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Albizu University Week 8 HIV Testing Opt Out Approach Discussion & PPT

Albizu University Week 8 HIV Testing Opt Out Approach Discussion & PPT.

Week 8 Principles of Epidemiology APA Style Question Part 1 Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs It is often stated that excess mortality (in general) is higher in low socioeconomic populations. Visit the Kaiser Family Foundation and read about the reasons behind these disparities ( Which factors contribute to this statistic? How are infant mortality rates and maternal morbidity rates connected to these populations? Are there differences between healthcare “needs” and “wants” in this population? Support your ideas with citations and references, and use epidemiological terminology you learned this week. Use APA Style. Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document) Week 8 Assignment: HIV Testing Opt-In/Opt-Out Teaching Presentation Objective: To present information about HIV testing to pregnant women in a community to increase the prevalence of HIV testing in this population Instructions: Begin by reading the following information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2018). An Opt-Out Approach to HIV Screening The chance that HIV infection will be transmitted from an HIV-infected pregnant woman to her child can be reduced to 1 percent or less (one or fewer out of every 100). This is possible because better medicines are now available to treat HIV. But first, the pregnant woman and her doctor must know if she is infected with HIV. What Do We Know? Many women across the United States do not get tested for HIV during pregnancy. HIV-infected women who do not get tested often transmit HIV to their infants. CDC data from 2005 show that among HIV-infected infants born in the 33 states that report HIV-exposed infants, 31 percent of the mothers of HIV-infected infants had not been tested for HIV until after delivery. Studies show that more women are tested when the HIV test is included in the standard group of tests that all pregnant women routinely receive, and when providers recommend HIV testing early in pregnancy to all their pregnant patients. Since 1995, the CDC has recommended that all pregnant women be tested for HIV and, if found to be infected, offered treatment to improve their health and to prevent passing the virus to their infant. What Testing Approaches Are Available? There are two different ways to approach pregnant women about HIV testing: Opt-In: Pregnant women are given pre-HIV test counseling.They must agree to receive an HIV test, usually in writing. Opt-Out: Pregnant women are told that an HIV test will be included in the standard group of prenatal tests (that is to say, tests given to all pregnant women), and that they may decline the test.Unless they decline, they will receive an HIV test. Reference Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). Pregnant women, infants, and children. Retrieved from Assignment Instructions: Decide on an opt-in or opt-out approach for your community.Create a PowerPoint presentation to present to pregnant women in your community to increase the prevalence of HIV testing in this population.Design a presentation that explains the benefits of HIV testing for pregnant women. Present your argument as to why the method you chose (opt-in or opt-out) is the best approach for your community. Your PowerPoint must be 4–6 slides, not including the title slide and the reference slide.You must cite and reference two or more sources. Use APA Style.You must use images, graphs, charts, and data that support the information provided in the text.Include notes in the notes section, or recorded audio to go along with each slide. Your notes or audio must completely explain the images and items on the slides.Be sure to include an introduction and a conclusion to your presentation. Click here to see sample outreach and campaign materials. See the resource folder for tips for designing effective PowerPoint presentations. Remember to always cite your sources using APA Style 7th Edition format. Be sure to support your ideas with references from the week’s readings and other relevant resources.
Albizu University Week 8 HIV Testing Opt Out Approach Discussion & PPT

Implementation of school uniform policy belongs to the number of questions that are considered to be quite controversial. In fact, there is a variety of opinions concerning the issue, and many authors tend to underestimate the positive influence that wearing the uniform produces on students. Nevertheless, there are sources claiming that school uniform implementation is quite an effective way to make students more responsible and conscious when it comes down to studying. As it is clear from numerous problems of schools that have not been solved yet, it is not easy to find a way to make students of public schools more interested in studying. However, uniform policy implementation is a measure that should be paid more attention to as there are many people who believe it to be helpful. For instance, McDaniel (2013) supposes that uniform policy can appear to be an effective tool helping to decrease the number of students who are late for their classes. According to his research, the necessity to wear school uniform every day makes students spend less time getting ready for school in the morning. What is more, uniform policy implementation is likely to improve the level of students’ academic performance as wearing uniform is able to distract students from discussing the appearance of their classmates and comparing themselves to other people. In such a manner, students will be more likely to become interested in the topic of a lesson, and it will have a positive influence on their academic performance. Reference McDaniel, T. R. (2013). Making the school uniform decision: Is it right for your school?. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 49(4), 162-167.

Michigan State University Leadership Styles Essay

Michigan State University Leadership Styles Essay.

Based on your experiences, current readings, work experience, education, and use of self-assessment instruments, describe what you think your personal leadership styles are. Include the following in your response:Develop an understanding of your leadership style(s).What is/are your style(s) and give an example of when you have applied your leadership style(s)?In what ways will this/these style(s) help you achieve your goals?Evaluate yourself relative to emotional intelligence (Goleman article) and explain how you will expand your emotional intelligence.What areas of leadership styles may be shortcomings and how will you improve your leadership?Directions:Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignment’s guide questions. Do not address the questions using a question-and-answer format.Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Be 3-5 pages in length, which does not include the title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements-at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.-APA style-4 pages
Michigan State University Leadership Styles Essay

NEC Evaluating Disaster Recovery Plans Using The Cloud Discussion

research paper help NEC Evaluating Disaster Recovery Plans Using The Cloud Discussion.

Describe in 500 words the disaster recovery plan and who is
responsible at your place of employment. Consider the critical business
functions and your recovery point objectives and recovery time
objectives. Use at least three sources. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library, not Google.
Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks
and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Example: “words
you copied” (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not
altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources using APA format. Use the
quotes in your paragaphs. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.
NEC Evaluating Disaster Recovery Plans Using The Cloud Discussion

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the World Report

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the World Report. Introduction The recent global financial crisis happened between the years 2007 and 2008 that was a serious threat to the financial markets in the United States and the rest of the world. The previous global financial crisis was during the great depression of the1930’s. The decrease in consumer’s wealth and decline of the economic activities were attributed to the global financial crisis, wounding up leading businesses and companies in the world. Decrease in the wealth of consumers was estimated in trillions of US dollars. The downturn of the economic activities led to the 2008-2012 global recession and contributed to the European sovereign debt crisis. Some of the causes of financial crisis resulted from government policies having promoted easier access to loans for borrowers and encouraged home ownership. In addition, the policies in place caused overvaluation of the mortgage loan assuming that the prices for houses would continue to increase. The indicators of financial crisis in the financial institutions occurred when they lacked enough capital to secure their financial commitments Due to the financial crisis, financial institutions collapsed, the performance of the stock markets declined, and most of the banks were assisted by the government to write off their debts. In finding the solution to the financial crisis, people’s concern was that many who were responsible for the financial problems were the ones who were bailed out. The global financial crisis meltdown affected most people in the world, and no one could escape its effects. The housing sector could not avoid the impacts that came along with the global financial crisis. The main causes that made the effects of the global crisis so severe in the housing sector were caused by the influential people who supported that economic model and did not incorporate the view of the others Impact of the global financial crisis on financial markets across the world The financial crisis became a global crisis though it had first begun in the United States and then spread to Europe. The global financial crisis gave rise to negative effects in the financial markets in different countries, and the emerging markets. The financial markets affected by the financial crisis were majorly influenced by the performance of the financial institutions. The financial crisis has shown the negative side of the financial institutions. It is believed that the financial institutions were the major contributors to the financial crisis. This is because they created risky products; encouraged excessive borrowing among consumers, and engaged in high risk behaviours. These risky behaviours may include giving out large positions in mortgage backed securities. The financial sectors and the emerging markets were affected by the financial crisis in 2008, following distrust between financial market participants. Due to the effects of the financial crisis, it led to the breakdown of the short-term financial transactions and the depreciation in the global securities exchanges. One of the notable events that indicated the beginning of financial crisis was with the announcement by the BNP Paribas, a global banking group located in Paris. BNP Paribas cited a complete evaporation of liquidity; this blocked the withdrawals from three hedge funds. The importance of this event did not directly influence the economy, but it led to the panic by investors and savers as they tried to liquidate assets deposited in highly leveraged financial institutions (Gup 2010, p.24). It was estimated that the large US and European banks lost a lot of money from 2007 to 2009 through bad loans and toxic assets. This loss was expected to increase in $ 2.8 trillion from 2007 to 2011. The companies affected by the financial crisis were those involved in mortgage lending and home construction. In the end, they could not obtain financing from the credit markets. These firms were subject to government takeovers. Between 2007 and 2008, 100 mortgage firms went bankrupt and were closed. China was the next leading economic superpower after the decline of financial markets in the United States. Before the financial crisis, from 2004 to 2007, the market had been calm and stable. The inconstancy of the financial markets was below long-term averages, as predicted by the SImpact of the Global Financial Crisis on the World Report

Assignment 1: Application: Using Microsoft Project

Assignment 1: Application: Using Microsoft Project.

In this Assignment, you generate a project plan using Microsoft Project.To prepare:Review the information in this week’s Learning Resources on using Microsoft Project.Consider how to efficiently schedule tasks in a project plan.Think about how you should sequence tasks that have dependencies.THENTo complete this Assignment, you will create a Microsoft Project plan for a patient information management system. The primary deliverable for the plan is the patient information management system itself, but it is comprised of many modules. Include the following tasks, subtasks, and timeframes:Create the Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Module (requires subtask I, configuration period: 25 days, training period: 10 days) Subtask I: Create the Patient Registration Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 4 days, training period: 4 days)Subtask II: Create the Master Patient Index (configuration period: 4 days)Subtask III: Create the Patient Scheduling Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 7 days, training period: 15 days)
Assignment 1: Application: Using Microsoft Project