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Ashley, a 12-year old girl, admits to one of her teachers that she feels very depressed. Her mother has recently re-married and the girl is having difficulty adjusting to life with her stepfather and his two children. She is not able to concentrate in class or do her homework. Ashley also reveals that she has been cutting on herself. After carefully reviewing Ashley’s case I consider that she needs to seek help in the areas of a family therapist, psychiatrist, and a school counselor.

Family therapy is defined as a type of psychotherapy that focuses on families and couples in close relationships, in hopes of bringing change and positive development. In other words, family therapy may help you better your relationships and understanding within your family and close relationships. http://www. counselor. org/family-therapy. html. With the family counselor it will assist her and the family to understand root of the problem and why is it occurring. It should bring the family closer together and help Ashley open up about her feelings.

Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling making them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student success. http://www. schoolcounselor. org/content. asp? pl=325&sl=133&contentid=240. In addition to the family counseling the school counselor will help Ashley with her social and personal well being.

I believe that the school counselor will give Ashley the extra support needed during this traumatic time of her life. Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the problems of mental illness. As physicians, they are licensed to use a very wide variety of treatment and may write prescriptions. http://library. thinkquest. org/15569/car1bmh4. html. If the following help doesn’t be of assistance she will need to speak with a psychiatrist so that he or she could prescribes the child the correct anti-depressant medications needed. According to http://psychology. about. om psychiatrists are the primary mental health-care givers. They assess and treat mental illnesses through a combination of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication which might be needed in this case. With the help of these three professions and her family Ashley should be ok. Her family should come together also and with understanding and not judement so that the child could be sucessfully healed.

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