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Alliance Boots Future Strategic Directions Organisation Business Essay

It is a multinational company with strong recognition and reputation as one of the leading pharmaceutical and beauty companies in the world. Alliance Boots revenue is more than £22.5 billion in excess; it also has various outlets in more than 20 countries. Alliance Boots core areas of business are pharmaceutical and beauty, formed in 2006 as a merger Boots Group and Alliance UniChem and recently a global merger with Walgreens. The company main purpose is to help its customers to look and feel better than ever, by providing exceptional customer and patient care with great value for its customer. Product brands Alliance Boots Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division is experiencing a rapid growth and global sales; the company believes that its product innovation and development competencies are some of the resourceful factors, which enable the company to develop new and existing products for global consumption. Some of these products are, No7, Soltan and Botanics, 17, Almus and Alvita that were successfully launched recently. Organisation Structures Alliance Boots have over 185,000 employees and numerous pharmaceutical outlets. The aim of the company is to work closely with manufacturer of pharmaceutical, beauty and health products and use experienced pharmacists to provide services to their customers. Alliance Boots headquarters is in Zug Switzerland. Alliance Boots Strategy Options It is important that when a global business organisation wants to adopt a sustainable development strategy for its products and brands, such strategy needs to be applicable across a wide range of different product types, also has to be flexible to cope with the rapid turnover of products. Alliance Boots also believe that: The company strategy is capable to cope with three main routes by which products are introduced at Alliance Boots (own manufacture, third party supply of Alliance Boots brands and proprietary brand). The company strategy is providing leadership on where and how to improve its products and such improvement must be commercially successful. Marketing strategy Alliance Boots believe that by putting its customers first for all its pharmaceutical and beauty products with outstanding quality and service at a competitive cost will help the company to achieve excellent profitable margins in the global competitive market. Ansoff’s Matrix Ansoff’s Matrix is a unique marketing tool, which provides strategic choices to business organisations in order to achieve the objective for growth. Ansoff’s Matrix has four main categories namely: Market penetration: Market penetration creates a good avenue for a company like Alliance Boots to sell existing products in existing markets. It is important for Alliance Boots to continue promoting its product with the new features and good quality .This is helping Alliance Boots to invest heavily and focus more on research and development in new market research creating more distribution channel. Market development: Alliance Boots use Market development as a growth strategy to sell its existing products into new markets, including new geographical markets, for example product exportation to a new country. It also includes new product packaging new distribution channels (e.g. Boots Pharmacy stores across UK and selling via e-commerce and mail order). Its ability to target new market makes Market development a unique strategy. Product development: Alliance Boots use Product development as a growth strategy creating a unique avenue for its business to introduce new products into existing pharmaceutical markets with great expectation that they will gain more customers and market share. Such strategy may involve the development of new capabilities and requires Alliance Boots to develop improved products to existing markets. Market Diversification: Alliance Boots Diversification strategy allows the company to diversify easily to another geographical market. In 2012, Alliance Boot acquired Nanjing Pharmaceutical; a company with a strong market position in China. Such diversification into China Pharmaceutical market now makes Alliance Boots, as the largest shareholder is Nanjing Pharmaceutical, continuing to create new products and opportunities in the Chinese market. Alliance Boots SWOT Analysis Alliance Boots Swot analyses are: Strength: Alliance Boots have an excellent and long-standing relationship with all its customers. The company also has a strong historical reputation for all its quality, using a nectar card to gather customer intelligence. Availability of Boots Pharmacy stores everywhere in the UK and Europe. Weaknesses: Due to strong competition with other pharmaceutical companies in the global market, Alliance Boots is struggling to cope with the increased competition in the market. Opportunities: Alliance Boots continue to use the internet opportunity to keep increasing its presence by using online shopping to transact with its domestic and global customers. Alliance Boots are also using its retail store presence across the global market such as Boots Pharmacy to create the right products with the right combination of price and promotion to achieve its long-term goals for growth. Threats: The major threat to pharmaceutical industries including Alliance Boots is the government higher tax on the price of medicine that Alliance Boots and other retailers must deal with. Porter’s Five Forces: Business organisations use five forces of Porter to make an analysis and attraction of its structure. Supplier Power: It plays an important role in competitive force, more suppliers one can greatly increase y bargaining power with these suppliers. For example, Alliance Boots successfully bargained with over 80 suppliers to lower prices of some of the drugs they sell over the counter in 2007. Buyer Power: Increasing customer loyalty is a way of reducing the power of the buyer, the introduction of nectar card by Alliance Boots is a way to reward its customers. Because of this, it allows the buyers to save considerably. It also allows Alliance Boots to capture useful information and monitor consumer-purchasing habits. Threats of New entrants: There has been a huge increase in the number of new entrants in the pharmaceutical market making it difficult for Alliance Boots to expand in the way the company wants. For example, Tesco is planning various new supermarkets across Britain that would restrict Alliance Boots ability to expand. This poses a real threat, which means that Alliance Boots need to change its marketing strategy with the possibility of reducing prices through advertising. Threat if substitute: In order to save money many businesses may decide to outsource their products and services to another company at a cheaper cost. Alliance Boots did not outsource its products and services; instead, the company IT department was able to make changes in the way customers pay for their products by replacing its traditional till machines to touch screen capability giving customers a faster way to shop on their own. Competitive Rivalry: This affects many businesses in terms of price competition and product identification. For example, other rivals in the business like Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug are expanding rapidly. Because of this, Alliance Boots are constantly improving its store marketing strategy making its products more affordable and available everywhere in the UK and continue to provide outstanding customer service. Alliance Boots PESTEL Analysis Political Factors: Various political decisions can have a huge impact in the business operate and its performance. For example the impact of government UK policies on the business allowing some major supermarkets to open numerous pharmaceutical stores within their stores. The government believes that such policy will increase NHS services and improved health care. Such move will not help Alliance Boots, instead, it will create a huge competition, which will eventually make Alliance Boots to lower its product prices and operate for longer hours. Economic Factors: The global economic recession has a huge impact on healthcare, with a huge increase in the prices of global healthcare affecting the way customers spend on their healthcare products especially Beauty products. The rising fuel costs also have a huge impact in the supply chain channel of Alliance Boots leading to price increase. Social Factors: The social factors are creating more awareness about how everyone should take care of himself or herself through, exercise, eating habits, type of food that is good for the body and many more. For example, government campaign that is promoting healthy eating ( 2012 online) as a result in the rapid increasing level of obesity within the UK (Department of health 2012 online).Such information is boosting Alliance Boots sales by encouraging its customers to try its healthier products at a cheaper price than other companies. Technological Factors: The evolution of the internet is helping online retail sales, Alliance Boots are making use of the internet technology to its advantage with the internet is now generating more than a third of all revenue for Alliance Boots products and services. Alliance Boots Centre for Innovation is investing hugely in the development of inventive products and technologies that focus on: Ways to detect treat and monitor customer’s well-being issues. Environmental Factors: Many countries are now committed to green energy ever than before due to the risk of global warming is becoming a reality, Many companies like Alliance Boots have been told to play key role in reducing carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency (Bream 2008). Because of this, Alliance Boots will have to invest more in greener products (selling of organic health product) and reducing their impact of carbon footprint on the environment. Legal Factors: There are various legal issues that are facing the way companies operate globally, for example, Alliance Boot Cases include application to the European Court of Justice in sex discrimination case of Neath versus Hugh Steeper Limited. New laws keep emerging everyday especially on healthy product and drinks, which mean Alliance Boots will have to be more cautious about its packaging and labelling policies, which will be an extra financial liability on the Alliance Boots. Globalisation Drivers This can be classified into: Market: Growth of global and regional channels Establishment of world brands 2. Cost: Fast-tracking technological innovation Transportation and distribution channel 3. Government: Reduction of tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers 4. Competitive: Huge rise in global strategic alliances with other companies. Future Strategic Partnership Walgreen Co., US largest drugstore chain is the latest future strategic partnership and direction that Alliance Boots are taking. Under this new strategy, Alliance Boots and Walgreen Co are bringing together the strengths and proficiency of both companies to create unique global pharmaceutical companies with a strong focus on health and well-being. Recommendations In order for Alliance Boots to continue maintaining its global presence as one of the dominant forces in the Pharmaceutical companies, the following are the vibrant future strategic directions that Alliance Boots must take for its business. Delivering of new innovative medical research using the next generation technology. A new global approach to marketing by sponsoring various events related to the well-being of Alliance Boots customers. Expansion of general merchandise ranges which in return will create sales with greater growth potential and effectiveness. Conclusion In conclusion, strategic management with a dedicated market focus is a driver to build a successful future globalisation and a successful merger process of the pharmaceutical industry. Alliance Boots continue to internationalise its key product brands, selling them to distributors, independent pharmacies and retail partners including online shopping sites globally.
COMFPX 1100 Capella University Making Time to Achieve Goals Question.

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Assessment 3 Instructions: Making Time to Achieve Your GoalsEstimate your time using a time management calculator. Then identify and prioritize five tasks to accomplish in a week, and use a digital calendar to organize them.IntroductionStudents often have busy lives, with many goals to accomplish, responsibilities to juggle, and tasks to complete each day. Organizing and planning your time makes a big difference in your productivity, or how effective you are at completing your tasks. Using organization strategies and digital tools, such as online calendars, allows you to access your schedule and make changes easily—no matter where you are.For this assessment, you’ll continue to develop your digital proficiency and confidence, and you’ll add to your toolbox by developing the second skill of this course—productivity to organize, plan, and effectively use digital tools at school, work, and home.Part 1: Organize Your TimeUse the Time Management Calculator to identify the time you spend (in hours) on each category.Identify five tasks you’d like to accomplish in the next week.Estimate the amount of time it will take to complete each task in minutes or hours.Part 2: Plan Your TimePrioritize your tasks:Using MacKay’s blog post “The ‘Everything Is Important’ Paradox: 7 Practical Methods for How to Prioritize Work,” choose a strategy to prioritize the tasks you identified in Part 1.Prioritize tasks based on the strategy. Rank them with 1 being the most important and 5 being the least.Explain why you chose the strategy.Organize and upload your calendar:Choose a digital calendar. Consider Google Calendar, the iPhone calendar app, or Microsoft Outlook.Make sure the calendar is displaying the weekly view.For each task identified above, add an appointment. Use the appointment’s start and end times to block time for the task.Take a screenshot of the weekly view of your calendar—make sure all five tasks are visible. Add the screenshot to your assessment document.Additional RequirementsFormatting: Clearly organize and display the information. Make sure screenshots are clear and added to your document.Written Communication: Convey clear meaning with minimal issues in grammar, usage, word choice, and mechanics.Competencies MeasuredBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:Competency 2: Use digital tools and organization techniques to effectively create timelines and set priorities.Estimate using a time management calculator.Identify five tasks to accomplish in a week.Determine realistic time estimates.Competency 3: Choose organizational strategies and digital tools to maximize one’s productivity.Prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished.Use a calendar to organize tasks by priority.Competency 4: Address assessment purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences.Address assessment purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences.Resources: ProductivityBeing productive isn’t just about getting tasks done, it’s also about being efficient in how you do them. Many digital applications and software allow us to be more productive in our personal and professional lives. You may have recently used PowerPoint for a presentation, or perhaps you filed your taxes electronically using an online app.Read about the most common productivity applications and how they can help in your professional success:Campbell, J. T., Freund, S. M., Frydenberg, M., Last, M. Z., Pratt, P. J., Sebok, S. L., & Vermaat, M. E. (2017). Discovering computers and Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016: A fundamental combined approach. Cengage Learning. Available in the courseroom via the VitalSource Bookshelf link.Productivity Applications, pages 165–177.In the following video, Jennifer Gefsky describes how improving your productivity and setting priorities can help you achieve your professional goals. Gefsky also explains how life experiences, such as caring for loved ones and parenthood, can help you develop essential time management skills.Real Talk with Jennifer Gefsky: Life Experience.Resources: Time ManagementFor your assessment, you’ll review how you spend your time and take steps to organize. The following resources will help you prepare:Using a Digital Calendar.This video demonstrates how to add tasks to a digital calendar.Real Talk with Naomi Bishop: Time Management.Hear how time management is crucial for professional success.Resources: Prioritizing and Maximizing Your TimeTo learn more about how prioritizing helps you maximize your time and increases your professional success, review this resource:Selk, J. (2016, November 14). Prioritize and maximize: Stop wasting time and start maximizing it.…Resources: Taking ScreenshotsFor your assessment, you will need to take screenshots of your digital calendar. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do so, watch the following video:Taking Screenshots.For your assessment, you will need to insert screenshots in a Word document. For instructions on how to do this, read the following resource:Campbell, J. T., Freund, S. M., Frydenberg, M., Last, M. Z., Pratt, P. J., Sebok, S. L., & Vermaat, M. E. (2017). Discovering computers and Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016: A fundamental combined approach. Cengage Learning. Available in the courseroom via the VitalSource Bookshelf link.Pages WD 31–32.
COMFPX 1100 Capella University Making Time to Achieve Goals Question

The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty

The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty. I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.

The death penalty has always been a controversial practice. Debate on the issue is not a new phenomenon. There are many vantage points associated with the legalities and debate. The Supreme Court has ruled that death as a punishment is different from other punishments. The legal issues associated with the death penalty include, but are not limited to, execution of the mentally ill, effective assistance of counsel, death qualification of juries, appeals, the impact on international law, and execution methods. The debate is also impacted by sentencing philosophy.
In this discussion, different dimensions of the death penalty will be explored.
In your initial discussion post:

Explain why there is support for the death penalty in the United States, when it has been abolished in other Western democracies.
Analyze two alternatives to death that could achieve the retributive, deterrent, and incapacitative goals of capital punishment.
Predict what the future holds for the death penalty, from a criminal justice practitioner perspective.

Use scholarly resources
The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty

Definition: Vocabulary Audio This is the first step used when factoring a poly

help writing Definition: Vocabulary Audio This is the first step used when factoring a poly.

Definition:   This is the first step used when factoring a polynomial consisting of four terms.Example: 3x + 6 + xy + 2y becomes (3x + 6) + (xy + 2y)Term: 
Definition: Vocabulary Audio This is the first step used when factoring a poly

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange. Paper details “The film is infamously (and disturbingly) well known for its graphic violence; if broken down into two half’s, comment on how the violence evolves from outward physicality to inward decimation (though neither is mutually exclusive).” Watch the film and write 250 words about it. Then, respond to the comment underneath. “This was my first time seeing the film, but I have been aware of how popular and controversial Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is. On a technical level, the film is gorgeous with its striking cinematography and eye catching costume and set designs. Music also had a crucial role in the film, as mentioned in Screening Space: “Beethoven, of course, was a metaphor originated not by Kubrick but by Anthony Burgess in his novel. But Kubrick does more than add a few musical flourishes to his realization of the Burgess novel. He selects other classical (and in some instances popular) pieces of music to not only emotionally heighten particular scenes, but also to provide an artistic superstructure, which results in a film form congruent with film theme” (214). And the film’s classical music juxtaposes with the graphic violent imagery found in the film. But what stood out to me from the film was this quote: “Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” Kubrick’s science fiction film is a social tale about institutionalized brutality, human nature, and the power of choice, but it also puts us in an uncomfortable viewing, witnessing the events unfold in a bleak dystopian world that is tied to psychology and violence. It was a difficult film for me to watch with the horrific scenes, but the film’s tone is meant to parallel the story’s themes being cold, brutal, and dystopian. We are supposed to feel a disconnect and difficulty associating with Alex. A psychopath and unreliable narrator, I would consider Alex to be one of the most tricky characters I’ve seen in cinema. He fools us in the third act, and we are left to witness that despite the “rehabilitation” and attempt to convert him, he remains the same and goes back to his old evil ways and thoughts. But the true revelation here is how the authorities accept it and are somewhat similar to Alex. To suppress his violent and sexual urges by brainwashing him, they strip away his individualism and personal agency, to the point that Alex cannot enjoy “freedom” or Beethoven anymore and therefore becomes “a clockwork.” With their aversion therapy, we witness how the government was as violent and sadistic as Alex. There is a sense of moral corruption and hypocrisy in them, wanting to just use Alex as a political tool. Just as they experiment on and manipulate Alex for their own benefit, Alex does the same to them. “Violence makes violence.” Kubrick succeeds in creating a dystopia that does not require new technology or aliens, and he does this by exploring a world where free will is being tested and taken away but with a sinister character. This is what makes the story complex because we understand it is wrong for human liberty to be threatened and removed, but we see this being done with a character like Alex. The author of the book, Anthony Burgess writes: “Take the story as a kind of moral parable, and you won’t go far wrong. Alex is a very nasty young man, and he deserves to be punished, but to rid him of the capacity of choosing between good and evil is the sin against the Holy Ghost, for which—so we’re told—there’s no forgiveness. And although he’s nasty, he’s also very human. In other words, he’s ourselves, but a bit more so. He has the three main human attributes—love of aggression, love of language, love of beauty. But he’s young and has not yet learned the true importance of the free will he so violently delights in. In a sense he’s in Eden, and only when he falls (as he does: from a window) does he become capable of being a full human being.” Is it right to strip away someone’s free will even if they are bad? How or can change truly occur if there is no freedom? Is “free will” or choice simply an illusion? Overall the film makes us think about these complicated questions and ideas like the treatment of conscience as a commodity, actions without consequences, and a world where choices can either be limited or unlimited. It raises questions about morality, justice, and conforming. A Clockwork Orange is not only a challenging film for audiences to watch, but it is also a challenging film for audiences to think about.” THERE SHOULD BE 2 DIFFERENT COMMENTS.A Clockwork Orange

AI – Logic

AI – Logic.

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The assignment and all the materials are attached. Don’t get scared of the requirements of the HW, the materials cover the HW, but it needs programming skills.I have exams these two weeks and I don’t have time for doing the assignment, so I am asking for help. Please note that if don’t have strong programming skills please don’t take this assignment.You can use any programming language you prefer [ Python, or Java ]Materials can be found here…Please take a peek at the question if you are not able to do it, don’t take it and cancel it before the deadline like one of the experts here!
AI – Logic