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The government has had encounters with extra terrestrials, and they cover it up because they don’t want the common people knowing they really exist. There have even been government documents that prove that the government is in contact with extraterrestrials. One very good example is the government document called “Project Blue Book”. In this are government recorded sightings and peoples accounts of extraterrestrial experiences. In the book there was thousands of UFO sightings and of them 701 remain classified under “unidentified with no explanation”.

There is also a spot in the book labeled “confirmed extraterrestrial air craft” with a list of some that they have for sure confirmed to be aircrafts of extraterrestrial beings. The government closed this investigation and declassified the book. There are very few confirmed sightings in the book, but who is to say what they cut out of it before they declassified it. They could have taken out many verified sightings so they wouldn’t give there current secrets about extraterrestrials away.

There are many people that have claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrial life forms. Some are just hoaxes, and some are true. Certain abduction stories are undoubtedly true. Certain accounts and descriptions can not just be made up, there has to be truth in the story. One abduction story starts in a kitchen. On January 25, 1967, Betty Andreasson was in her kitchen making a sandwich when all of a sudden the lights went out. Coming from outside there was a flickering red light. She glanced out of the window and saw strange figures approaching her house.

Then five small creatures that look a little like humans enter into her house passing through the wooden front door. The tallest one was maybe five feet tall but the rest were around four feet tall. She says “All had large pear-shaped heads, wide catlike wraparound eyes, and diminutive ears and noses. Their mouths were immobile slits that reminded Betty of scar lines. Each wore a coverall blue uniform adorned with a Sam Browne-type belt. An insignia of a bird was affixed to their sleeves. Their hands had three digit. . . They wore boot-like attire on their feet.

They floated rather than walked. ” They then proceeded to take her outside and into there ship which was on the side of a mountain by her house. They took her into the spacecraft that was about twenty feet in diameter. It seemed to merge with another aircraft and that’s when they preformed physical examinations on her with their equipment which she had never seen before. She claims to have had an out of body experience when they were doing it. It was alien technology for sure. Later that night the two aliens that took her away from her house brought her back.

When she walked inside her family was in the same spot as when she left. They seemed to have been frozen in time. The aliens put everyone to bed and then left. She says that she felt like it was a religious experience, but she knew that it wasn’t when she thought about it later down the line. It made her realize what really happened and tell other people. The accounts and descriptions from her story are just to descriptive and the details she accounted just couldn’t be made up. One day I was I was on my roof looking up at the stars.

Over head flew an airplane, and then another, and then another. I realized that there is never this many things flying over head in one night. When another thing flew over head I looked closely at it. And it was a circular flying disc with no lights on it. I called nine-one-one to report it and they said there is nothing in the airspace. What ever it was it was unable to be seen by radar. This is still unexplained up to this day. There are many unexplained buildings on earth that can not be explained on how they were created.

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