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After writing several papers which were quite compatible with Freud’s views, he wrote a paper concerning an aggression instinct which Freud did not approve of, and then a paper on children’s feelings of inferiority, which suggested that Freud’s sexual notions be taken more metaphorically than literally. Although Freud named Adler the president of the Viennese Analytic Society and the co-editor of the organization’s newsletter, Adler didn’t stop his criticism.

A debate between Adler’s supporters and Freud’s was arranged, but it resulted in Adler, with nine other members of the organization, resigning to form the Society for Free Psychoanalysis in 1911. This organization became The Society for Individual Psychology in the following year. During World War I, Adler served as a physician in the Austrian Army, first on the Russian front, and later in a children’s hospital. He saw first hand the damage that war does, and his work turned increasingly to the concept of social interest. He felt that if humanity was to survive, it had to change its ways.

Adler’s work has been largely absorbed into psychotherapeutic practice and contemporary thought without retaining a separate identity. Some of his terminology, such as “compensation” and “inferiority complex,” are used in everyday language. Individual Psychology still has its own centers, schools and work groups, but Adler’s influence has permeated other psychologies. His “aggression drive” reappeared in the Ego psychology of orthodox psychoanalysis; other Adlerian echoes are found in the work of Karen Horney, Harry Stack Sullivan, Franz Alexander and Ian Suttie.

Those who try to see the backward child, the delinquent, the psychopath or the psychiatric patient as a whole person are sharing Adler’s viewpoint. Adler was the grandfather to Humanistic Psychology. In his later writings Adler made a shift never managed by Freud but later repeated by Maslow: he wrote less about pathology and more about health One of his theories that he started was the birth order theory (This table is a broad simplification of Adler’s theory. ) Birth is a miracle. Parents have no previous experience. Retains 200% attention from both parents.

May become rival of one parent. Can be over-protected and spoiled. Likes being the center of adult attention. Often has difficulty sharing with siblings and peers. Prefers adult company and uses adult language. OLDEST Dethroned by next child. Has to learn to share. Parent expectations are usually very high. Often given resposnsibility and expected to set an example. May become authoritarian or strict. Feels power is his right. Can become helpful if encouraged. May turn to father after birth of next child. SECOND He has a pacemaker. There is always someone ahead. Is more competitive, wants to overtake older child.

May become a rebel or try to outdo everyone. Competition can deteriorate into rivalry. MIDDLE Is “sandwiched” in. May feel squeezed out of a position of privilege and significance. May be even-tempered, “take it or leave it” attitude. May have trouble finding a place or become a fighter of injustice.

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