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In our past, we have had many leaders. Some were better than others, but what must a leader do to acquire the label “great”? Of course, one could simply go by the definition of the word and deem the leader “above average”. Did the great ones of ancient times exceed these standards or were they just above average like a standard dictionary would have us believe. Let us focus on two “great” leaders of our past by the names of Alexander and Cyrus. Both of these kings were famous for the way they ran their empires but were they both, so called, great?

Cyrus the Great was the first king of the Achaemenid Empire. While he was king, he freed 4,000 Jews from Babylon. He also founded a new capital, invented the first postal system, and was mentioned 22 times in the old testament. Not only did he build one of the most powerful empires in ancient times, but he made its glory last by organizing it and expressing his tolerance of different races and religions. Alexander the Great lost his father and became a king at the age of 20. While he was king, he expanded Macedonian territory. He did this through conquest and was never defeated in battle.

In fact, he conquered half of what was known in the world at the time. He also founded a city in Egypt and named it “Alexandria” (after himself, of course) and Wheatley2 discovered trade routes in Asia. But, because of the excellent battle strategies he was known for, he is often called the greatest military leader of all time. These great leaders were very different in the ways that they ran their kingdoms, but they did have some things in common. For one, they both had large and exceptional empires. Also, they were both born princes and became

kings of small kingdoms and sought through conquest to enlarge them. But the biggest comparison I found was that it was said Cyrus had an influence on Alexander. In my opinion, Alexander did the most to signify his existence and roles in ancient times. He was an amazing leader and was known to never lose a battle. As another example, he expanded his empire greatly by doing what he was best at. Battle took him and his kingdom far and that’s something people wouldn’t soon forget. When it comes to contribution to the subject of Western Civilization, I do believe that Cyrus takes home the gold.

After all, he came before Alexander did. What is a leader without his inspirations? He freed Jewish slaves, created the first postal service, and created the greatest, most-powerful empire in ancient times. If it weren’t for him and his examples, perhaps Alexander wouldn’t have been so infamous for his tactics in ruling his kingdom. I guess the people we call “great” these days are not as wonderful as they seem. Maybe if people took a look into our past at the real great ones, the leaders in our present would only be average.

Essay Outline: Liberal Arts Disciplines

Essay Outline: Liberal Arts Disciplines.

Explore psychology and examine the history of how that discipline interacts with diverse peoples, cultures, and groups. Outline Requirements: •Construct a title, proposal, research question, and short outline around your selected discipline and the following statement: “The discipline of ZZZ has struggled with the ethical and fair treatment of people from diverse backgrounds and women entering or working in this field since it was founded.” •Clearly identify the liberal arts discipline of your choice. •Devise a clear precise research question around the topic of fair and equitable treatment for a specific group, such as women, racial or ethnic groups, different cultures, etc. within this disciplinary field. Not all disciplines will cover all groups, but most will cover at least 2 or 3. ◦Your outline should include: ◦Introduction ◦Historical data ◦Today’s data ◦Change over time ◦Be sure you examine the issues of minorities and women. (Your discipline may also include specific religious groups who were ostracized.) ◦Compare the discipline’s progress to others; how does it compare? What is the social context? (Ex: The civil rights movement of the 1960s had a huge impact on society, but what was the impact on the discipline or field? Think about baseball and Jackie Robinson.) ◦YOUR analysis and examination of possible solutions you have found, as well as your own ideas to build your conclusion. •None of these components should be written in paragraph or essay form; you should just provide core ideas. Bullet-points are fine. You haven’t got all the facts yet, just show that you know where you will be going.

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