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Science is Extraordinary Since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in the vast field of science. I love everything from DNA analysis to looking into the far galaxies. When introduced to the theory that we (as in humans) were not the only life-forms on this planet, I was instantly hooked. Watching shows on the discovery channel about alien mimicry blew my mind every time I saw them. By the transitive property, the universe is infinite, therefore the amounts of planets are infinite, and therefore the amounts of life-forms are infinite.

The one thing I hated about the study of aliens was that there was never hard evidence, only fuzzy stories from “wack-job” farmers. So when I found an article containing information about the Roswell UFO incident and other stories, I instantly wanted to use this article as my analysis for class. UFO Info Many accounts of people seeing UFOs have been heard of. They have been heard from all kinds of different places from all over the world. The Roswell UFO Incident is a case in which an object crash landed on a ranch on July 2, 1947, approximately 75 miles northwest of Roswell, leaving a large field of debris.

A rancher claimed to find pieces from an alien spacecraft near his property. Eventually the USAAF (United States Army Air Force) said that the crash was from an experimental weather balloon. Some people believe that this was an actual spacecraft; some believe that a Japanese spyplane crashed. The Roswell Incident was right around the time of a huge rate of growth of technology in the United States. Some people believe that aliens helped humans and shared their technology, which is why we had the technology boom. One person who believes these theories is a man named William Cooper.

He tries to proof that aliens do exist in his article UFO Cover-Up: Alien Nation Or Conspiracy Theory? Cooper’s First Encounter Cooper grew up in a military family. He served for the United States Air Force and the United States Navy for quite a long time. Knowing this, one should know he traveled all over the world serving. He had always heard stories of UFOs from other servicemen but never believed them. Cooper saw his first UFO while on his submarine, the U. S. S. Tyroot, which at the time was on transit between Portland/Seattle area and Pearl Harbor.

Cooper was effective in his claim that he saw a UFO. He used so much detail describing the saucer; it was the size of a Midway class carrier which tumbled on its axis about 2. 5 nautical miles from his submarine. He even gave the exact name of his officer, Ensign Ball, who also saw the saucer again minutes later. He even makes a great claim stating that it was definitely not from this earth, because no man-made machine can fly in the air then seconds later effectively fly beneath the sea (William Cooper, UFO Cover-Up, abovetopsecret. om). Cooper Finds More Shortly after his first encounter on the submarine, Cooper was sent to Vietnam as a patrol boat captain. His job was to patrol the area around the DMZ. He then discovered that there were also reports of UFO activity in Vietnam, as well. He noticed that messages of attackers were reported as ‘enemy helicopters. ’ He knew that the North Koreans did not have any helicopters; they used guerilla warfare tactics. They definitely did not have helicopters after the first U. S. air raids (abovetopsecret. com).

Cooper’s claim was effective because he was an intelligent soldier describing soldier terminology. Any civilian would have not questioned a message of ‘enemy helicopters’ in Vietnam, but because Cooper was a soldier he knew the North Vietnamese did not have any. This shows a major flaw in the terminology used and shows that something was trying to be covered up. He even recalled that he knew for sure one entire village disappeared in one night (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper is absolutely sure that UFOs/aliens are among this world, in our time. Roswell Plus More

Cooper continues to say that he received documents that were so unbelievable it took him a while to realize that they were real (he refers to the documents reporting alien activity) (abovetopsecret. com). He then makes a statement about the messages he receives “Occasionally we would get messages . . . and it would be coded in such a way that all you had were answers to questions which you didn’t know what the questions were so you really didn’t know what the message was all about” (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper then says he finds out about Project Grudge and Operation Majority.

Grudge contained history of alien involvement since the mid 1930s and talked about the German Nazis trying to duplicate the technology they found in a crashed UFO around that time (abovetopsecret. com). He then brings up what people hold to be the biggest UFO mystery of time: the Roswell UFO Incident. He claims Russian and U. S. Scientists rebuilt a downed spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico.

He claims there were aliens (one alive and the rest dead) recovered from the craft; he saw photographs of live aliens, of autopsies, internal organs, and of the alive alien ‘E. B. (where it died June 2, 1952) in its captivity (abovetopsecret. com). At first he was ineffective in his claim because his own credibility is being questioned by himself. He blatantly says that the messages he received couldn’t always be decoded, which shows that the information he is giving could be made up. However, when he mentions Project Grudge (which really is real) and the Roswell UFO Incident, his claim was instantly effective about these incidents that he mentioned because these are well-known cases in which the Discovery Channel and other stations do reports on countless numbers of times.

It’s much harder to deny evidence someone has seen with explicit detail than to deny a regular claim of a myth. One Short Shock One key idea Cooper talks about is hidden technology hidden among us today. He says that a lot of our development technology has been swapped out with Area 51 since the end of WWII on a regular basis and confidently claims that “We had technology way beyond the limits of what we have been told” (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper is effective in this claim because even if one believes in aliens or not, this is known to be true from the current supply and demand rule.

The government releases little bits of technology at a time while constantly updating in secret. Area 51 has also been heard to stockpile technology, which also helps Cooper’s theory that we have technology beyond us hidden somewhere. Citing Oberth Cooper gives support to his own cause by citing Professor James Oberth, who was a well-known rocket scientist around the time of this technology boom. Cooper cites that Oberth addressed the public with the statement [about technological advancement]: “Gentlemen, we cannot take credit for all the technological developments that we have had in the last decade.

We have had help” (abovetopsecret. com). He stopped there, implying that a more superior force helped them with the technological advancements. Oberth’s claim implies that there aliens/UFO among the human race at this time. Cooper’s source was effective in his claim that aliens are among us. Unless there are secret human geniuses that propelled the country into technological advancement, there has to be a more intelligent force helping the rocket scientists. The only explanation for this intelligence is intelligent beings not of this world.

This reason definitely help’s Cooper’s argument that aliens do in fact exist. Project Redlight Cooper goes on to talk about Project Redlight. This project was to be carried out at Area 51, code name Dreamland, which was ordered to be built by President Eisenhower. The mission was to test/fly alien craft. This went well until an explosion was seen over a three-state area killing the pilots (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper then says that aliens supplied us with three aliencraft and helped U.

S. pilots learn to fly. One of Cooper’s key claims to the fact that aliens do exist follows as such from a statement “The project is ongoing and we now have not only alien craft that we are flying, we have craft we have built, using the captured technology, and some of the UFO’s that people report seeing in the United States, and maybe even elsewhere, are flown by United States personnel” (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper was extremely effective in his claim that aliens do exist.

Not only did he name the specific project name and mission for evidence, he used a direct quote (from an unknown source) that United States personal now have the ability to fly aliencraft. This strong argument certainly amazes me. The only thing that could make this claim ineffective is the fact that Cooper did not list who made that statement. The speaker should be noted for a reader to judge the credibility of the claim. Strength In Numbers William Cooper brings up the Billy Goodman show in Las Vegas.

He says it’s the only show that multiple callers can call in and talk to each other for a designated time period as long as there is no profanity. The reason he brings this up is because a couple people said they saw aliens at a place called Groom Lake. Eventually one hundred people kept watch on the first night after this was heard. Shortly after these hundred people kept watch, the same one hundred people said they saw four aliencraft fly, doing things that no airplane and no helicopter could do (abovetopsecret. om). One hundred people certainly strengthen Cooper’s idea that aliens/UFOs do in fact exist. These one hundred people’s claims were very effective in strengthening Cooper’s argument that aliens do exist because there is definitely strength in numbers. This is a time that a story is way more believable because it is not the typical drunk farmer [stereotype] who claims to see an aliencraft zip by in the night. Government Secrecy Cooper continues to claim that the government has known about aliens for a long time.

Cooper knows the story will eventually come out and everyone will know aliens are real. He claims the government is desensitizing the people so that the people aren’t shocked when they find out that aliens are real; if the people were shocked the society as the people know it would collapse, the religious structure could fall to pieces, or the stock market could go insane (abovetopsecret. com). Cooper was very effective in his claim that the government knows about aliens and it’s gradually leaking information to avoid mass panic among the people.

Such a sudden burst of high quality news could send the negative actions listed above spiral into action. Analyzing Logos, Ethos, and Pathos Cooper used a balance between logos and ethos throughout his argument, without using any pathos. When one would analyze Cooper’s use of logos, one would see he used clear, precise definitions in his arguments. He used quotations and cited information from his officers and known professors. He gave detailed opinions and reasons behind them. When analyzing his use of ethos, one could see that Cooper used appropriate language to his audience anyone who would read). He didn’t use complicated words and broke his argument down to a level that a lower age group, as well as a high age group, could understand. Cooper did not use any pathos at all. It is probably best that he did not use any pathos because he couldn’t have exactly argued a case debated for hundreds of years based off of his personal emotions. Overall Summary Throughout reading UFO Cover-Up: Alien Nation Or Conspiracy Theory? , I thought William Cooper had a very thorough and effective argument that aliens do exist.

He lists multiple personal experiences of himself seeing aliencraft and finding clues to alien existence. I enjoyed his explicit detail Project Grudge, Operation Majority, the Roswell UFO Incident, and Project Redlight. He used an appropriate amount of logos and ethos, and did a good job not being emotional and using pathos. Conclusion If I could meet William Cooper I would ask him questions in more detail that what has already been asked such as questions dealing with alien energy efficiency and speed travel.

I am curious to know what really lies outside our solar system. Maybe it’s possible that aliens were once humans but mutated into a separate society. I will continue to watch shows on the Discovery Channel about alien encounters and stories and I will continue to believe in other life forms the universe is infinite, therefore the amounts of planets are infinite, and therefore the amounts of life-forms are infinite. Maybe sometime I might even try to go to Area 51 if I get a top-secret clearance from.

If that does not happen, hopefully the government secrecy of aliens will cease to exist and the world will know of another race. It would be very interesting to see for myself the collections and data the United States Government/military has stockpiled away from society.

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Where do our personal values and norms originate? We are socialized into our society by others and our values are part of this socialization process. Our values are influenced by those with whom we interact! Begin by reading the article Up in Arms ( Up in Arms.pdf)
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