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all the requirements is there

all the requirements is there. I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

tell us what you learned about yourself and your organization. Please specify your scores from the assessments. Depending on which assessments you took here are some reflection questions:
Ch. 1– Management–Discuss what you have learned so far regarding management? What are the significant things that you learned about yourself from the assessment? Are you a potential leader? Are you a potential entrepreneur?
Ch. 2–Theory X&Y–Which managerial style do you prefer? How do you see this practiced within your role as a student or as an employee? Could your style assist you in any way or be a detriment at some point?
Ch. 2–Learning Organization–Do you work for a learning organization? What practices does the organization encourage that creates a good learning environment? How do you think the managers create this learning environment and what can you do as an employee to foster this culture?
Overall, how can these lessons be used in your daily life? What will you begin to work on this semester to improve your managerial skills?
all the requirements is there

UWF Review the following: Employee Performance AppraisalPreview the document.Preview the document Then, provide substantial, well-thought-out, concise responses to the following ….

Module 4 – Organizational Development & Training/ Performance MgtNo unread replies.No replies.Review the following: Employee Performance Appraisal. Then, provide substantial, well-thought-out, concise responses to the following What is the purpose of an employee’s performance review?How can past appraisals of performance influence the outcomes of employment-related legal actions?Does action should a manager take if an employee refuses to sign their performance appraisal?What should an employee do if they do not agree with the performance appraisal provided?Name at least ONE thing that should not be addressed during the appraisal process.You should support your recommendations with information from credible sources (this might include your text, examples from other healthcare institutions, scholarly articles, etc.). APA formatted reference list.
UWF Review the following: Employee Performance AppraisalPreview the document.Preview the document Then, provide substantial, well-thought-out, concise responses to the following …

Harrisburg Leadership Skills Being a Visionary Leader Behavior & Conduct Discussion.

Task 1If vision is so important, why do analysts and commentators sometimes criticize a new CEO’s emphasis on formulating a vision for a company that is struggling to survive? Discuss.Do you think every organization needs a noble purpose in order to be successful over the long term? Discuss. Name one company that seems to reflect each category of noble purpose as defined in the chapter.Some mortgage company leaders have said that providing subprime mortgages (earn a commission by making loans to people at high interest rates who may have difficulty making the payments) was based on the noble purpose of giving poor people a chance to participate in the American dream of home ownership. Discuss your opinion of this explanation.Do you believe the Coronavirus pandemic will lead to any lasting changes in Organizations? What kinds of lasting changes do you envision?Task 2The Visionary LeaderSynopsisWhen Frank Coleman first began his job as president of Hi-Tech Aerostructures, most managers and employees felt a surge of excitement. Hi-Tech Aerostructures is a 50-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company that produces parts for the aircraft industry. Coleman had a vision for transforming Hi-Tech into a world-class manufacturing facility. In addition to implementing cutting-edge technology, the vision included transforming the sleepy paternalistic culture to a more dynamic, adaptive one and empowering employees to take a more active, responsible role in the organization. Vice President David Deacon was on the transformation team. Coleman and Deacon crafted a vision statement. Coleman laid out broad ideas for the vision statement. When months later, the team submitted specific plans and goals, Coleman suggested revisions. Nearly a year later, the team waited for Coleman’s response to the revised proposal. Once again, Coleman suggested a different approach. Deacon felt that Coleman would lay out another vision and ask the team to start over.Questions:How effective would you rate Coleman as a visionary leader? Discuss.Where would you place Coleman on the chart of types of leaders illustrated in Exhibit 13.1? Where would you place Deacon?If you were Deacon, what would you do?Culture ClashSynopsisThe founder of a heavy-duty construction equipment manufacturing company died and his wife, Jane, became the CEO. In direct contrast to Jim’s style, Jane’s management style communicated respect and her vision of the company excited the employees. Two managers who were holdovers from her husband’s leadership did not fit into the company’s new culture. Their leadership-through-intimidation style caused problems in the corporate culture. Jane has to decide how to handle the situation.Questions:What options do you think Jane and her management team should consider with regard to these two long-time supervisors? Discuss the positives and negatives of each option.Do you think it is appropriate for Jane to remove two long-time, high-performing managers in order to create a new culture for everyone else? Why? Consider the material in Exhibit 14.3 in your answer.What do you recommend that Jane do? Explain why.RefeerenceDaft, R. (2018). The Leadership Experience (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage
Harrisburg Leadership Skills Being a Visionary Leader Behavior & Conduct Discussion

Project Statistics

Project Statistics.

All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).The Assignment must be submitted in (PPT format only).Use 2 to 4 References and write it in the last page by APA style.I want new words, No plagiarism “Please make it 0% percentage” .(Take only one unit from the attached book, make an introduction to the unit from an external source, make an explanation of the unit, add important connections, solve the problems at the end of the unit, then make a conclusion at the end)
Project Statistics

A case study

assignment helper A case study.

The case: Ketamine as Therapy for Depression? “I’m gonna spray my troubles away!” Write 2-3 pages. Use cause and effect reasoning along with comparison and contrast to decide whether ketamine approval is a slippery slope, a gateway to happiness or somewhere in between: as well as you should use two or more from following questions to address the case a. Should ketamine have been approved by the FDA (March 5, 2019) for use by patients in the U.S. as an anti-depressant drug therapy? b. Is the history of the opioid crisis in the U.S. helpful for informing answers to this question? c. Are ketamine and opioid pain relievers similar or different? Is depression like physical pain? d. Should ketamine drug therapy be allowed at all? If so, under what circumstances? If negative consequences result, who should bear responsibility? Requirements: You should present the case clearly and persuasively with adequate documentation. You should use materials (I will provide) to address the case + You may consult whatever materials you wish and must come from reputable sources Your response should be in good English with correct punctuation and no spelling errors. It should be documented with footnotes or within text citations and a bibliography or list of works cited. The documentation should be in one of the formats indicated by Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertation Note: I will provide the requirement materials
A case study

Family’s Role in the Rehabilitation Process Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Self-Determination and Empowerment The Role of Family Conclusion References Introduction Psychosocial or psychiatric rehabilitation of people with mental health problems is a complex process that involves various activities and takes a long time as it can span through one’s whole life. Currently, personal recovery-oriented practices are seen as more advantageous for patients than those which are viewed from the clinical perspective (Slade et al., 2014). This shift means that instead of setting particular goals for a patient, rehabilitation facilities and workers are focused on helping patients realize their potential and take on more responsibility in their recovery process. While the previous system valued control over a person’s actions and decisions, the current approach takes one’s strengths and centers on creating and maintaining a meaningful life for the patient. In managing such an approach that is strongly connected to developing patients’ self-determination and hope, the role of their family becomes less defined. On the one hand, family participation may be presumed to be less significant than before because the individual with a mental illness has to focus on personal capabilities. On the other hand, the family often continues to remain one of the most vital parts of a person’s life, which cannot be overlooked in creating a plan for one’s successful personal recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the role that family can play in this type of recovery not only to see how it can impact one’s mental health but also to find new ways of integrating it into the rehabilitation process. Self-Determination and Empowerment In order to evaluate the role of the family in people’s rehabilitation, it is essential to review the main principles of personal recovery. First of all, recovery-oriented practices revolve around one’s individuality and the uniqueness of every case (Australian Government Department of Health [AGDH], 2010). While previous methods may have been interested in finding a cure or creating a process with a specific end goal, personal recovery recognizes that rehabilitation is a journey. Here, the patient is treated to find or create a purpose and a meaning in one’s life that brings satisfaction and allows this person to become a member of the community. The individual becomes empowered because he or she can realize to be the center of such care. Second, people with mental health problems are encouraged to participate in their recovery process by making decisions, taking on more responsibility, and taking more risks that can help them with their wellbeing (AGDH, 2010). The recovery that is based on patients’ active participation in the decision-making process is a key element of increasing their feelings of empowerment which in turn may positively impact their health (Baumann, 2010). The effects of empowerment may be seen in people’s personal and professional life as well, helping them integrate into society (Blank, Harries,

University Of California What Is Your Favorite Misattribution Essay

University Of California What Is Your Favorite Misattribution Essay.

What is your favorite Misattribution. Write a short essay on the prompt above. The paper should be typed/word-processed with font size 12, double spaced, and 1-inch margins. It should be between three and five pages long, not including a cover page. The paper should be submitted in Standard English following APA guidelines, error free in sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It should include appropriate citations and references for both course texts and outside sources. Include at least one outside source. Outside sources need to be serious and academic in nature, not Wikipedia or a website about a topic. Please remember, these essays are like very short term papers. They are academic in nature, not personal opinion essays. All assertions (psychotherapy works great!) need an academic source of support (who says it works great?).
University Of California What Is Your Favorite Misattribution Essay