and Leadership Practices 2.0 at a very high level)
Purpose of Study (Context, Situation, Topic, and Purpose)
My Leadership Perspective
Research Overview (Secondary and Primary)
Leadership Practices Assessment (Following your Leadership Practices Project Matrix and the Areas of Leadership Practice, this section includes any key observations making the case for change based on your research and observations) (note: this and the Leadership Practices 2.0, below, will constitute the bulk of your writing and analysis)
Leadership Practices 2.0 (Interventions based on Leadership Practices Assessment and, again, referencing the Areas of Leadership Practice discussed in your Leadership Practices Assessment) (note: this and the Leadership Practices Assessment, above, will constitute the bulk of your writing and analysis)
Implementation Plan (done at a very high level)
Reflections on Capstone (Project, Process and Meta-Learning)
Reflections on MSL Experience (meta-learning about engagement in MSEL)
The goal of this assignment is to focus on sustainability and effective training within Amazon as much as possible.